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this graphics class boring like shit ..
these seconds feel like minutes an these minutes feel like hourssss..
we be schemin on the low low lol
i'm not even gonna lie , I miss Tri-Sate! 😞
The More You Hate👿 The More I Shine✨😏
Mamma Say No Pussycats Inside My Dawg House ✋😤😈
if you love whatever it is you do, then continue to do it for that reason only ..
Retweeted by TREY DRYER
you're the happiest when you're living for you .
gotta 450 engine in the hood of my car it sound like a dinosaur you should hear it when it rawr
don't wanna go to school tmrw -_-
Finally Watched 2⃣2⃣ Jump Street 💩 Was Hilarious!
😂😂😂😂 wow
I Will Never 🙅❌ Tell Someone How I Truly Feel Cuz People Don't Take 💩 Serious 🙇🚶
Seeing Me On 🔝 Will Make You Sick To Yo Stomach !😷...😈🏀✊💴
I'm Coolin Wit My Younginsss , We Keep This 💩 #⃣3⃣0⃣0⃣ 💴
Tell Em I'm On 🔥 And That This 💩 Too Easy 🙊
They Say 💩 Gets Easier. When?
She Say I Ain't 💩 So I Tell Her Just Wait 😁✊
When Them Cameras On Ima Show You How I Do Itt🏀🙏💴
💩 Was All Good Just a week ago 🙏
I just wanna stunt on anybody who ever tried to play me 🌍💪
can't sleep no matter how hard I try, my back hurts way too damn bad 😩 needa massage from bae@savannah_sillyyy 😌🙌
trust me, dis ain't what u want ..
@savannah_sillyy: I miss you 😔” I miss you to 😫
We all hittazz..
But dis is what I rep.. OTF! 💸💸
@savannah_sillyy: Really wish I had a car rn. Can never go anywhere 😤”yaasss!🙌
I love my girl more than anything @savannah_sillyy
Successfull workout, got up 200 made jumpers and 200 made free throws. #ready #focused 🏀💸💯
got a lot of spots like a mothafuccin cheetah
you niggas too soft, get that arrow outcha heart 💘
you changed me.. for the worse.
I only trust you 👯's as far as I can throw y'all, an believe me.. it ain't far!
I got a lot of questions , buttt still no answers 😒
I could take yo bitch in the blink of an eye with just one smile , fuckboy 💁
never met someone who loves chicken more than sara 😂🍗😍
When yo mom throwing hands at you but you too old for that bullshit
dont take it personal.
trust will get you fucked up, coming from experience from the past and the present smh