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Mother Earth is afflicted with Cancer - caused by human virus .. this deadly virus will not let anyone live including its own :(
and we have to wait :) RT @zerohedge: Yellen using a lot of words to say no rate hike before S&P 2100
#INDvsENG footage of Indian Dressing room at tea .. :)… via @ESPNcricinfo
how does one delete his previous tweet? :) .. #BRA #GER #WC2014
not watching the match :) .. know the results, its going to be #BRA vs #ARG and #ARG goes on to lift the cup #WC2014 .. now hw do i bet?
#NIFTY gap filled .. now what? ... think this will #budget will be an non-event ... breaking 76xx lvls will take some time & so will 78xx :)
Memorize this :) RT @AffirmYourLife: A good memory is one that can remember the day's blessings and forget the day's troubles. - Unknown
#NIFTY that dip did not even fill the darn gap .. to be filled this month? but, after we breach 78xx?.. just 200 point range for #budget :)
Nice thought ... but, why wait till not happy? :) RT @niftywizard: When you feel that you are not happy...make someone else happy.
dang more then 1 god @Prashanth_Krish RT @TheTweetOfGod: I apologize to @sachin_rt for Maria Sharapova’s ignorance. From one God to another.
#NIFTY looks like will breach 78xx before (#jaitley) budget .. & then #PhatLi to some extent :)
heck India will be IN as well :) MT @CNNMoney: If the #WorldCup were played in stock markets, the US would dominate:
rains .. hmm RT @Visa_IND: Music inside. Rains outside. What’s in your car playlist on a monsoon drive? #ExperienceIt
and a tweet for humanity from ... :) MT @lordludus: amidst all these 3rd World pretenders, there is this .. Respect!
+2 from my kids, hv no control over remote now ;) RT @Jayshrek: This Hawaai hawaai movie, coming on tv. Stunning kids, beautiful story..
smartphone screen protector 1 : Condom 0 ... :) @drharshvardhan ..
darn 2 goals in 7 minutes & none of them selfie :) #ARGvsNGR
Merit 23% and rest blocked #Reservation #Maharashtra .. ... btw, what r the rates to buy those caste certificates? :)
read this somewhere :) What Americans gave : iPod, iPhone, iPad What Mumbaikars gave : iShappath, iChagho, iChig#nd, iZhav#dya, iZ#vli
Nice .. plenty of them (sheep's) everywhere looks like :) RT @tradingmemes: GURU ROAD TRIP…
#NIFTY dafuq was that for? ... partial profit booking will keep them traders alive :)
Forgive but, don't forget ... Remembering India’s forgotten #holocaust #India #Bengal #Churchill
humanity where art thou? ... very very sad ...dramatized but, still…