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Tracy Renee Jones
More GOP Voter Fraud This Time Its 'Representative Beefcake'
I think I'm going to teach myself a new skill. Too much music in my head going to waste. #creative
People think the way I speak, I get angry when I'm misunderstood until I realized that some folks can't keep up. My mind is dam beautiful.
Wake all the way up, my people's!! It's Sunday n shit.
Parents Who Locked Son In Car Trunk To Cure Fear Of Dark Given Probation, Custody
Tang, my nigga! This used to be the bomb back in the day. When no one feared fruit tasting orange…
Wikipedia Edit From Congress Says Rumsfeld Is Alien Lizard That "Eats Mexican Babies"
Christian Group Plans Fast In Protest Of Gay Marriage But Tells Participations They Can Eat
I gotta replace all my piercings....don't ask.
Indeed. RT @iluvblackwomen: RT @Oprah_World True love is like a fine wine, the older the better. - Fred Jacob
this is genius RT @ReaganGomez: I'd totally buy a plate. Not even mad at this.
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Oh, how they give me grief for truth telling. But as long you love me, I'll press on (the keyboard, that is) How u love? @TabooLaRossi
My mouth had always been my greatest gift and my downfall. I took the concept of me, myself and eye, literally. We're "US" @chelseagsummers
Female negresses sleigh me, don't get me sub tweeting. No-one wants the ire of TRJ. My words hurt, and I like it like that.
Are you a man or a boy? Yeah? Show me.
Silly ass men think they're men because they reach the age of maturity while still being pissy and needing Mommas teet.
Say word RT @Stylescrybe: Apparently it's my 6th #Twitterversary. Here's to all the #reallifefriends I've made because of twitter. Cheers!
Yes. You dam dog!! What made you think you could put hands on me with filthy nails. I wanna whip his ass every time I think of it.
Exactly. RT @INDIA_CELESTE: Let him know he can’t touch you in the fun places with those trashy nails lol. @sweetfacetrishy
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Viva la @sablikatriumph (hopes that translated into Hi, boo. Miss you and hope you are blessed! ) #booyaka #booyaka
I need coffee and a foot rub. Would love some stiff cock too but.... life has limits.
No, Sir, you lie RT @SNAXBOOGIE: Butter pecan ice cream is the devils ice cream, it's nasty as fuck