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Tré Melvin
LMFAOOOO. dead as fuck | RT @JordanW0827: How's that Racoon you ran over like a year ago @TreMelvin
@trehasspoken ❤️
#seguridad "@TreMelvin: 😂😩 oh? | R@A_Sofinene: One day I'll b@TreMelvinin body guard.”
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😂😩 oh? | R@A_Sofinene: One day I'll b@TreMelvinin body guard.
jhené aiko is literally me.
*waits patiently for rihanna's next album*
if you don't learn you'll never know a good thing.
bruh rih prolly leaked her OWN shit lmao #nofucksgiven #realmvp | RT @BugKaderra: @TreMelvin How do you think Rihanna got leaked?
having people who genuinely appreciate you is everything and more.
my bestfriend took me to dinner 😊 #WhenWillYourBestieEver ❤️
CRYING | RT @XxHAM_IAMxX: Waiting on @TreMelvin nudes to get leaked like
u ever have someone u dont fuck with like that tell u some personal shit & u think to urself why tf did they think it was ok to tell me that
I swear @TreMelvin has every animal in the world on a piece of clothing in his closet 😹💀🆗.
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society: how much animal print can one's closet hold? me: the limit does no exist.
bruh 💯 | RT@LoyalToddlerr:@TreMelvinn right they be ready to give you the moon but all you want is to lay with them under the stars.
i don't ask for much. the little shit is always what gets me.
If our communication is not 50/50, oh well.
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hm. never thought of it that way | RT @NeeziOne: @TreMelvin if you're not loving hard, you're not loving at all
"@TreMelvin: i love too hard." Its a blessing and a curse
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i love too hard.
La sombraaaaa 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴
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Y'ALL SLICK AS FUCK LMFAOOOO I'M CRYING | RT @skittlemisfit: @TreMelvin Got🎂�
i know exACTLY what ur doing and the lord said thou shall not almost fall in love with u again lmao no sir no maam not today satan
@TreMelvin: tbh i jus want birthday sex idgaf bout shit else | RT @TreMelvin any plans for your 22nd birthday..?😁🎁�
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Especially when it comes in at like 6am"@TreMelvin: goodmorning txts are so simple yet so powerful..."
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tbh i jus want birthday sex idgaf bout shit else | RT @TresSnapbacks: @TreMelvin any plans for your 22nd birthday..?😁🎁🎉
I think it's cute Tre checks my page so often. Cause I do the same to him 👀
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drag him navy | RT @je_mapelleDEE: dont play rih like this 😩😒 | R@NewNameTBABA: Rihanna nudes leaked
When someone is happy about something who are you to tell them they shouldn't be?
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goodmorning txts are so simple yet so powerful. they're like the ultimate "you're the first thing i thought about when i woke up" reminders.
how many times are you willing to let someone break your heart before you notice the person willing to put it back together?
If you ignore me im not going to waste my time trying to get your attention jk talk to me come back
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the best things in life aren't things. 😌
don't come looking for love.
😊 i'll try ❤️ | RT@tretooturntt:@TreMelvinn have fun tonight and try not to get hurt.
@TreMelvin It's the most special feeling in the world if you appreciate it.
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@TreMelvin tryna get an oscar with this last Dr. Drea episode o my gosh 😩😭 Who knew Dora was a hitta?! 😂😂😂
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do u understand how powerful it is for a person to tell u that they love you and u know they mean it like we take shit like that for granted
i love my friends bruh.