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So a few places that got a lot of #TravelForFood love today: #Japan, #Australia, #Austria, #Thailand. So hungry now... #TripAdvisorChat
A4: Best tip for getting a table in a hot restaurant? Just show up, be patient, be nice, you'll get in #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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Stay tuned for a blog post of #TripAdvisorChat highlights, including your best tips for the perfect marriage of food and travel.
What a great chat! Thanks for joining #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood. Who else is hungry now?
A9: As strange as it sounds, tofu ice cream in Kyoto is to die for. #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood @TripAdvisor
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A9: We had so many faves we wrote about 14 desserts worth traveling for: #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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Q10: Finally, what and where was your most memorable travel meal? Share a photo! #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
Q9: Let’s talk dessert. What sweet dish stands out most from your travel experience? #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
Agree! MT@wendyperrin: A6 I'd go back to @fogoislandinn... like eating the landscape! #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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ha! RT @travelergwen: A7: Bribe them w/ chocolate gelato! did the trick in Poland! #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
Q8: Besides the quality of the food, what turns a dining experience from forgettable to memorable? #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
A7: Don't push, remind that food is huge part of a destination. Be willing to share bites so they don't have to commit. #TripAdvisorChat
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True. Such wonderful food there. RT @wguidara: A6: Mexico City. Pujol, Quintonil, and so many others #TravelforFood #Tripadvisorchat
A6: Not a usual suspect, but Ashland, Oregon. Many great restos balancing creativity & authenticity. #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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Q7: How do you get kids or (anyone picky, for that matter) to try new foods when traveling? #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
A6: Singapore pulled out all the stops with its authentic street food. Flavors of China, India, Portugal, and more! #TripAdvisorChat
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A5: Homemade mi-cuit foie gras in #Provence. A most interesting textural experience! #notyourusualfoiegras #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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Whole? RT @jeannewmanglock: A5 Puffin in Iceland. (They didn't warm me and I was horrified.) #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
Q6: Name a place you’ve visited that you’d go back to in a heartbeat because of the food. #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
A4: Talk to hotel concierge, they are your insiders! Ours are very passionate about the local food scene. #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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A2: @TripAdvisor Lunch in Mendoza, Argentina, enjoying Malbec, grilled meat and empanadas. #Tripadvisorchat
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Gr8 idea RT @connvoyage: A4. Be willing to dine there during lunch. Most people prefer dinner. #tripadvisorchat #travelforfood
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A4. In a party of 2, just show up. Many top restaurants save a few 2-tops for walk-ins. Southern charm helps too! #TripAdvisorChat
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A1: For a travel and eating trip excursion: Basque region of Spain @TripAdvisor #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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Q5: What's the most unusual thing you've eaten when traveling? #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
The first stop! RT @NickiH3: @TripAdvisor A4 Call way ahead of time! #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
A3: A whole continent is surprising me with their outstanding food and drink: South America #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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@TripAdvisor The Azores! Amazing food steamed from the heat of the volcanic earth. Also endless wine options #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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Q4: What’s your best tip for getting a table in a hot restaurant? #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
A3: #Nicaraugua is up there, knew I loved the food but didn't know if emerging tourism would leave a dull #culinary scene. #TripAdvisorChat
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this sounds fun RT@JourneyMexico: A2. We build trips around gastronomy in Puebla and Oaxaca. In Puebla, Chiles en Nogada #TripAdvisorChat
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A3. #Australia. It's not just vegemite! Think nature-based cuisine, high-grade produce, super-clean seafood. #TripAdvisorChat #TravelForFood
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