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Tracy Renee Jones
Whenever I got the time and cabs wanna act up, I'll sit there until the police come. Not the one for the bullshit, don't get it twisted.
Cab with plate # oxy2441 doesn't want to accept black passengers apparently. Lucky for him i don't want to catch a felony #MYNEGROLIFE
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..... #andIquote
the struggle when your touch screen isn't into u touching it like you used to. #techfail
Jesus-Lovin’ Conservatives Fail The Ebola Test - How can you claim to be a Christian while spitting on everything ...
Your Sacred Business Breakthrough Bootcamp! Join Us at UPenn in Philly
Negro Twitter be all about shit that doesn't matter, doesn't make money or doesn't improve negro Twitter.
Happy Diwali! The New Moon, New Year, & Goddess Lakshmi! Abiola’s Dad Breaks It Down
OMG…Matthew Hussey Gives the Most BRILLIANT Advice on How to Get the Guy to Make a Move!
Welp Woman in China Copes With Breakup By Spending Entire Week In KFC
School Board Okays Guns In Senior Yearbook Photos, But Only ‘Tasteful’ Ones (VIDEO)
NYPD Officer Mistakes Fellow Cop For Suspect And Kicks Him In The Head (VIDEO)
Politician Refuses To Answer Muslim Resident’s Question Until She Proves She’s Not A Terrorist
Daniele Watts Faced with Lewd Conduct Charges - According to TMZ… “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts may be ...
Welp Company That Produces Plush Ebola Toy Sells Out - Company that produces ebola plush dolls is sold out because...
The Baby Boomers Are NOT The Reason Our Economy Sucks - Pitting two generations against each other is the job of F...
Welp Official ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Gameplay Launch Trailer
Forget Freedom Of Religion – Fox News Host Tells Atheists To Just Accept The Culture Of Jesus
Guns: They’re Just Like Vacuum Cleaners, According to the NRA (VIDEO)
Keshia Robertson Is One of the Youngest Romance Writers! Her Life Lessons & New Book
Welp Researchers Finally Catch A Panda Masturbating On Video
Hong Kong’s Leader Against Free Elections Because Poor People Would Vote
Listen Ladies! If You’re Going to Complain About How “Black Men Hate You” While Scoffing at Expanding Your Options...
Men Freak Out After Losing Beer Pong Game, Open Fire And Accidentally Shoot Each Other
Um....I'm so lost but totally digging the sights. #NYC
War Machine’s Suicide Note Blames Men’s Oppression For Making Him Beat Ex-Girlfriend
Welp Rapper Cam’ron Releases His Own Line Of Ebola Mask - Rapper Cam'ron releases "fashionable" ebola mask and sel...
Real Doctor Ron Paul Takes Son Rand To The Woodshed Over Support Of Ebola Travel Ban (VIDEO)
Protected: Your Sacred Business Breakthrough Bootcamp! Join Us at UPenn in Philly
Man Candy Monday: A Well Dressed Man - After a short hiatus I’m back with treats that aren’t necessarily for Hallo...
Welp Hero Rescues Man From Burning Building - This hero should take the rest of the week off and just relax
Opera Cast Members Refuse To Sing Until Muslim Woman Wearing Veil Is Kicked Out
Fox News Pundit Blasts Own Audience For ‘Knee-Jerk’ Obama-Bashing: ‘Give Him A Chance!’ (VIDEO)
There is no better test of a woman's integrity than her behavior when she is wrong.
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AAWG: SavageTango tells it. Why I Swirl. - By SavageTango msdsarah asks: ” I would like to know what started you o...
Newspaper Digs Into Democratic Politician’s Past, Discovers He’s A War Hero
‘Miss Hitler 2014′ — Young Women Compete In World’s Most Disgraceful Beauty Contest
Take your business off the back burner. It deserves your time.
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Tuning into watch the #NOMOREexcuses SVU marathon on @USA_Network showcase info about #DomesticViolence & #SA in honor of #DVAM. Are you?
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How Billionaire Oligarchs Are Becoming Their Own Political Parties
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Too many people congregating in one place means I don't need to be there.
RT @TracyReneeJones: Nurse Arrested For Murdering 38 Annoying Patients, Took Selfies With The Dead (PHOTOS)
Utah Nat’l Guard In Trouble After Busty Bikini Babes Invade Base (VIDEO / IMAGES)
IRR Romance: Nichelle Gregory’s Talk Sexy -   Nichelle Gregory, author of  “Soul Sweet” is back with another  IRR ...
Catholic Church Already Walking Back Gay-Friendly Message; Vows To Be As Intolerant As Ever
Lmaoooo RT @Thongzmoney: Bitches will pull they legging up to they neck to show that fake ass camel toe
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I heard through the grapevine that #Gollum is even more of an idiot than I thought he was. Laughable if not so dam pathetic..
Chile, bye with the fake ass posers and magnificent storytellers out in these mean streets. #itsallinyourhead