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Travis We The Kings
How does someone audition for something like The Exorcist?? Seems like that'd be a tough role to prepare for.
We made it to #8 on the top EMO songs you'll never forget haha has the whole list :)
Awesome!!! We'll see you there :) and yes we do M&Gs! RT @camsexlinskyy: @travisrclark just bought my tickets for the Jacksonville show 💘✌️
this is a video of me serenading the camera...and by extension, serenading you :)
Gooooood morning errrrryybodyyyy!!! I love all of your faces, don't forget it!
Yup, love her, she's awesome! RT @jasminelxigh: @travisrclark if you had the opportunity would you like to make another song with @ddlovato
Correct ;) RT @Matt_Fusi: A little birdie told me @WeTheKings are gonna be in chicago friday night 😁@travisrclarkk
I don't know if I can handle it anymore!!! Haha RT @Lisa_Sunner: @travisrclark NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Save the manly Stache for Movember!
Thank you :) means a lot! I try haha RT @AntonyYates: @travisrclark Brilliant front man with an amazing voice!
I love them back :) RT @ArieliDEk: @travisrclark I just found this on the wall outside @InTheVenueSLC <3 :)
My good friend @boltzonboard hooked @jennyrobinson1 and I with some new skateboard fashion!!! Such a creative dude!
what would you say if I said all of @WeTheKings was making a nude appearance in a music video???
We look cray. @elenacoats hanging out in the studio singing on Sad Song for the acoustic album :) get readyyyy
What do you guys think?? It's @jennyrobinson1 and I's masterpiece :)
Jenny got me back so bad....I now understand why she hated me hahaha
In the studio now finishing up vocals on the last track for the acoustic album!!!!! So stoked :) #SadSong
making juicing sexy as per usual ;) check it out!
in honor of Halloween, watch this crazy video of Michael Jackson's ghost caught on tape!
This defines @wethedan and I's short-lived best friendship.
Just hanging out at the laundry mat with @JennyRobinson1 watching the clothes go round and round :) simple things in life...
curious to find the cure for the common cold...I tested different things and here's what I found :)
Y'all gave me tons of ideas for curing my cold! I've tried most, I'll let you know how I feel tomorrow, but thanks for being my doctors :)
currently searching for a cure for the common cold...trying everything. Please send me options!
guaranteed to make you realllllly reallllllly hungry!!!
Waiting for a parking spot at the gym to avoid walking too far to get in is like an oxymoron to me. Must be creature of habit?
Phil Dunfey is my hero.
Here are the tour dates so far: :) be ready for non-stop craziness!!!
We are going to film the entire thing and put out our first official tour documentary :) it's gonna be a blast and we hope to see you there!
Also the venues we are playing are smaller on purpose (we didn't play big places on our first tour haha)...
We are only allowed to stay with family, friends, or fans that we meet in the city we play. This will be an exact replica of our first tour!
Doing something crazy with @WeTheKings...we are going back into our very first band van w/ NO trailer, NO crew, NO hotels and going on tour.
1 HOUR LEFT!!! last chance to get the books :)… go go go!!!!
Thank you so much!!! I'm following you now :) RT @sydneehansen @travisrclark can't wait to get my books!!!
I hope you love them!! Following you now :) RT @SmilingTard: @travisrclark I donated 40 dollars! Can't wait :)
Thanks dude!!! Following you now! RT @HiMyNamesCorbin: @travisrclark glad to be able to have helped ✌️
6 more hours left!!! get the books and I'll follow you guys!… go here :) tweet me a screenshot and I'll follow you!
I wonder if gas in the future will be the thing that we tell our grandkids like "I remember back in my day when gas was $1 per gallon.."
10 hours left!!!! last chance to get the books :)… let me know if you get it so I can follow you on twitter!
Only 1 more day to get the book I wrote :)… here's the link if you want to get the books, I'll follow you on twitter!
crazy that Elvis made it out of the crate in the middle of the flight... here's the new vlog :)
This might be the best picture I've ever taken!! Bee You ;)
Everyone go watch my friends @yaelgrobglas and @justinbaldoni tonight on Jane The Virgin!!! You'll recognize Yael from "Say You Like Me" :)
Can you find Elvis?? Clearly he's helping @jennyrobinson1 with her movie audition!! Go wish her luck!!!
the parties at @WeTheDan's house are getting wilder and wilder each week...might have to start censoring footage haha
No one talk to me, just let me sit here and drink my lemonade...oh and yes it WAS me who farted on the plane. #proud
Kinda crazy how fast our Acoustic Tour tickets are selling in Florida! Maybe we should extend it to the whole world?
Just a couple of dudes....
You can do it here:… :) RT @ThisIsChelbie: @travisrclark were do u go to donate money for the book