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Timothy DeLaGhetto
rappers comedian youtube 614,316 followers
I am! Meetngreet Saturday! SPOCOM! Blaisdell Exhibition Hall! RT "@racheamor: @Traphik just stay another week ...Hahha hawaii loves you ❤️”
Damn! I was originally supposed to fly out of Honolulu on THIS flight today lol
I was gonna get this, but it sounds like it could get messy. 💦💦💦
Waited in line for these super hyped Udon noodles! Totally worth it! 😁 #hawaiigettinmefat #sorrychia
Got the titties out (top down) in Honolulu!
Right!?! Such a double standard LMAO RT "@SoSuperSammi: FAM 😂😂”
Say what!? Airplanes and Terminals is nominated for best song at this year's @streamys!? Never been nominated before! Coooool! 😁
A buff ass lesbian told me I have nice nipples at this karaoke bar. Retweet if you can relate.
If you're too young to understand, just ignore instead of leaving pointless replies lol RT "@NoahNinjaTurtle: @Traphik UMMMM OK........WTF”
Girls are as horny/down as guys are. Dudes just gotta learn to ask properly. A lotta y'all are lame or try too hard and cockblock urself!
Takin selfies in the backseat on the way to North Shore with @davidchoimusic @claracmusic and @fishyfighter
If you have a hot girlfriend, the homies WILL look at her butt and probably think about havin sex w/ her on occasion. Gotta deal with it!
Lmaooo! I just saw my twitter drafts and my complete thoughts/jokes are f'd up
Yessss! RT"@TaniiShay: Made the mistake of drinking juice while @Traphik was talking on #WildNOut”
I've been tagged for the ice bucket challenge so many times. Imma kick it up a notch and do it nekkid! Lol
Finally gettin some healthy Hawaiian shit in my belly lol. This acai bowl is killin the game, son.
Havin some Zippy's in Moanalua Park on my Hawaii shit. I haven't just KICKED IT so hard in a long time! Feels niiiice #honolulu
OMG I'm watching Forgetting Sara Marshall while I'm in Honolulu! So dope. I can't wait to "trow doodoo paypah" at some locals!!!
Yo how is Dating Naked a real show!? Lmao I cannot take this shit seriously... But like, I see butt's so... Dope.
Me- "aite guys, what would your price be to suck a dick to completion?" The homie- "... Is it tax free?" LMAO
After the show in Honolulu, everybody wanted to listen to Backstreet Boys, but I was in the mood for Nsync so I had to set them straight with a FIREBALL!!! @jasondchen @ajrafael @claracmusic @alexgmusic7 @davidchoimusic thanks to @TSH808 for this cool shit!!! #TSH808
This man knows how to spend his Saturday night! 🙌 RT @insatiable_djj: Binge watching your vids rn@Traphikk”
What did the ocean say to the Tim? Nothing. It just WAVED. 😂😎 #honolulu #lanikaibeach