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Timothy DeLaGhetto
And this was the vid that won me 15k! RT "@Cus90: @Traphik What was the contest?"
I'm tellin you! One door closes, and a better one opens. Sometimes a sucky situation is a blessing in disguise. Gotta trust the universe.
For those of y'all askin why I got fired, watch this!
Fun fact- the month I got fired from CPK, I won a Youtube contest for $15k, and I totally took that as a sign. πŸ™Œ
I got fired from my job as a server at California Pizza Kitchen 5 years ago, and I've been a full time Youtuber ever since! #blessed πŸ™
I was invited to perform at a Thai American appreciation gala the other night so I did the only song I have that was appropriate for the event lol
Always fun shooting with @finebros! Just wrapped another episode of youtubers react!
A girl I know was like "dudes have been so thirsty! They keep askin my friends to hook me up w/ them." Thirsty or... Interested in you? Smh
LMFAO some news channel in Wisconsin used random footage of me from an interview I did in LA about twitter getting me fired for a story about password protection! I'm dying. Thanks to @blasianboyy for lettin me know
"timothyDLG" if y'all ain't know! RT "@_AznSensation: Adding @Traphik on snapchat is probably one of the best decisions I've ever made πŸ˜‚β€
Why don't I do follow sprees? Cuz what's worse than lame tweets from people you know? Lame tweets from people you don't know! Lol
This burrito just made me skeet. I got Chipot-laid. #omgilovechipotlechipotleismylife
This is my shit. Singin on point, dope sample! What yall know bout this!
Haha makes sense now! RT "@erick_ponce17: @Traphik Pisces=fish. Fish=sushi. Sushi=Asian. Asian=Tim??”
One time this girl guessed I was a Pisces. Me: How'd you know?? Her: You look like one. 😳
I LOVE nudes. But fuck! These dudes gotta CHILL! This is the same kinda "cyber bullying" that causes suicide and shit. #iSeeTheProblemNow
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They dont do that anymore thank God RT "@The_Leslie_West: @Traphik seems like getting a QTip pushed up ur urethra would be uncomfortable too
Shout out to girls for havin to deal with getting pap smears, that shit seems like it would be uncomfortable.
Quality time with friends.
It's finally gloomy in LA and it's a beautiful gloom at that! Nice and chill and greeeyyy. Feels niiiice
I know we lowkey look like a gay couple that was arguing at the club then stopped fighting for a picture, but me and @andrewagarcia are just up here dancin up a storm and shit lol
Dudes, always make sure ur junk smells fresh! You never know when a girl might wanna go down on u in a Taco Bell bathroom or something.
Lol @ everyone asking if he was white. No. He was Honduran actually!
I bit into the worst piece of fried chicken today. It deeply truly disturbed me. How do you mess up fried chicken like that, sir!!??
So usually when @chia_habte sends me selfies, she would rather I not post em, but THIS one made me say GODDAMN, that's ME right there!? I gotta show off!! Lol
Lol it's SO intense!!!! RT "@thenivenulls: I like @Traphik cuz his appreciation for booty is as intense as mine. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€
TimothyDLG!!! RT "@arcticayanna: @Traphik what's your snapchat”
A lotta people that watched my snap chat story like takin screenshots of me pooping for some reason. I like you guys.
Do you like horrible puns and funny internet clips? Check out a new episode of my show The Womp Womp show on Maker.TV! or click the link in my bio!
Make sure you watch that new Womp Womp if you like horrible puns about goats
For those of yall who liked "The Womp Womp" clip show I was doing, you can watch the brand new episode here!
MC Jin and Traphik - "I'm Not Him" @Traphik this ish is too dope, simple but so effective props man
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So me & @iammcjin did a song about how people always get us confused. Vid comin soon, here's the audio "I'm Not Him"
A kid told me he had to google/dictionary a few words and references while listening to my music. Made me sad and happy at the same time lol
Lmao ahh probably shoulda phrased that differently RT "@ayee_its_steve: @Traphik at first I was like "she didn't shoot selena?"”
If jlo woulda did the Booty video back when her body was how it was when she shot Selena my penis might have EXPLODED.
French fries and English accents
New vlog! "Who Has The Better Booty! Vlog #466"! Shoutout to @bobbi_dean for always comin through with that thumbnail! Lol (Before y'all say anything, this was in a room full of people, including a camera crew so chill and go watch it lol)
She looks bomb! But like.. She had a sextape out already! It's not news! lol RT "@FreezeLiRoux: @Traphik how about Kim K's?”
everybody's tellin me about Vanessa Hudgens nudes, but like.. Her nudes have leaked so many times! She's probably just doin it for fun lol
If there's one thing I can't stand, it's someone that takes themselves too seriously. Just relax, bro.
Ah shit forgot about that one! Ugh! Lol RT "@sabrinakoh_: @Traphik you should totally make a YouNow account Tim :) Do you already have one?”
Speakin of which, my new vlog is entertaining! Jin, Rufio, my fam, and booty!!! "Who Has The Best Booty! Vlog #466"
Social media is no joke. Gotta make sure my tweets witty, my IG pics pretty, my vines relatable, my snaps entertaining, AND still youtube!?
Lol I guess I'm doin it right. "timothydlg" on snapchat. RT "@IamMrFantastic: Roflmao yo @Traphik snapchats last nite had me cryinn”
Everyone told me to get a snapchat. Not sure how to work it but I'm tryin to keep up with you youngins lol. Watch my stories and shit I guess.
Lol RT "@Dory: my anaconda don't want none, unless you defeat the Huns, son”