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it's so hard to be grateful when your heart feels like it's been crushed into a million pieces then shitted on.
When you're in the middle of your presentation and your teacher stops you and tells you speak louder #GrowingUpShy
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the only thing I look for when I raya at people's houses.
kunyit nails for raya 💅🏻
remember guys, always be honest in a relationship.
crying. what do I need to do to wake up looking like Mandy.
I'm actually jealous of people who have wooden houses back in their kampung.
Paul Rudd, you handsome man.
3 weeks in a mental hospital
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just realised, sometimes honesty isn't the best policy.
15 seconds of my chicken feat. my brothers talking about shootings
not everyone has close relatives such as cousins and aunties to celebrate raya with.
Eid Mubarak everyone! Maaf Zahir & Batin ♡
in bed vomiting and in pain. sigh
I pray that Allah accepts everyone's Ramadhan but I also pray that every mother that worked hard to feed their family has a place in heaven.
been stuck in bed all day cos I'm not feeling well and my mum just brought up rendang for for me (cries)
I'm probably the only person who isn't so overly excited for raya. I mean I'm excited to eat but that's about it.
I tend to forgive all the people that hurt me, easily. Because I hate holding grudges against people.
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How this bitch getting out of her car and looking like she's doing a photoshoot
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I'm a women for only buying heels. I feel independent, don't need no man.
why can't people mind their own business, how does someone else's life that you don't even personally know affect your life
Don’t marry a rich man. Marry a good man. He will spend his life trying to keep you happy. No rich man can buy that.
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I wish I could bring my cat everywhere, lead him on a leash and let him sit on my lap while I study at coffee shops.
Why do some girls act so prestige on Instagram and not reply to other girls, tell them where your £12 topshop shorts are from you snob
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I pray that my mother is rewarded in Jannah with all the luxuries she couldn't have in this world. Ameen
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This man is blind so another brother came to feed him so that he may break his fast. Wallahī, so beautiful ❤️
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Im sorry but being a model isnt the same as being a doctor/engineer where you spend your life studying for a degree
broke but happy is our motto!…
This guy must really love his job. Zealously jaga his place in the jam so he gets 2 work at least 45sec earlier
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The more I read about these two the more I wanna go on a double date with them. @XChadballX let's take em Friday's.…
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The crime of making fun of #1MDB is far more urgent than the actual crime of #1MDB.…
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so grateful to have these two incredible human beings look high and low for my laptop @adamshah13 @Jaena961223 #amazingfriendssentfromheaven
women are considered fragile but I’ve never seen anything as easily wounded as a man’s ego
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you ruined my favourite song. every time I listen to it, it reminds me of you which I absolutely hate.
omg my brother just showed me this. white guy in a dress, some screamo and Japenese girls all in one video.…
Malaysia task force to freeze accounts in Najib money probe
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Hi @NajibRazak if you're looking for a place to hide your money, my bank account is ready for you. #justsaying
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Make a girl happy. Because when she's happy, she talks alot. Can't even take her smile off. But when she's sad, she doesn't say a word.
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So that's the end of Tera's Picnic bar today hahahahaha RIP Picnic 😃😂😂😂
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berbuka just with my papa today.
my mom said “no one will ever love you the way you love them” and i never understood what she meant until your eyes stopped sparkling
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If Ringgit reaches RM4.00 per US Dollar this year, prepare to enter "Greek Tragedy - Episode 1".
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