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Timothy DeLaGhetto
rappers comedian youtube 588,945 followers
When I say somethin weird and people reply with "wtf," in my head I'm like, "ha, we can't be friends." #weirdpeopleunderstandeachother
Originally sent this to @chia_habte askin her how she liked my hurrrcut. She liked it. Thanks @thecooljoey for the fresh cut!!!
The first time I've taken a selfie with a fan while we were both in moving vehicles lmao (repost from @albert_jpark)
My nipples are feelin extra puffy today, maybe I should do a push-up.
The new product for when you're feelin a type of way in public. Full video link in bio or go to!
For those of you who DO care, NEW SKIT! "THE TUGGIE" lol smh
So I pasted the wrong link for that tweet about my new video, and none of yall told me! Which means none of yall clicked! SMH! HATE YOU!!!
Oh yea! Brand Spankin new skit! Literally! Haha "The Tuggie!" Infomercial parody! with @BadWeatherFilms
Where did this "thigh gap" hype come from? I have never met a dude who cared about a thigh gap.
Lmao! I'm watchin my old vlogs!! RT @RickyShucks: "Lol.. And dude i was CUTE in 2009" -text I just got from @Traphik LOL
Los Angeles people! My boy @andrewagarcia and I are puttin on a show in Universal City on Aug 9th! Get tickets here
y'all agree? RT "@NewRockstars: The 7 best YouTube moments from @Traphik in anticipation of his NMR Live! concert!:
A lotta people try so hard to sound deep, and what's worse is other people are so eager to be deep too that they cosign the nonsense!
Holdup, my custom paint jobs went hard! I'm postin another throwback so y'all can see how it looked on a fresh new pair of Forces!!!
I forgot to #tbt this so I'll flashback Friday. Peep the Vokal velour suit and custom matchin Air Force Ones tho! Lmaooo yessss
Yooo my pocket almost accidentally twitpic'd somethin! Bahaha ALL BAD!
Im w/ a homegirl that keeps wantin 2 meet new people at the beach. Im like WTF FOR!? I have friends already that I barely have time for! Lol
I think one of the reasons that @chiahabte and I work so well as a couple is that we both hate everybody.
TALOFAAAA RT "@A1CMUSTANG: Why am I just now finding out @Traphik had a group with a Samoan dude? #polylife
Look up "Twitter Got Me Fired!" On Youtube RT "@Famous_Nigga: @Traphik is this true?! lololololol😂😂�”
Traffic in LA is at a CRAWL right now. Forgot Obama was in town. Ughhhh
Time to eliminate the distractions and get focused.