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Dean Elijah Aaron is a week old today. You are so loved son. @TreyAaron 💙🌸
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Our little grumpy old man. Which means @OhhIvonne has two grumpy old men now. Like Father, like Son 💕
This is the heir to my throne. The Fruit of @OhhIvonne 's labor. Our Baby Boy.
I AM THE BEST SUPPORT EVER! That's why I don't play it:
Epic League of Legends Play! JK We Suck.:
.@trutherbot You're forgetting the most pressing issue: Why is the purchase or manufacturing of single ply TP not a crime against humanity?!
If there #exists a #man #older than #myself who is in better #physical #form, then I have not done…
If Thou Hath Bewbs, They Will Come (So Punny!):
.@OhhIvonne @epicjesstime all of my twitch views are because of you two. Thank you 👾
If Thou Hath Bewbs, They Will Come (So Punny!):
Happy Halloween Friends! Ending the night with some #leagueoflegends on my #twitch come watch and give…
Halloween Shenanigans (THE MONSTER MASH):
She's such a pain, but she's the best kind of pain. She's mine ❤️ I love you Babe!
Darius. Top, Jg, Mid, Adc, Support. All Darius.:
Streaming #forthekids again tonight. Come EloHell or high ping. Also, wards save…
Hey folks! I'll be streaming for a few. Come watch and don't forget about that Extra Life for the…
I'm so good, that I'm actually bad.:
Come join me on my stream, or send me your summoner name and let's play…
Ranked 5's! We suck again!!!:
Sorry guys! We're back up and running. No Ranked 5's though cause our team is terribad at getting on…
Ranked 5's! We suck again!!!:
Ranked 5's! We suck again!!!:
Streaming Ranked 5's with the team. Come watch and also drop in on my Exta Life and make a small…
Ranked 5's! We suck again!!!:
Happy Friday everyone - taking off from streaming the next two days, and we will be back on Sunday for our giveaway.. Have a great weekend!
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Streaming for a while tonight. Going to be streaming as much as I can this weekend, any retweets are appreciated! -
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