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Trace Cyrus
Stole Brenda's sunglasses at dinner 😎😎😎
Just cut my homie @cvttlefvck hair!!! Lookin like a gangster now πŸ˜³πŸ”«
Studio working on new @metrostationmusic album 🎢🎢🎀🎀🍺🍺🍺🚬🚬🚬🚬
Hey guys don't forget to pick up the new @metrostationmusic single "Love & War" on iTunes! And check out the music video on YouTube!
Been wearing less black and a lot more denim lately πŸΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸš¬
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My lil sis is a cutie 😘😘😘 @noahcyrus
Happy birthday to the best guy in the world!!! Love u dad!!!!
Major throwback!! @metrostationmusic magazine cover from Paris I think
Hey guys think Metro Station is about to make it down to Vegas in the next coupe weeks to do small performance and party with u guys!
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Fuck You @WhoIsDJHYLYTE and @TraceCyrus I took the challenge and I still made the donation to ALS.ORG…
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I don't feel normal till the night
Just did the ALS #icebucketchallenge We nominate @jasonmater & @jellyroll615 check out @metrostationmusic & @thereadyset this fall on tour
Studio with mason @metrostationmusic get your tickets to see us on tour
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Hanging with my homies
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Now that Metro Station is back who thinks we should play a hometown show in Hollywood???
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METRO METRO METRO… retweet retweet retweet
Super rare photo. We were in a hotel in Minnesota recording first few songs on album with motion city soundtrack. I remember just being pissed off cause we couldn't find weed lol. Motion City Soundtrack was one of my favorite bands at the time. Was so excited to record with them. But we sucked as a
I wish people did their research before talking about me. This is me back in 2009 full sleeves, entire neck and throat tattooed, face tattoos, & entire torso tattooed. The first Metro station album came out in 2007. I've always been getting tattoos and doing music professionally since I was 18. Sinc
Watch new Metro Station video and repost to your friends!!… the 5 song EP will be out in a few weeks!!!
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Guys tickets are now up for sale on Metro Station website! Oct-21-salt lake city,UT Oct-22-Denver, CO Oct-24-Burnsville,MN Oct-25-Milwaukee,WI Oct-26-Chicago,IL Oct-28-Indianapolis,IN Oct-29-Detroit,MI Oct-30-Toronto,ON Oct-31-Cleveland,OH Nov-1-Pittsburg,PA Nov-3-Boston,MA No check out new music video and tickets r on sale now for tour with The Ready Set!!!
It's funny to me when people try to compare me to other band guys with tattoos. This is me back in 2009. I've been covered in tattoos for a while now. To be real the only person I knew of at the time also getting really covered in tattoos was Oli Sykes. It's just funny how a lot of the public just t
Hey guys I know a lot of the Metro Station VIP tickets r sold out! But General Admission tickets r now available!!!
@BrendaSong left me to go film on the east coast 😒😒😀😀 😩