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food music fashion love paramore 1,072 followers
malays jumped on the vines bandwagon abit too late
can cramps get anymore painful omg
can this picture get anymore perfect
why is everyone getting married but none are people close to me haih pls la I nak cry and help with weddings. #plsterasayangbelumkahwin
β€œ@saintnicotine: Your boyfriend is busy? Oh please, even Hitler had time for a relationship and he was working on world domination.” hahahah
think before you break another heart πŸ’”
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taknak study taknak buat apa apa except makan and tidur je
So, takyah nk acah havoc kepala bapak kau potong kt Joe's ...macklemore relax je
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Nak pergi @foals so much i can cry the ocean.
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surfboard, surfboard, surfboard graining on that wood graining, graining on that wood πŸ„
i :) am :) so :) stressed :) about :) everything :) all :) the :) time :)
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what's with people and eyebrows as arched up as the himalayas
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Swearing in Malay is so much more satisfying than swearing in English.
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Anyone handing in final papers, taking exams, working hard ... You can dooo ittttt!!!
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I love when unexpected good things happen.
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lol not wasting my time on people who don't put effort.
What happens when you grow up on Disney Movies
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β€œ@chanelpuke: When I see someone flirting with bae” @sulaimanjams me
we should be thankful for everything God has given us, even if it's having a bladder problem and peeing 7 times before falling asleep......
they actually took off the necklace that said "Allah" on it in Katy Perry's music video