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Live your life.
winners win & losers lose. simple as that.
Just wait on it...
Girl, he only fucced you over cause you let em.
I couldn't fake "feelings" even if I tried. I don't know how people do it
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She my Beyoncé.
I'm back and I'm better.
Nobody gonna change your life for you, that's on you.
Who's up?👀
She say she love me whatever that is.
Where my Trojans at. It's gone be a good night😉T
i don't wanna be perfect, i just wanna perfect myself.
Just want to be successful
whatever happens, happens
Don't do that often. Rare, very rare.
Is it good to say how you feel?
I got so much shit to say, but i'm sure twitter isn't the place for it. Let me keep my thoughts & opinions to myself tonight.
Bro, if you ask someone what love is, in this generation, today, as of right now, i bet you that person wouldn't be able to answer correctly
Don't let anybody steal your joy or steal your peace. No matter who they are, it's not worth it.
*she gone make you spend about a rack or two She Dancin*…
new song coming out in 10 minutes :)
i get jealous easily. so if you mine, just know that.
I spoiled my bitch now she a brat .
I woke up with 10 hoes in my bed.…
Support the people who support you
Bri funny asl
You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. It's your life.
about to release a new song for yall females out there that like to dance😎
Remember your yesterdays, dream your tomorrows, and live your todays.
Maturity is attractive.
I honestly have a lot of new music for ya'll if people thought i was slacking or something. Just wait on it.
I want you. Just don't know how to tell you. it's new.
My mind all fucked up right now.
That was interesting, bacc to the studio.
no one has the power to ruin my happiness, sorry buddy, try again
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If you have good vibes and you're always finding a way to stay positive. I fuck with you.
It's a nice day, hope everyone enjoys it with the people that they fuck with the most. #blessed
We must let go of the life we have planned, to accept the one that is waiting for us.
Train your mind.
Fuck what the next man doing. Be yourself
Invest into you and your future.
You can't change over night we all need some time.
Everyday 🎙❣m
okay, it's my world and i do what i like to. i know she gone be ready when i slide thru
i can be the chillest person you know until you piss me off
you cant understand us cuz you too soft
In need of a shape up.
I like a girl that's not always in the mix.

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