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Tracy Renee Jones
I'm Loving Swiss Chard for Organic Gardening, and So Should You!
Bad News For Republicans: CBO Predicts Obamacare Will Cost $104 Billion Less Than Expected
Madness & Reality-> Bumdy Ramch and the Right Wimg Moochers - The right wing scum machine is claiming victory ...
You making me wanna hump your new boo thank, be careful what you say RT @ThaQuintessence: I shall never forsake thee.
I mean, you know. Set it off if you must, @TheJLV
Am I going to have to call out EVERY organization with K-12 education panels that don’t invite current teachers? Am I?
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Amazing shit with the bae RT @ms_rubykisses: I get me a man with some guap.. imma be too busy doing great ish to be a hoodrat
Wise RT @J_Gooder: I ll never wife a bitch that bought weave from a vending machine bruh
I'm so jelly right now RT @ThaQuintessence: Just made a dark chocolate almond milk smoothie w/protein & it is my new boyfriend.
Today's stats: My Twitter account's value increased by $9.00 to $7,039.80. Automatically checked by
Dude who just bought rolling papers at 7-11 with infowars bumper sticker blasting Beyoncé, I salute your varied lifestyles.
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If you want to be in porn, stop talking & start filming
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Nothing new RT @blackvoices: Who's making lots of money in college sports? People that are not the athletes
Someone really just tweeted me to tell me that Aaron McGruder created The Boondocks. I am unable to go forward with this day.
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I read books, avidly and with great understanding. I read people the same. I often keep it quiet, but trust... You've been read.
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You know you're not even capable of the metal gymnastics required to complete that thought, boo.
Dozens of teenagers are now tweeting bomb jokes to American Airlines
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Attend a porn convention and come home with dessert dry pannies....? I wanted more for myself then this, I'll tell you. #FML please
I've had very few of those connections in my life. I can count on 1 hand with fingers to spare. Those are the 'eternal loves,' the ones you+
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I'm quicker to respect someone who does porn than I am someone in the military. People in porn not dropping drones.
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Welp A Passover Message From Dean Norris - What a mensch. The post A Passover Message From Dean Norris appeared fi...
You can have intimacy and freedom at the same time. But don't play this game if it doesn't come naturally. Stay in your lane where it's safe
Now I'm sure about a few things regarding my personal life. I like intimacy and being committed to one man and then we chase hoes together.