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Troy Panico
Awkward shit happened tonight, but that's ok
Someone text me😌
Multiple pretty women tonight
#FreshmanAdvice Act like you're better than everyone
Tryna get 5,000 followers
Who's down for a 🔥 on the beach tonight? Last fire of the summer. Hmu
I wish the Red Sox didn't suck this year
Wonder how many STD's were passed around at the Brad concert
Scrolling through my camera roll like..
Waking up after a nap is a very confusing time
I'm not in a relationship in High School because there's a 99.9% chance I won't end up marrying the person #rt
I like talking to new people🙌
@alexaelliott97: So far it’s been an, “I look okay enough to go to Walmart but not to go to Target” kind of day.” So odd but so true
@caitlinedmund: When I date someone, I think long term. What's the point of dating someone if you only want them temporarily?” Hoes nowaday
@CassPatten: seeing troy for the first time made me extremely happy #ily @TroyPanico15” you freakin luv me
@alyssaskinner_: To the hot boy that i just made eye contact with as he drove by my house 😍👅 god bless your DNA 💋” you're welcome
Thanks for sending me a snapchat of all your blisters😊�@emilyypetersonon
@Becker5Maggie: So glad I'm not a guy who's playing soccer 😅” TURN UPPP🙌🙌😎
Stop bitching about double sessions bitches⚽️
My twitter is unsuspended 🎉🎉
If you talk shit on twitter you're cheap
So pumped for soccer season⚽️🙌
Twitter this is alot to ask but I convinced @VanhooKatherine to go to homecoming w me if this gets15,000 RTs..please🙏
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@gioisblack: killing myself” 😭 if she's 13 I'm 13
I love weeding😋😅
I can't stand how some guys treat/ talk to their girlfriends. But I also can't stand how the girls stay with the guy.
When your parents are yelling at you and they start stuttering and you trying not to laugh:
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@SMACKHigh: "Vocs>publics>aggies>private"” 😁
I haven't woken up before 12 in like 3 weeks
Who's trynna do something?
Never pick a fight with an ugly person, they've got nothing to lose
summer reading summer readin summer readi summer re summer r summer summe summ sum su suc suck suck m suck my a suck my as suck my ass
Just realized how much school work I still have
Believe in your fucking self
Question everything👏
To the girls who are good looking but also smart...🍸🍷🍻
@TayReneeeee: Probably gonna bs most of my ap work lol.”
Who's awake thooo
"No" - Rosa Parks :)