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me: can you release #R8 already??????????? @rihanna:
Rita Ora is such a Rihanna clone clown
her stick legs can't support all 90 lbs of her
Straight up lies, you're desperate to be liked again. RT @LilKim: I ❤️ HATERS 💋
Please come back to music. @rihanna
Ariana Grande needs to stop with the cheesy cheap videos if she wants people to take her seriously, it looks like a tacky disney video.
Did I just peep a sneaky gay kiss in the #BreakFreeVideo? Yassss @ArianaGrande you better stan for the homos!
Ariana Grande is so fucking beautiful.
Taylor Swift - Better Than Revenge
DJ Mustard confirmed he has a song on Rihanna's new album & it's a ballad.. I picture a beautiful piano intro & then 'Mustard on da beat ho'
I prefer when Rih sings emotionally charged songs, especially slow ballads. Her voice is perfect because it's raw and you can FEEL the pain.
Rihanna is the only singer who gives me GOOSEBUMPS when I listen to her sing live.
i fucking love you so much @rihanna
Rihanna performing AIRPLANES with Eminem. You're welcome.…
they try to tell me i'm just like the others, but i ain't all bad
Some Directioners are SO extra, it's embarrassing.
You're absolutely vile, you disgusting tramp. RT @JosieCOnline: Just to reassure my fans ;) I won't have the same destiny as Robin Williams.
Can @twitter please make a rule about trolling? I'm so bored of them replying to celebrities all the fucking time with try-hard tweets.
I just seen a twitter of some boy making cruel "jokes" about Robin Williams and honestly I don't understand the thought process.
The irony in Twitter trolls telling people to kill themselves is.. most of these ugly ass kids suffer from a chemical imbalance. ie: anxiety
some people need to log the fuck off the internet and never come back online
It makes it worse to know that Robin Williams was suffering from severe depression, it just goes to show that money doesn't buy happiness. 😭
You never had a childhood if you didn't watch Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji, Hook or Flubber. Robin Williams touched so many of our lives. RIP. 😔
Feeling unusually sad and nostalgic after hearing the tragic news, so weird how someone you've never met can impact you. RIP Robin Williams.
Jennifer Lawrence is bae ❤️
i don't know how a 6 second vine video saved your life, but stay winning i guess
Man, Zendaya is gorgeous.
Wanna hear a joke? Vine "celebrities" being invited to award shows and having an award made for them.
mood: wishing my eyebrow game was as strong as @Trendeh.
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i hate that i'm tall, do you know how hard it is to get clothes to fit me? IT FUCKING SUCKS ASS! XL is too small, but XXL is too BAGGY!
"Are you talking to any guys?” Well there's this one that won't stop calling me
it's funny how easy you can mess me up
I watched The Purge 2 last night, so fucking good.
I'm watching The Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills and all these girls are complete fucking idiots.
If someone buys me the timberland boots on Kim K Hollywood I'll suck your dick 😍
Add me on Kim Kardashian:Hollywood ! Add me to your Game Center "RatedPaulie" 💅
Watching "The Evil Dead 2013" 🙈
I've been watching a FISH play pokemon for like 10 minutes now, wow the internet is amazing.…
I got a selfie with a donkey earlier, how much of a WIN was your day?
I'm watching the movie called "The Pact' and I'm absolutely shitting myself 🙈💩
i can't stop drinking about you
Which one do you think looks better?
My life might not be perfect but at least my eyebrows are 💅