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Total Sorority Move
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Taking care of your best friend's little when she's abroad. #TSM
Brace Yourselves: "Frozen" Inspired Halloween Costumes Are Here >>
When your semester goals include hooking up with the hottest TA and getting an A, in that order. #TSM
Living in constant fear of grab a date. #TSM
Keep your friends close and your standards chair closer. #TSM
When your classmates pay more attention to you than the professor. #TSM
6 Steps To Ensure You Win Your Breakup: by @yeah_okay_what
This Guy Is Going Out For Coffee With All 1,088 Of His Facebook Friends >>
So I guess the whole "But when am I going to use this in real life?" argument doesn't work here.
29 Signs You've Been Single For Far Too Long >> by @2NOTBrokeGirls
Watching Baby Cheetahs Play Is Scientifically Proven To Improve Your Day >>
Jay Pharaoh Calling Out Every White Girl Who Tweeted About The PSL >>
Dad And Baby Practice Flexing Their Muscles And The Combo Is Almost Too Good To Be True >>
SPRING BREAK COUNTDOWN Week 1: 153 Days Week 2: 160 Days Week 3: 167 Days Week 4: 174 Days has your plans covered.
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People Love Boobs And Nestlé's Hidden Bra Cam Proves It >>
GW Fraternity Raises More Than $18,000 For Brother's Dad With Cancer >>
5 Things That Would Make Me Scream When A Dude Pulled His Pants Down >>
Get ready. Brand new pocket tees are coming soon. Stay tuned for more details.
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12 Things You Should Never Even Attempt To Explain To A Guy >> by @Big_Knows_Best
13 Necessary Steps To Ensure You Don't Embarrass Yourself At A Tailgate: by @AlisonLeiby and @alyssawolff
31 Facebook Relationship Statuses That Actually Describe Your Real Life Relationship Status: by @DrunkNOTinLove
Having a closet full of costumes for every theme party possible. #TSM
These Are, By Far, The Creepiest Tinder Pickup Lines Ever - Part 4 >>
An Idiot's Guide To Making The Most Delicious Chicken Pesto Ever >> by @HakunaMoscato
Questions We Wish We Could've Asked Amanda Bynes When She Was In Jail >>
Reminding your big it's your job to keep her young when she tries to stay in. #TSM
CANCUN HERE WE COME. Spring Break will be here before you know it. Plan the greatest trip of your life at
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This Army Officer Wrote A Heartbreaking Letter To Win Back His Ex - Seriously, This Is Like Something Out Of A Movie:
Being on all of your hookups' Snapchat best friends list. #TSM
Hating that the freshmen girls are younger than you. #TSM
A Love Letter To My Future Little >>
What It's Like To Be Called Into Standards, According To The Kardashians >> by @2NOTBrokeGirls
How To Have Fun And Never Get Called To Standards Again >> by @yeah_okay_what
32 Things We Should Be Thankful For On National Coffee Day: by @yeah_okay_what
Love the sister. Hate the officer. #TSM
#PlotTwist Frat Boys, Supposedly "300% More Rapey," First To Respond To White House's Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign:
Your little coming to you for advice on how to trick her little before reveal. #TSM
I'd cry if I didn't just do my makeup. #TSM
UC Davis Greek Administrators Send CRAZY Email To Sorority Girls, Ban Them From Being Seen With Guys In Public:
Badass Couple Climbs 2,300-Foot Mountain To Tie The Knot On Top Of The World (Video) >>
Why It Really Is Okay To Let Your Ex Go >> by @suarTSM
Being drunker than the birthday girl. #TSTC
It's never too early to plan for Spring Break. If you're down for the time of your life in Cancun, visit for details.
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5 Fall Trends That Prove Boys Are Basic, Too >> by @Lucky__Jo
Athletes Across University of Pittsburgh Come Together To Make The Best "Shake It Off" Video Yet >>
Who To Bring To Your Date Party On A Scale Of "Single As Fuck" To "My Boyfriend Can't Come" >>
A Freshman's Guide To Fraternity Formals >>
We're so OVER being called the "hookup" generation: by @yeah_okay_what