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Treadstone 71
RT @p3t3_r3c0n: @Treadstone71LLC No, but i do :-) giving a talk tomorrow and included some of ur stuff in there to juice things up. thnx!
Do you think the UN and other orgs know (or care)? The Cyber Shafarat | We See What Others Cannot
Feeling the need for a new #SEA Foot Soldier exposure - The Cyber Shafarat | We See What Others Cannot
RT @AngieMayFire117: @th3j35t3r "so I went on a date with a guy who knew who you were...." I used to date 'J' as well but alas, we parted.
Privacy is very important to me. I have found an age old solution #tinhead #electroencephalographytelepathy-firewall
JP Morgan denies that system blueprints were stolen in June cyber attack
Iran And Russia Are Exposing A Glaring Hole In The US-Led Strategy Against ISIS
America's most wanted terrorists
Sinai bomb kills Egyptian police officers
Turkey to Welcome Seven Muslim Brotherhood Exiles from Qatar
ISIS Movements Near West Virginia Being Monitored…
الذبح على طريقة داعش يؤرق سيناء _ar
"الدولة الإسلاميّة" تسقط طائرة حربيّة سوريّة فوق الرقة
The Middle East's digitised battlefields
مؤتمر باريس يتعهد دعم الحرب ضد "داعش" بـ "كل الوسائل”:
Sotheby’s to auction map drawn by Lawrence of Arabia…
Jihadi John known to MI5 but may never be brought to justice… (via @NewsFusionApps #Syria War News)
Watch: Bosnian children attend 'ISIS summer camp' in Syria… (via @NewsFusionApps #Syria War News)
Kurdish fighters advance on jihadis in Syria… (via @NewsFusionApps #Syria War News)
Alan Henning kidnapped by ISIS 30mins after arriving in Syria-Al-Qaeda said taking him was 'unIslamic'
Al-Qaida-inspired killers spreading like weeds
@Treadstone71LLC: Welcome Back, Congress! Here Are 15 Issues Awaiting Your Return
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Secretive new data center to protect against EMP attack... Boyers- deep in the mountain
PM calls for evidence of surveillance put up or shut up. Snowjob still needs to payback stolen time
A No-Fly Zone Would Hurt Both Assad and ISIS
Al-Qaeda recruiting European jihadists in Syria to attack US planes, say American officials
Welcome Back, Congress! Here Are 15 Issues Awaiting Your Return
Turkish military weighs "buffer zone" against Iraq, Syria threats-media
Why a thinly sourced, unverified report about Comcast has the Web in an uproar
@Treadstone71LLC The Cyber Intel class was one of the best I have taken in years. Have already started putting what we learned into pratice
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Treadstone 71 extends existing Silicon Valley consulting contract for another three years. Cyber Intel training and services growing
@rangerfit: Al Qaeda of Maghreb hit by Black Death fear medieval plague kills 40 terrorists http://sh” In Shah Allah
Putin camouflage hiding out in the Ukraine.
Please send to #kaspersky and company. пожалуйста
Definitely felt this way this AM ...recurring theme
CyberIntel class student comments: “always appreciate good training given by someone who knows what the hell they’re talking about.” #fsisac
One of two Austrian girls who fled to Syria to fight with IS has been killed…
Islamic State Group's War Chest Is Growing Daily… What gobbler is buying the oil?
Islamic State secretly near Israel border, Syrian rebel group says…
Austria to ban ISIL symbols in crackdown -
German man, 20, goes on trial for Islamic State membership -
Who Is Running Phony Cell Phone Towers Around The Country?
@South3rnR3clus3: @Treadstone71LLC Lol. #eyeroll I'm sure ISIS Wallet feels the same.” Wallet based terrorism ...
Miami-Dade woman named Isis wants public to change how it refers to terrorist group | Good luck with that Osama…