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Total Sorority Move
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KKG And ZBT Forced To Cancel Philanthropy Event Because It’s Offensive To People In Jail. Srsly:… via @totalsratmove
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The wait is over...Brand New pocket tees have arrived! Shop 38 new styles here:
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Why be their sweetheart when you can be their queen? #TSM
Superheroes, babes, and unlimited tequila. What else could you ask for? Book your trip now at
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"Bed Bath and Beyond over it." #TSM
Showing up to alcohol training drunk. #TSM
Porcupine Is Introduced To A Baby Pumpkin, Loses His Little Mind In Excitement (Video) >>
"He's my boyfriend. He just doesn't know it yet." #TSM
Girls just want to have fun, but a Lady just wants to have funds.
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I Lost My One-Night Stand Virginity To A Guy Dressed As Abraham Lincoln >> by @suarTSM
KKG And ZBT Forced To Cancel Philanthropy Event Because It's Offensive To People In Jail And I Wish I Was Kidding:
We Have Taylor Swift's ENTIRE New "1989" Album, And You Can Listen To It Here:
True Life: I Started Dating The Guy My Best Friend Was Hooking Up With >> by @suarTSM
This Is What "All About That Bass" Would've Sounded Like 60 Years Ago (Video) >>
"So, where did you end up last night?" #TSM
Sisterhood of the traveling formal dress. #TSM
Hot Hockey Players Dress Like "Frozen" Characters At Children's Hospital, Ovaries Everywhere Explode:
Amy Schumer Totally Nails Every Girl's Sex Prep Rituals And It's So True It Hurts:
The Dos And Don'ts Of Locking Down A Hot Exchange Student:
Let me boss your pledges around so I know it's real. #TSM
University Vice President Accused Of Trading Scholarships For Sex:
Why You Will Probably Die Alone - And Why That's Okay: by @yeah_okay_what
Crafting your own Halloween costume so it's perfect. #TSM
Alumnae telling you they were the alcoholic chapter back then, too. #TSM
35 Signs You're The Laziest Lazy Girl: by @yeah_okay_what
Off-Key Bride Sings BRUTAL Cover Of "Wannabe" To Her Bridesmaids - Porta-potty Makes A Cameo. So. Much. Cringing:
Here's What Your TV Guide Would Look Like If It Got A Collegiate Makeover: by @rachelpage_
Your Prayers Have Been Answered - Neil Patrick Harris Is Getting His Own Variety Show:
Shack shirts: doubling as sleep shirts and souvenirs since the beginning of time. #TSM
Disney Villains Star In This Incredible Music Video Parody Of One Republic's "Counting Stars" >>
Only 3 hours left. You'll regret it if you dont take advantage of this sale. Details here:
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Going to the library to socialize. #TSM
Walmart Calls Plus-Size Shoppers "Fat Girls" Because It's, Well, Walmart:
When your sisters have seen you naked more times than he has. #TSM
The 10 Most Dateable - Not Doable - Guys In Hollywood:
Crafting For Dummies: DIY No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating >> by @DrunkNOTinLove
Start Saving Your Galleons - There's A "Harry Potter" Hotel In London >>
BREAKING: Good Guy Paul Rudd Tackles Crazy Homophobic Man In Dallas Airport >>
China Creates 1863-Pound Pumpkin Pie; Plans To Lure White Girls Away From Home And Dominate America Once And For All:
Man Can't Get Business Meeting With Female Journalist; Sends Her Raw Oysters And Vibrator:
A Lady knows it's all fun and games until she runs out of dry shampoo.
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Painting your sorority letters on your pumpkin. #TSM
SPRING BREAK COUNTDOWN Week 1: 127 Days Week 2: 134 Days Week 3: 141 Days Week 4: 148 Days Book your trip at
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5 Reasons You HAVE To Make Friends With Girls In Other Sororities:
Genuinely believing Taylor Swift's new song "Bad Blood" was written about you and your ex-best friend. #TSM
Having a "boyfriend" in every house. #TSTC
Drunk nights with your big always ending with crying yourselves to sleep about how much you love each other. #TSM
Not needing it to be Wednesday to wear pink. #TSM
We Have Taylor Swift's ENTIRE New "1989" Album, And You Can Listen To It Here >>
There Is A Class At Boston College That Will Actually Teach You How To Get A Boyfriend >>