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Troy Panico
β€œ@emilyyy_liebke: trying to do trig hw is literally killing me rn” @Porcello_Mike2
If you make a joke about 9/11 delete your twitter
Boys soccer final: East Bridgewater 1 Abington 1. Kevin Crowley with EB's goal. Scott Gambon makes 18 saves for Abington
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The word autumn sounds even prettier coming out of his mouth.
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β€œ@DosEquis: The word autumn sounds even prettier coming out of his mouth.” @TroyPanico15 @Porcello_Mike2
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Reminder: Tomorrow is a delayed opening - 8:15 start. All student athletes MUST be to school before 8:15 to participate in games/practices.
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First League game @ EB tomorrow lets get the W
Don't be nervous bro πŸ˜€
You're so annoying
β€œ@emilyypeterson: πŸŽ‰-omg ur my dude like you're literally awesome for helping me with my horrible math packet and ur jawline is 😍😍 stay dope”
Already in bed and completely okay with it
When you're trying to reach the word count on an essay"
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Being on Naked and Afraid would suck
Who's trynna do something
In Troy NY πŸŽ‰
When Ortiz almost has 3 homeruns in a and #Absoid
Hate first period study
Troy Panico finds the back of the net off a booming punt from keeper Scott Gambon after he made a highlight reel save. 1-0 Wave over Mashpee
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Gonna be so hot in here today
Dead goodnight 😌
Thanks @TroyPanico15 for being the best fucking friend ever right now cause w/I you I would've failed Spanish πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’œ btw nice shirtπŸ‘”πŸ˜
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First game tomorrow let's get it ⚽️
93Β° in September how cute
Need some air conditioning in this school wtf I'm dying
Behind every girl who says she has a "stalker" is actually just a normal dude who is responding to her slutty texts.
Dad: "See guys the speed limit is 35 and I'm going 27, I'm a law abiding motherfucking citizen"
I wanna see no good deed
Wine making has it's benefits in the end right drew yea bro🍷😎turnπŸ‘
My dad said "I'm signing off" when he was getting off the phone with my mom
Waking up in 4 hours to go to Maine to pour this years homemade vinooooooo
Hmu if you know how to hold a conversation πŸ˜‹
Who wants to do something?😎
Didn't know Transit police would chase you on foot if you J-walk in Boston
This lady on the train told me I have a strong German looking jaw and face... 😊😊😊
Can't sleep with socks on