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Travis We The Kings
At the UCF game with one of my favorite people ever :))) #Holly oh and @jennyrobinson1 haha
we finally got to see the wedding venue that we're getting married at and it is.... (vlog day 215)
Game Day!!! Time to tailgate :) #UCF if you see me at the game make sure to come say hi!
Cara!! Wish you were here too :) RT @CaraNicole28: @travisrclark @JennyRobinson1 soo jealous of you guys. Bring me home a #UCF Pom Pom haha
I'm going to the home opener football game of the UCF Knights in Orlando tomorrow!!! #UCF #YesIWentThere #YesItWasLike1Semester haha
Glad you got it dude!!! RT @Joey_Ink: My @USPS sucks but it got here safe. Thanks @JennyRobinson1 @travisrclark 😎�
The next Britney Spears...clearly!!! (vlog day 214)
Oh you know....just hanging with some donkeys! #FarmAnimalsRule
Happy tears hopefully :) RT @chabelibaby: Ahh! I just watched @travisrclark 's proposal video and it made me cry!! Was so beautiful! ☺️
Flying to Florida!! Can't wait to get back to that humidity that I've longed for haha
Haha that's awesome!! RT @MattyyA07: I have listened to almost every album of @WeTheKings on this train trip. @travisrclark #wethekings
Proof that laughter is contagious :) who laughed or even smiled??
Spreading the love... Get your friends to post the "Peace Pic" too :) #PositivityProject
ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! (vlog day 213)
We are almost at 75%!! This is AMAZING!!!! Check out my Children's book that I wrote :)
To run to the gym or to not run to the gym...that is my motivational inner self question right now. Anyone else ever feel this way??
No no no thank YOU :) RT @FrancoisMelody: @travisrclark Look what I got in the mail thank you so much I love you guys
Jenny made me stop vlogging and driving haha RT @KendallRhyne: Why does @travisrclark sit in the passenger seat every time in vlogs?
Exactly 1 year ago I walked into a breakfast spot and saw @jennyrobinson1 :) #BestYearOfMyLife
Charles clearly has a middle finger fetish..... (vlog day 212) haha thanks to everyone who has been subscribing :)
Dear @charlestrippy, @gracehelbig and I have a message for you ;)
Huge thanks to @LanceBass and @DirtyPopLive for having @JennyRobinson1 and I at the studio! Hope you guys listened in!!
I'm almost there! RT @LanceBass: So excited to have @travisrclark from WTK on @DirtyPopLive today! Starts at 3p PST #SiriusXM don't miss it!
speaking of spiders... (vlog day 211) kinda makes me wanna puke.
You guys, thank you so much! Even though it's not done yet, my sister and I's book campaign is going amazing here: :)
Today's workout playlist nothing but old school Blink182, New Found Glory and Britney Spears. Hahaha
So whoever can put me on the TV show American Ninja Warrior or Wipeout I'll give you a big sloppy kiss or a big sloppy high five haha!
I absolutely can't believe how well the IndieGoGo campaign is doing already...I love you guys so much!! check it out!
so @JennyRobinson1 and I never normally go to house parties in the hills but when we do...this happens haha: (210)
Left the gym feeling pumped up, then started runnin home and almost twisted my ankle trying to avoid a spider on the ground bc I was scared.
here is the ridiculous video that I did, finally you can meet my twin brother :)
Gooooood morrninggggg everyybodyyyy!!!! Woke up with a huge smile on my face that no one will be able to take away :)
All it takes is one person's kind word to change the world forever...
posting something extremely ridiculous on my daily vlog channel tomorrow morning...loved making it though ;)
Thanks to everyone who's been watching and subscribing to @JennyRobinson1 and I's vlog...still pretty cool that we've gone this long :)
Just in case you didn't know, I started the daily vlogs up again :) hope you guys like them!!! spread the word! (208)
There is even traffic on the sidewalks in LA...
Date Night at the Americana Mall with this purty girl :) #CheesecakeFactory and #Boyhood ohhh and one #BigAssShoppingSpreeYikes
Bitches love me! hahahaha (vlog day 207) enjoy this one ;) #TheVlogIsBackTCTV everyone RT?!
Guess what we just did?!?! #HappyFriday @jennyrobinson1 hahaha
I wish the tragedy of 9/11 never happened. So many innocent lives lost... That's really all I can say about it. #NeverForget911
Gooooooodnight errrrrybody!!! I'm excited to post another vlog tomorrow!! Subscribe at to see it :)
This song that we're writing is gonna change WTK forever in such a good way. Mark my words and get stoked!!!!
Holy boxes!!! The signed TCTV posters are going out today ;) thanks so much for supporting us!!!
Hoooolyyy awesome!!! I'm speechless... RT @pynkgoddess7380: @travisrclark what do you think? Its only an hour old lol
Out with the old in with the new!! My hard drive completely crashed and I lost everything...but hopefully this new computer will be a great substitute :) pretty much all this means is that THE VLOGS WILL BE BACK!!!!!!
More studio time = more WTK music :)))