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Hotel room towel creations. Thoughts? From cute to - uh - interesting, here are 9 that TripAdvisor travelers snapped:
U.S. travelers, looking for a good-value stateside place to visit this fall? @wendyperrin has some great tips:
Thursday #TripTip: download photos from your camera each day of your trip. If you can't, swap out your memory card to keep pics safe.
Traveler Photos of the Week are up on Facebook. Vote for your favorite. We'll share the #1 photo Saturday:
RT @scottcaldwell: This is NOT helping my "toes in the sand" itch. 12 Beaches w/Crystal Clear Water. via @TripAdvisor
Follow these 5 Steps from @wendyperrin to ensure your vacation traditions last a lifetime:
@TripAdvisor I unplugged for 2 months in Italy and went to school myself. Listening to church bells was so much better then cells phones. =)
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It's #TripBuddy Wednesday. Tag your favorite travel companion and tell them something you'll never forget about a recent trip together.
Take 5 minutes. Forget your phone and enjoy the view. #cookislands #travelerphoto #gratitudewednesday
What an amazing #ExcellentServiceStory. What's yours? Tweet it to us and tell us who made your trip extra special.
What's you're favorite place to "unplug" and get away from it all? #MyTripAdvice
How 'bout it, travelers? RT @travelengnancy: Cabo San Lucas. Any good tips?
Take 5 minutes. Forget your phone and enjoy the view. #CookIslands
What's your next trip and when are you going?
Haha! RT @sammigirl824: @TripAdvisor This would interfere with my stone-throwing hobby.
#WhyWeTravel. You continue to l give such amazing and inspirational reasons, showing the world why travel is such an amazing thing. #travel #TripQuotes #wanderlust
#FoundOnTripAdvisor: which of these 10 cool hotel beds do you want to try most?
These animals could really care less about your #travelerphoto: #foundontripadvisor
#TravelerPhoto of The Week from @destinoalgum! For your chance to be featured next week, tag your best recent travel photo with @tripadvisor and #trippicoftheweek --- ❤ Amsterdã!
#WhyWeTravel. Thanks for the amazing quote @jessyings!
#Santorini dreaming. This is Honeymoon Petra Villas. Photo by #TripAdvisor traveler V6Jim
.@wendyperrin answers your travel questions about Italy, Athens, and Cyprus on the @TripAdvisor blog:
What makes amazing service to you? Finish the sentence: #greatserviceis...
Wednesday #ExcellentServiceStory. Tell us yours for a chance to honor someone at a hotel who made your trip special.
U.S. travelers: where did you spend your #LaborDay? Share a picture from your weekend using @TripAdvisor and #TripPic!
Wow! The battle over reclining airplane seats is so close. #TeamRecline beats #TeamUpright by a handful of votes:
U.S. Travelers, where did you spend your #LaborDay weekend? #TripAdvisor traveler Lee D. Caught this great shot of the #Bellagio during his weekend in #LasVegas. Tag your best pic from this weekend with @tripadvisor #LaborDay!
Are Knee Defenders acceptable on flights? Vote in the #teamrecline vs #teamupright debate:
Can you handle the cuteness? These 7 tiny travelers will make your heart melt:
.@ccverdu It has some great traveler reviews, too! Have a fantastic trip :)
See the airplane seat battle featured on @mashable? Are u #TeamUpright or #TeamRecline? Vote:
What's that? You haven't entered our TV commercial contest yet? It ends Sunday. You could win $25k!
Who's doing a road trip this weekend? Tell us where you're going and what you're most excited about while there?
Thursday #TripTip: it can get cold on airplanes. Bring an extra pair of socks, a scarf, or a hoodie to in your carry-on just in case.
Who do you love to travel with most? Share a pic recent adventure photo with your #TripBuddy to tell them how much you appreciate them.
U.S. travelers, what are you up to this weekend? Share your #LaborDay plans and what you're most excited about doing with #MyTripAdvice.
Hola, @TripAdvisor! I entered your 15 seconds of Fame Contest! "Don't just visit #Chicago, visit TripAdvisor Chicago"
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Counting down to the contest deadline... 6 days left to enter your take on our TV commercial. You could win $25K!
Loving @katedana's #MyTripAdvice @Pinterest board, with her favorite places in Spanish-speaking countries: