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Tracy Renee Jones
I need sex like I need regular sleep and food. Scratch that, I'm not that interested in food or sleep.
Strange ass people over here. Makeup piled on. Dirty ass homes. High income. Lonely as fuvk. Keep it. I'm a Jersey girl, ain't my struggle
I ain't seen a New York women yet. I seen chicks wearing clown makeup. Haven't seen her tho. Ain't seen skin. Seen Saphora tho. #judgeface
Ugh. Wanna douse myself in bleach. I'm so dusty right now. And another thing.... what up with you bitches and the never-ending makeup?
But Tyrone will marry one of these dirty, rich hoes and have his mother or some other Brown woman paid to clean up behind her. #chilebye
I hate nothing more than a dirty ass woman. And then a dizzy bitch, to boot. And no tip? Disgusting place located on Wall street. #uppers
Why No Self-Respecting Black Woman Should Pay to See “Straight Outta Compton”
This might be what the problem is. I do love a gorgeous man. But he drives me mad until I see him in…
Anti-drug group DARE accidentally publishes pro-marijuana legalization article on website
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All these companies jumping in the Drake & Meek rap beef, but ain't sent out a single tweet when a Black person was killed by the police.
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Wisdom from Gloria Steinem RT @AlstonPruPR: It takes four generations to cure one act of violence #C2Miami
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I'm a mess and he loves me anyway.
Everyone who was pressing Meek for the track suddenly wants him to just go back to tweeting
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More compelling then telling. The store ain't buying what um selling. Trying to get this bread. Yet the oven is unleven.
Conjunction junction. What's your dysfunction......?
Family Friendly Resort to Bring Your Multiracial Kids - This is the second year in a row that I’ve taken the kids ...
Annoyed...... Ay-noid. Ah-noyd. Ahhhh-noy'd. Meaning: erie-tated.
Girl.....can I pick a door for not sub cursing my ex out on Twitter tho.…
When you beefing with someone you love and you know they ain't even built for it.....
The new generation of radicals on Twitter like to talk about “structural” racism but what they are really referring to is racial animosity.
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"be the bigger person' that's just convincing you to keep internalize your resentment and silence your hurt and anger. Fuck that.

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