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Trestan Ray
musiclife 5,715 followers
Me and @seantaylor (cant tag properly) Both agree and hope that this song is bringing back the 80s single handedly.
Secret project! Hopefully it'll work out how I want and I can bring it to all others.
#ShovelKnight is amazing. So amazing in fact that I will buy it on every console. You've impressed me quite a bit @YachtClubGames keep it up
Everyone freaks out when I extend my broken hand. This is their story. #Lawandorder #DunDun
Gettin it in like always. The bird In the background adding more beats. #Flawless #broken #alwaysaparty #im...
Never be the same. Always strive to be yourself. An individual. #Neverbethesame #you'r
Dance party on our way to camp! 😂 this is definitely the dance for this
Click here and see my beautiful face live on @YouNow! (…)
Click here and see my beautiful face live on @YouNow! (…)
Studies show that watching my @YouNow broadcast makes you 100xs smarter…
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Watch me on @YouNow because I'm telling you to :)…
Holy damn. I thought these camera angles were gunna be terrible. FLAWLESS #cameraman #professional #itskind...
Holy crap. This was in my drafts. Me unconscious it my pitch. Black room. #STAYAWAYDEMONS
Was on skype for 6-7 hours in total with @TrestanRayLSF playing video games. Now its time to make tacos and watch some How I Met Your Mother
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Hey, @ReaperofvVar we need to play some games some time brother!
Azjah I freakingg got it down now! Haha 😂
Holy bots vine. You guys can fix this. Don't know how. But you can. #Ibelieveinyou #not300followers
What does it cost to get some people to properly position me before I decide to vine? #Ineedacrew #wheremyp...
The huge upside to having children in your family. Ohhh the juice boxes. #Juiceboxestilidie #myJBgohardtho
Do y'all FREAKINGG see this natural mane right now?! These curls! This volume! #Beautytipsfortheladies #ibe...
RPG Maker VX Ace livestream by @Missforrrr here : Come check it out! I'm getting so much info. #WholeyRogues
The best thing to do while you wait for NIGGAS TO HURRY. #Jaykayitsmydad
Gettin inked up with mumztheword! Just wait til you see it. #Tattoo #ink
Having a ballin day. I hope you all are too! How are ya? #Whatsup #chillin #nvo #teamNVO #smoke
It's a new day brothers and sister. #Newday
JustSomeGuy said "make the bubble sound with your mouth". #Ididitithink
200 games in the ole steam library now. Yuhhhh