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Zen = nothing ;) RT @dailyzen: Western 'self-help' feel good New Age juice cleanse yoga white girl Buddhism ≠ Zen
It %&*** is ...But, we do say Jai Mata di ... Sad ... RT @ThatBucketList: This is deep
thats arrogant, @MarsOrbiter MT @richardbranson: Read about a mission to Mars that cost less than the movie Gravity
c'mon buddy talk to him directly at @MarsOrbiter y #MOM? RT @richardbranson: Congratulations #MOM for reaching Mars!
Animals that lay eggs? ... dang am going back to school :) RT @UberFacts: Animals that lay eggs do not have bellybuttons.
#NaMo our own #Yoda to #Wolverine -> "May the Force be with you" :) ... credit to the #dailyshow by #JonStewart
Q: Why did @TheEconomist end up breaking neck when he/she dove into swimming pool? A: forgot to "seasonally adjust" pool.
#Foul(is) at play against Indians. The Nationalist will take it on the chin & those still in the #Raj days will try to punch & then cry foul
I feel sorry for the S Korean (Park Jina) though its not her fault but, will she able to overcome this? ... our Sarita Devi will #TakeABow
American NRI's ke haath bahot lambe hote hai ;) ....
Hope Vadra missed itRT @MarsOrbiter: Thank you @elonmusk. All the best for your Mars plans! It'll be nice to have a little bit of home here.
Seriously ;) RT @nimishdubey: headline I have read for a while.
Basically it means nothing has &$*&* changed really ;) RT @UberFacts: Four hundred million years ago there were 400, 22-hour days in a year.
Awesome for Indian conditions but, will need whole lot of them :) RT @LifeProAdvices:
Lamps = Politicians & Corruption = Light ;) RT @RumiQuotes: The lamps are different but the Light is the same. #Rumi
we still with AAP ka apna Kejri? ;) RT @lordludus: .@FirstpostBiz .. but after his much promised return of Black money from swiss banks ;)
Paint it red buddy ;) while... RT @MarsOrbiter: A shot of Martian atmosphere. I'm getting better at it. No pressure.
Nice .. but, then why always success has to be equated to carrot? :) RT @FactsGuide: Success ...
see some positive in that? :) RT @K__Quotes: Are we all being educated to be ordinary?
grossly underestimating the Dump (MS-Word)? :) @galrani RT @Dorkstar: Corporate people eat excel files and shit PPTs.
moneycontrol terminal looks nice & the live stream works fine even with my (*^&^*& internet ... good terminal for free-loaders :)
worth a thought (?) ... RT @CathyGinter: The solution to your problem is to see who has it. ~ Sri Ramana Maharshi
looking for business news feed sites on twitter - trying to create a list for self ... any suggestions?
The crowd is the market. The only way to outperform the crowd is to stand apart from the crowd. ---@AdamHGrimes
Nice ... coming soon? :) MT @CNNMoney: #Chinese youth have checked into #Internet #rehab:
there is no cure for stupidity :) MT @Prashanth_Krish: Asking this Q at Quora suggests that too many r overpaid ;) -
kitna deti hai? :) ... RT @ForbesLife: VIDEO: The 2015 Lamborghini Huracan revealed.
shud care more about the Indians here then temples, anywhere :) RT @ShashiTharoor: Hindu temples in Pakistan: …
mooche aur khaasi ho to kejri jaisi ho nahi to na ho :) ... @ArvindKejriwal #Chanchal ho na ho .. but, still @chanchalwrites :)
most of the times no-thing will do :) RT @roxanamjones: Don't use a lot where a little will do. ~Proverb
long for commercials free DD watching "Hum Log" or anyth'g :) RT @deepakmohoni: Not used to watching sports events without HD any longer :(
Desh Jaisi? :) RT @MeetDrFixit: Get #Freedomfromjugaad with Dr. Fixit LW+. It prevents wall seepage ....
Rest 50%? RT @UberFacts: Chicken nuggets are only 50% chicken.
#BCCI more moolah possible if Cricket Test Format is changed to 20/20 : 2 Inn .. what say? #IndvsEng
Absolutely elated to win a Gold in the World Team Billiards Championship on Independence Day. Our gift to the nation.
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bartender who understands sober chinese english :) RT @Brilliant_Ads: Creative recruitment ad for restaurant/bar:
In India, a misogynistic family-run political dynasty wants to pretend a rape epidemic doesn’t exist.
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Surprised, not able to find "When Doves Cry" song by #Prince at #Youtube ... anyone knows?
In this nation of ours plenty of MF'ers who are never satisfied, they do scream at each other. This is what it sounds like When doves cry
can the real RJ pl stand-up & crack a joke :) RT @deepakmohoni: Land of the free : RJs cannot make jokes about politicians any more.
WTF, what do they have for torture? RT @UberFacts: It costs the U.S. Government $2,768,902 per year to hold a prisoner in Guantanamo.
where r our Jasmine's? RT @ChevroletFC: Jasmine can #PlayFor her neighborhood without fear, thanks to @BeyondtheBall.
Nice ... RT @CNNMoney: RT @pgogoi: #Oregon has a #bridge to sell you. Seriously. #portland
wish we'd some of this kind here RT @richardbranson: Reputation is key in business, so make sure you always play fair
just by looking at the pic, NO :) MT @ForeignPolicy: Does US have reason to fear a close Sino-Russian relationship?
“If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.” ― Mario Andretti Not Applicable for Traders (who trade for living) :)
"If past history was all there was to the game, the richest people would be librarians" - Warren Buffett
Koi dil ke tukdon ko ik saath rakh de.....Magar ye hain khwaabon khayaalon ki baaten. Kabhi toot kar cheez koi judi hai ...
Tohfu qubool karo. RT @ESPNcricinfo: We have no idea what the Indian team is up to here. #engvind
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Nice, now who is going to read them? MT @ramgopal25: collection of #Indian Scriptures translated in english. #Vedas