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Tracy Renee Jones
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Fox News Host: Colbert Owes Us Money Because Our Stupidity Made His Career (VIDEO)
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According To The White House, Pope Franics Played A Key Role In Cuba Deal
The Taliban Just Slaughtered 132 Children For Going To School, Here’s Why This Is Our Problem (VIDEO)
Not yet. I'm waiting until I can get into it uninterrupted and hopefully with someone I can groove with mentally, of course @TabooLaRossi
Responding To The Public’s Demand For Police Accountability, LAPD Is Purchasing 7,000 Body Cameras
So Jeb Bush signed that infamous stand your ground law in Florida into law. *making Negro check list*
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Morning babe. Have you listed yet? @TabooLaRossi
I'm going back to being me. It's CapriCorn season, after all.
By paid, I mean, I was raised to think and focus my attention on things that will improve life for those after me. As those before me.
I stopped writing because I don't respect my own work. I'm not here for fluff, ego or a cash prize. Too much was paid for my opportunities.
Going back to political writing. And totally over trying to align with any one group without pointing out the irony and bullshit.
I'm deleting websites. You ain't paid. You gotta go. Marketing.... have a budget and time enough to allow things to progress.
EveRybody is listening to #BlackMasiah like....EveRybody!
Girl! RT @UrbanGem: I need my scalp oiled & scratched
I need you here, present and in physical form. I'm not gonna be right until I replace that energy. Hate having to shake trees.
Needing physical energy from people is the worst when you aren't able to be with that special person. I don't do long distance relationships
And tomorrow, we fight.
The problem with Black anything is that it's to easy and enticing to pull puboic heart strings and cash out. No real change, besides $
Did You Know that January is the month that most couples break up? My new film It's Your Fault You're Single...
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Niggas just scattered when it got cold, including me. Gonna make use of this Brooklyn detour because ain't nothing else to to do. #lemons
These 3D Printed Dog Prosthetics Will Make You Cry Happy Tears (VIDEO)
Former Naysayer Takes Health in Her Own Hands and Thrives!! - Got this note from a longtime reader and Facebook fr...
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Innocent Man ‘Accidentally’ Shot In Back By Officer From Troubled Albuquerque PD
Love School for Nerds Podcast, Episode 38: ‘Dear Abiola & Jay, Is My Relationship Toxic?’ (Audio)
When I start key board thugging my menfolk.... ha!
Senator Tom Coburn’s Departing ‘F**k You’ To Veterans (VIDEO)
#all we wanted was a chance talk, ' stead we only got outlined in chalk" #BlackMasiah #music
The Daily Beast: Saying Goodbye to a Natural Hair Guru - Over the weekend people learned of the passing of Miss Je...