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Retweeted by Tera
πŸ™ always.
"Omg kurusnya you, makan lah banyak sikit" guess what bitch, I wish I could say the same to you "OMG GEMUKNYA YOU PERGI LA GYM"
Retweeted by Tera
I went to calums house today, had a nap, and then left
Retweeted by Tera
β€œ@UberFacts: Diarrhea has killed more people in the 20th century than all the wars combined.” @sulaimanjams 😐
omg instagram finally allows us to edit our caption after posting the photo!!!
HAIM sisters, Lorde. they're all friends 😭
food festival in the drizzling rain with sulaiman ΛΜ‘Μ‘Μ‘βˆ—βŽβƒ™ Μ«βŽβƒ™Λ€Μ‘Μ‘Μ‘ ̩˳♑⃝
lying down on your bed in your pyjamas after a good shower, feeling extremely exhausted and sleepy is the best feeling.
helping out a friend find his stolen car! last seen in puchong jaya area. please RT
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β€œ@chrissyteigen: Made john sleep downstairs with me because it's closer to the stove top” AWWWWWH
i miss you
Where is john taking me omg is it finally happening am I a member
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The last thing I remember is laying all the food on the table, going upstairs to get lip balm and...I just woke up. I missed thanksgiving.
Retweeted by Tera
my life goal is to touch @Luke5SOS's hair
β€œ@WValderrama: Dear @ddlovato.....” EEEEEEEEEEEE OMG SO SWEET
Oh Tuhan "@Ohyeahmcheyhey: Na'uzubillah min zalikh.humanity just died in my eyes."
Retweeted by Tera
Subang people , anywhere around or near , take note please , thanks
Retweeted by Tera
i would sell my soul to watch Lorde and HAIM live.
Why are 18 year old girls so obsessed with getting married and having children early nowadays? Is tht really your dream? Being a housewife?
Retweeted by Tera
I noticed some writing on this dude's shirt. I asked him to please hold still so I could read it. Well, then.
Retweeted by Tera
hi Sarah. you suck.
Mak mana yang tak sayang tupperware dia. HAHAHAHAHAHA
Retweeted by Tera
i am so broke u.u
my dad surprised me with a new car. happy girl x9999
hi guys, I'm selling tiedye shirts for my assignment for only RM15. dm me your size and colours if you'd like to place an order. 🌸✌️
β€œ@staronline: Minister: Public facilities are dirty, disgusting and mostly unsafe” PEOPLE ARE FINALLY NOTICING
Today: Wiley Bridgeman/Ricky Jackson are free after doing 39 yrs for a crime they didnt commit
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RT "@nrllmz: Anyone interested to adopt a puppy? Its a half mixed breed and half german shepherd."
β€œ@KellyPochyba1: Tonight Ella is gonna be me” still flawless
sitting on my bed, eating Carl's Jr and watching the hangover with my mum. pretty much sums up my life
Memerlukan RM35k dan sedang menunggu untuk beroperasi. Mohon RT dan bantu.
Retweeted by Tera
Cats rub their faces against objects to claim them as their territory - When a cat rubs your face, you are considered their family.
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this proves my statement that black people make the best vines hands down.
Solange's wedding is aesthetically superior to any wedding I've ever seen.
Retweeted by Tera
in so much pain but all i can think about is croissants