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Tracy Renee Jones
Conservative Senator Can't Stand Fox News: 'They're Totally Not Fair And Totally Not Balanced' (VIDEO)
Madness & Reality-> The Ferguson Rebellion, Michael Brown and Black Power
New Study Says Exercise Help Black Women Fight Breast Cancer
This White House Petition For a 'Mike Brown Law' Would Require Cops to Wear a Camera On Duty
Madness & Reality-> Michael Brown, the Blame Victim Strategy and Black Puppets
The subliminals in this piece are priceless. I think romantic relationships should have done aspect of…
Welp A Criminal, A 94-Year-Old, A Shower & A Hang Out - Even criminals need someone to talk to and somewhere to sh...
Rich White Woman Gets Five Days Community Service For Stealing $2,000 Worth Of Merchandise: This Is Why We Protest
Having a sit down conversation with myself. Trying to get my head together. #journal
Lets not forget!!! Corset Magazine — Corset Magazine, Issue 3, Oral Pleasure (Digital)
Me Being Anonymous: A Book of Cursed Poem and Verse (E-Book Edition) | The Trippie Hippie
Saudi Businesswoman Condemned To Prison & 50 Lashes For Insulting Morality Police
How The Ferguson Police Became The Dark Force That Terrorizes A Community (VIDEO)
When something tastes so so good, It's like having a mouth orgasm. #OH #whatamIeating
Featured Poem: Slow Crawl - Sometimes I get up intending to stand tall But the pain in my back causes me to fall. ...
Man Candy Monday: Arabesque, Allongé! The Beauty of Ballet - Dance is one of the most sensuous and expressive t...
Police Arrest 90-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor For Protesting In Front Of Gov Nixon's Office (PHOTOS)
Madness & Reality-> Let Us Fight White on White Crime - Let Us Fight White on White Crime Have you noticed t...
Welp Let’s Recycle This: Plastic Bottles For Subway Fare Project
Facebook Introducing 'Satire' Button - Will it make a difference?
This Tribute Poem to Robin Williams Could Not Be Any Better (Video)