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Tré Melvin
you'll never find the right one waiting on the wrong one to act right.
but are your friends really your friends though?
when you're in the middle of explaining how good the dick was to your friend and his girl walks in the room
In W.A.Y.S. when @JheneAiko said "at 44 minutes til four," and I realized that the time would be 3:16, I was like:
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onika had a nigga thinking her ass got kidnapped. had me worried sick. waiting for her to tweet like
.@NICKIMINAJ BITCH i see you badging. u know better than to go ghost for more than 48 hours FUCK u thought this was?!! ❤️
when you been playing around via text and he show up at your door ready to fuck
@TreMelvin you'll be 22 in 11 days. you're old asf
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i love being 21.
lmao | RT @SoDamnTrue: Me trying to get my life together
.@JheneAiko gurlllll we in da same hotellllll
lmao | RT @tryvibing: How I reply when my ex sends heartfilled texts messages..
Rapper @NICKIMINAJ is the only female rapper with more than ONE #1 album.
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never get tired of waking up to this view. #miami
can we have sex pls lol
i'm genuinely happy as fuck and i've never been a better version of myself and 2015 will be epic as fuck.
so much has changed within literally one year and i've cried more in 2014 than i have in my entire life but i wouldn't trade it for shit.
it used to upset me how i expect people to hurt me & i'm actually surprised when people treat me right but i've come to realize that's life.
jessie j is so underrated.
pretty bird pretty bird pretty bird please don't die. 🎶
private instagrams agitate me.
I love conversations with my best friend. We could talk about anything or even the same subject over and over with no problem. ❤️
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LOL people always want you after you've moved on.
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Better think while it's still legal.
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lmfao | RT @TheComedyHumor: when someone u don't like tries to make a joke
what makes you happy makes me happy.
and i'm not even gonna front at first i was just tryna fuck but you have got me so in love so deep in love, so please be love. 🎶
niggas are robots!!!! and make u feel like an outcast for wanting to listen to music that evokes any type of emotion
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Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
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aaaand he crashed the car. license revoked.
biscuit finally got his license! they grow up so fast!
I would be the best thing that could ever happen to you.
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you are everything and then some.