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Treadstone 71
Russia optimistic on Syria peace talks next year: Lavrov Since oil prices suck and inflation is rampant in Mockba
@DarkArtifacts: @emc @ADP Happens when you keep a folder called...Or thousands of open ftp sites, flat network, admin access on 1000s of ..
Employee Data Breach The Worst Part Of Sony Hack. Sounds like lack of due care and diligence @emc @ADP nefs as-Shea
Russian Ruble Melts Down Ain't that a bummer for Putin and his cronies!
Want to influence the world? Map reveals the best languages to speak | Science/AAAS | News
Syrian Military kill 5 #Daesh leaders of Kuwaiti and Tunsian origin (Iranian News)
#Daesh dig a trench to block the liberalization process of #Nineveh - They figure it will stop the air bombing
#Daesh and extremists account for over 5k deaths due to massacres in Iraq / Syria
League of the Righteous in #Iraq claim Armageddon coming soon to #Daesh
#Daesh kills 150 women who refuse to participate in terrorist marriages - pregnant women, virgins #nonIslamic
Daash kidnapped people, confiscated mobile/computer devices in Tikrit, imposed house arrest
Seven held in Spain, Morocco in probe on female jihadists
RT @AFP: #BREAKING Death toll in Pakistan school attack passes 100: officials cc @Treadstone71LLC < History being made. Kids being massacred
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.@Treadstone71LLC @H4CK3R_JKT48 LOL! :) Some human Intel/signals intel :p (HUMINT/SIGINT)
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#Iran and #Daesh and the politics of arrogance إيران و "داعش" وسياسة المكابرة - العربية.نت | الصفحة الرئيسية
Simpsons ringtone leads to #Daesh whipping صوت/داعش يجلد مراهقا حتى الاغماء بسبب نغمة موبايل!
#Daesh shutting down Internet in Deir az-Zur "داعش" يأمر بإغلاق خدمة الإنترنت في أوقات | الصفحة الرئيسية
The Group That Calls Itself a State: Understanding the Evolution and Challenges of the Islamic State
Daesh bans residents from leaving Mosul. Phone lines cut, no electricity-water. Hospitals closed. #Daesh hospitality
Iraqi gov trying to strengthen tribes in Anbar against #Daesh
12 arrested in Algeria for #Daesh recruiting
300 Chinese fighting with #Daesh in Syria and Iraq
#Daesh executes 4 of its own for treason in Mosul (Fun bunch of terrorists - Night of the Long Knives)
Shock in Halabja: 85 youth enrolled in #Daesh Same Halabja gased by Saddam Hussein in the 80s
Iran claims that due to religious fatwa, Iraqi forces able to push #Daesh from Diyala, Kirkuk, Salahuddin and Anbar
More than 2,700 missing in Iraq since the #Daesh invasion
العربي الجديد - "داعش" تُهاجم "القاعدة" على "تويتر": أصبحت رومانسيّة! #Daesh slamming al-Qaeda on Twitter…
.@Treadstone71LLC sounds like the first tweet ever made by the CIA with MiB theme song :) should I be worried? o_O
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The Cyber Shafarat | We See What Others Cannot
احتجاز رهائن داخل مقهى في مدينة سيدني الأسترالية يرفعون علم داعش | الآن…
'Junblatt calls for legalising hashish in Lebanon',
'Fears for female Saudi activist jailed for defying driving ban',
'Fake $100 note holds up transit visitor in UAE',
'Former Mubarak minister says Muslim Brotherhood is ‘godfather’ of Al Qaida, Daesh',
'Ten fake Pakistani travel agents in US dupe travellers to India',
'Sunnistan?' Tom Friedman Endorses Sectarian State…
@westcoile: @Sony @th3j35t3r ?.. is probably not the best answer to crime.” Right to sell defense Article 51 UN -gov won't do it