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@TheFunnyVine: I thought it died down but nooo ????
@terakzmn Girl,this is random but the other day i saw a pineapple printed flats at cotton on and all i can think about was u.
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In Ramadhan you begin to realize that it’s not the devil, it’s just you.
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@Topshop: Join the pineapple express with this totally tropical bikini set!” 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍
dinner with my two favourite people; my mum and sulaiman
Kev, I know you're in the Highlands. I'm sending you my heart and my thanks. Cristina & Owen forever.
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ok time to sleep, my education can suffer
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versace versace versace versace versace versace versace versace versace
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it must be nice to have a loving husband
menyesal masuk bm foreigner class in high school, we didn't even learn anything
although it took awhile for me to read most of John Green's books but the fault in our stars was abit disappointing to me
You can retweet Justin Bieber's tweets & get nothing so how about retweeting something that can add on to your pahala
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Sorry for the weird stuff I said when I was hungry
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"sweet gestures and messages"
This Syrian boy survived after being found under rubble he was stuck for 5 days. Bought tears to my eyes. SubhanAllāh
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studying malaysian studies and having to google translate almost every long malay word is so tiring, difficult and sad (sigh)
@TheFunnyVine: First a shovel, now a scooter..
@nuteIla: this puberty is called money” hahahahaha
@TheFunnyVine: Now this is how you exit an interview شعبك!!!