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May 31st
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Everyone is a lil ugly ☺️
do you ever walk past the the mirror and just go ew what the fuck was that
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That cheating shit dead & outta play ✋✋✋✋ It's 2O14🎊🎉 SPOIL YOUR QUEEEEEEEEN 😘😍👼💇💅💄🎀👛👠💸💳💰💯✅✔️
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I'm tired of this damn bus, theses damn people, and this entire fucking school. Bruh I'm done 😒🔫
Music is muh lyfe🎧🎵💙
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Lord get me through this 😖
Jlo tried to pull some beyonce type shit.
Everytime I see Pitbull he look less and less latino
they checking bags like we at American Airlines & about to get on a flight #ProjectDuncanville
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Tomorrow shall be interesting.... �#ProjectDuncanvillee
Idgaf if DHS is ghetto to you, WE THE SHIT NIGGA
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I don't think DHS gets that getting more strict is going to help? It's just going to spark new problems. #ProjectDuncanville
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Teachers had said ( "We are not Dallas ISD, we are not ghetto")..yall had to hear that bro...#ProjectDuncanville -_-
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STDLine, Dehoto, CedarHoes Make Sure Yall Tune in at 4pm Fox4, NBC, Etc & When Yall See just Know DUNCANVILLE Did Tht! #ProjectDuncanville .
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How tf we go from one of the first buses to the very last bus? And then they didn't even tell us. wth man duncanville is ratchet af.
I'd date oomf without thinking twice 😍💦👅💙🔒
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You just realized 😳...Sevyn Streeter was the girl singing in Chris Brown's song & video "She Ain't You" ☺️😉
lol , btches be hating eachother because they fighting over a dude, might as well be nice to eachother y'all teamates might as well.
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Ughhh when I can't find the perfect selfie lighting<<<<< 😒
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I want some KDs 😔👟
Why am I sweating still????
@DaKiddHaze: "@GoldenThang: ya'll really gotta chill 😩�" Damn her nose snapped” I cry every time this on my TL 😰😭
when I realized that we have less then a month of school left ....
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My niggas ain't here 😔
This is awkward af 😳
Why must bitches be soooo ratchet? 😒🔫
Ugh I just realized how much I hate this school 😒
This is not a love song. This is a you song.
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It's humid af like wtf. 😓🔥☀️ Last week I was freezing my ass off❄️⛄️🌁☔️