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Timothy DeLaGhetto
Make sure you put time and effort into ALL your relationships if you wanna maintain them! Follow me on twitter for that occasional preachin lol
People will stay with someone they fight with every day for "love" but drop friends or fam over one disagreement.
Y'all tweet all day about how important communication is in a relationship, but don't say shit to ur parents. Then wonder why ur not close.
Lol yea it's pretty sweet!! RT "@nickvisenio: @Traphik bc you're doing what you love for a living lol”
Whenever people ask me what I like to do in my spare time I never have anything interesting to say, "Uhm... Eat. Chill. Dassit."
The pilot just said "CREATE a great day" instead of "have a great day." I like that. Thank you, Mr. pilot man. I will!
But that scene in A Goofy Movie where Max is floating on the car with Goofy? THAT shit gets me cryin! 😭#butimseriouss
Just watched Fault in Our Stars, and I didn't cry like a bitch! 💪 I mighta lowkey teared up like a man in touch with his emotions though. 😩
Watching the Fault in Our Stars, I'm ready for these tears!!!
Good movie options on this ✈️ tho! Edge of Tomorrow, 22 Jumpstreet, Fault in Our Stars!? Do I feel like being excited, laughing, or crying!?
Hahaha RT "@GlidingBlueJayy: @Traphik "This asian guy next to me keeps eyeing my chicken. Imma blow this bitch up if he touch my wings."”
This dude next to me on the plane is eatin Popeyes when I haven't had breakfast. He bout to get jacked. Come out that paper bag, cuh!!!
Retweet if you hate racism. Favorite if you love unity. Lmao I hate tweets like this.
Early flights are funny cuz I always get my morning erection right before take off.
Goodbye Florida! Goin goin back back to Cali Cali
I was takin my sweet time with this airport selfie til I realized I was in the only stall and this dude was waiting outside to take a shit. Lmao sorry, bro. Thanks again, Gainesville! Time to gerrr herrrrm ✈️😁
LOL RT "@wyzegeye: Put it in rice RT @Mynx999: My pussy is broken.”
Bitch you made uneducated assumptions!!! .... You was correct. 😳
Woo it's lookin like the weather is LA is bout to beautiful this week. Can't wait to get hooome! 😎
I actually can't wait to get super famous then fall off kinda so I can get a reality show on VH1. #40yearsoldgoal
6 new episodes drop in the winter! RT "@STLBluesVixen: @Traphik Is there going to be another season of #WildNOut?”
If me and Chia signed up for Love and Hip Hop Youtube Edition (not a thing) Who else should be on it? Lol
Lotsa love in Gainesville tonight! Thanks to UofF and AKM for bringin me out! 🐊🐊🐊
Preciate the love in Gainesville tonight! Thanks to UofF and AKM for bringin me out! 🐊🐊🐊
I can't even handle this LOLOL @Traphik "Rude" Parody- "Why You Lookin Like a Dude":
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Just soundchecked for the Gainesville event at UofF. Gonna order some room service and chill til Showtime at 6:30!
The love I have for Timothy DeLaGhetto is hard to describe. He's just so damn uplifting. (: @Traphik thank you for taking shits on Snapchat.
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Lmao that's a good school right there!RT "@zarryfiend: @Traphik your video is in my lecture! haha”
Gainesville, Florida! I am inside you! You are wet and clammy! Just how I like it!
Let's pray for musty people. They have no idea and nobody says anything. We gotta leave it to God. 🙏
This sunrise was crazy beautiful. I didn't even need to throw a filter on it! 🙌 Time to fly. ✈️✈️✈️
This sunrise in NY is crazy right now
It's been real, NY! Time to fly to Gainseville for a performance at the University of Florida for Asian Kaleidoscope month!
This kid on Facebook was really tryna talk shit wearing a puka shell necklace. CMON son. Your opinion is WORTHLESS!
Oh yea, did a quick little thank you vid from NY earlier with Chia if you aint SEENT
"You can waste alot of time being insecure, but life is way too short to be worried about what other people are thinking about you" @Traphik
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Last night in NYC. I always get shown so much love out here. Next time I'll try to have a meetngreet or something. Til we meet again!
5! Got it!!! Thank youuu!!!
NY people! What channel is Fox out here!? I'm tryna watch this Family Guy Vs. Simpsons episode!! At 9 right!?
😁 RT @Just_An_Apodacaa: The greatest thing ever!@Traphikk "Now my banana stank 😷#RudeParodyd#WhyYouLookinLikeADudede"
Celebrating my 8th year on youtube at this rooftop spit with some fine and some wine. #nyc
Nobody knows how to make parody videos like @Traphik “@Traphik: New vid! Rude parody!”
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It's crazy that I still get consistent views after 8 years and that some of u been watchin since 06. U've helped me live my dreams. Thank u!
OH MY LAWD! Just realized that today marks the 8 year anniversary of my main youtube channel!!! Thanks to all old and new supporters!! 🙌😫❤️🙏
Is @Traphik the most famous asian in the game rn?
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Aayeee got 700k followers on Vine. When can I start tellin people to search for hotties on Badoo!?
Gainesville, Florida! See you tomorrow!
University of Florida! I'll be performing at Asian Kaleidoscope in the grand ballroom tomorrow! Gainesville wattup!!!!