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Tracy Renee Jones
Fox News Pundit Blasts Own Audience For ‘Knee-Jerk’ Obama-Bashing: ‘Give Him A Chance!’ (VIDEO)
There is no better test of a woman's integrity than her behavior when she is wrong.
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AAWG: SavageTango tells it. Why I Swirl. - By SavageTango msdsarah asks: ” I would like to know what started you o...
Newspaper Digs Into Democratic Politician’s Past, Discovers He’s A War Hero
‘Miss Hitler 2014′ — Young Women Compete In World’s Most Disgraceful Beauty Contest
Take your business off the back burner. It deserves your time.
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Tuning into watch the #NOMOREexcuses SVU marathon on @USA_Network showcase info about #DomesticViolence & #SA in honor of #DVAM. Are you?
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How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties
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Too many people congregating in one place means I don't need to be there.
RT @TracyReneeJones: Nurse Arrested For Murdering 38 Annoying Patients, Took Selfies With The Dead (PHOTOS)
Utah Nat’l Guard In Trouble After Busty Bikini Babes Invade Base (VIDEO / IMAGES)
IRR Romance: Nichelle Gregory’s Talk Sexy -   Nichelle Gregory, author of  “Soul Sweet” is back with another  IRR ...
Catholic Church Already Walking Back Gay-Friendly Message; Vows To Be As Intolerant As Ever
Lmaoooo RT @Thongzmoney: Bitches will pull they legging up to they neck to show that fake ass camel toe
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I heard through the grapevine that #Gollum is even more of an idiot than I thought he was. Laughable if not so dam pathetic..
Chile, bye with the fake ass posers and magnificent storytellers out in these mean streets. #itsallinyourhead
Chicks with no edges and niggas with no hairlines be wanting everything but the cure to getting edges and hairlines
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The real truth is that Americans have never been exposed to "Real Islamic" Shariah Law societies. So U lack that piece of the puzzle.
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Lawd, I feel like I'm in heat....and the bae is far, far, far busy
GOP Congressman Demonstrates Ignorance About The Travel Ban He Supports To Fight Ebola (VIDEO)
Judge Says Donald Trump’s University Is Fake - Instead of the real Donald Trump, students had the 'amazing' opport...
We Broke $5,000 in just THREE Days! Get Your “Troll Tears” Sippy Cup Today!
This Bullet Riddled Kids’ Halloween Costume Shows What The U.K. Thinks Of U.S. Gun Culture
Welp Lifelike Japanese Doll Dispenses Beverage From Breast When Squeezed
Glenn Beck Has Staff Hurl Spaghetti, Chocolate Syrup At Him To Demonstrate How Ebola Is Spread (VIDEO)
A "thot" is not a slut: On popular slurs, race, class, and sex.
President Obama Destroys Conservative Fearmongering By Hugging And Kissing Nurses Who Treated Ebola Patients (VIDE...
RT @PowerGodSupreme: If you tell the truth you don't have to have a good memory...
Young Girl Needs Our Guidance: 15 Year-Old-Girl, Only Interested in Men 26-50.
Watch: Marine Survives Taliban Sniper Shot To Head Thanks To Helmet, Incredible Luck
Welp Internet Site Sells Ebola Containment Suit Halloween Costume
How To REALLY Cripple Our Enemies (Without Bombs) - Not every battle needs to involve bombs, bullets and bloodshed...