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Yoruba & Esperanto are now open for translation in the Twitter Translation Centre.
Twitter now available in five new languages: Vietnamese, Bengali, Czech, Romanian and Ukrainian.…
Twitter is now available in Vietnamese, Bengali, Czech, Romanian and Ukrainian!…
We're going to work on reorganising the TTC forums. What difference would you like to see?
Translators in Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, we have an evaluation task for you!…
Vine is available in new languages, including RTL! iOS and Android= Arabic, Hebrew and English (UK). Android= Farsi…
So, it looks like we should add Esperanto to the Twitter Translation Centre. How about Yoruba too?
Happy Friday! Who would like to see Esperanto in the Twitter Translation Centre?
[Urgent] Please translate this string: as referring to the "Final" score of a game.
"Twitter for Android" and "Mobile - Feature Phones" are now open for translation in Bengali, Czech, Romanian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.
We wish a happy Easter to all translators commemorating this festive occasion.
!חג פסח שמח וכשר - Happy Passover to all of our HE translators around the world.
للمترجمين في الأردن، البحرين، السعودية، الكويت ومصر، الرجاء إكمال استطلاع الرأي الخاصّ بالمواضيع المتداولة.… #TTC_AR
Shoutout to all @translator moderators out there! #yourock
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Hello Translators! Brand new strings in the Android project. Be quick to get your translation submitted!
Reply to this tweet telling us how to say 'I love you' in your language! -> Love is all around — on Twitter…
Lots of Mobile (Vine, iOS, Android...) strings this week, find them all on the priority dashboard #happytranslating
Not sure what to translate or what to focus on? Go to the Dashboard and take a look at the priority tasks:
Slow Friday? Can't wait for the weekend? Do a quick quiz & help us with some language identification tasks!… #TTC_ES
Have a fantastic weekend, translators! #FF your @Moderators!
What's your favorite project to translate? Web? Mobile? Vine? Tell us why!
Interesting bilingual blog post by @yobamoodua on the indigenous #Yoru`bá calendar, called Kọ́jọ́dá…
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Have you check out our evaluation section? You can give it a try! We still have some language identification tasks:…