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Total Sorority Move
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The Gameday Sale ends in a few short hours. Don't miss out. Details here:
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The Gameday Sale: Free koozie + Free shipping on all orders over $30. Today only. Shop now:
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The Gameday Special is back. Spend $30 and get a free koozie and free shipping. Details:
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Get all the gameday advice you'll ever need with the free TSM app on iPhone and Android.…
If you're not awake and drinking right now, you're blowing it. Tweet your gameday pics at us with #TFMgameday, and we'll RT the best.
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Saying that something is a "back to school item" to justify an unreasonably expensive purchase. #TSM
Going to class hungover, and still being the best dressed. #TSM
I was like, Standards, why are you so obsessed with me? #TSM
Kappa Kappa Gamma at UC Riverside's Recruitment Video Is The Most Heartwarming One Yet >>
Being more excited about your outfit for a function than the actual function. #TSM
Becoming a regular at your favorite fraternity, but still getting clapped out every time. #TSTC
11 Foolproof Ways To Ask Him To Fall Formal: by @sarahsolfails
Little Girl Shares A Snack With Her Dog In The Most Adorable Way >>
Try Not To Laugh Out Loud As You Watch These Old People React To The 50 Shades Of Grey Trailer. Dare you:
"So, what's the glitter budget?" #TSM
Not sure whether your school or sorority rivalry is stronger. #TSM
How To Paint A Cooler For Dummies: The Be All, End All Guide: by @HakunaMoscato
Survive your Friday classes with the free TSM app.…
Friday Guyday: Inside The Mind Of A Newly Single Guy:
True or false? You've visited this weird place between consensual sex and rape because sex was easier than saying no:…
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Referring to your hookups by their fraternities instead of their names. #TSM
University Of Washington Students Create Bracelet That Could Prevent Sexual Assault:
33 Things All Vegetarians Experience: by @Lucky__Jo
Couple Wins The Lottery, Gives Store Clerk Money For College:
There Is Something In Between Consensual Sex And Rape…And You've Almost Definitely Experienced It:
Everyone in the house still being too drunk to drive to class in the morning. #TSTC
Everyone wearing waterproof mascara on Bid Day. #TSM
Pumpkin spice up your life. #TSM
Super Fan Recreates Alarmingly Accurate "Friends" Scenes With "The Sims 4″ - And It Is Absolutely Incredible:
McDonald's New McBrunch Could Change The Way We Do Brunch Forever:
Why I Chose Not To Join My Mom's Sorority: by @suarTSM
My in-state license may say I'm turning 20, but I'm turning 23 in New Jersey and 24 in Pennsylvania. #TSM
And on the eighth day, God created the art of contouring. #TSM
Counting down the days until it's boot season. #TSM
Knowing after week one which classes you'll be able to ace without ever looking away from your crafting pins. #TSM
22 Stupid Things You'll Definitely Do While Drunk, And How To Recover Gracefully: by @Babe__Lincoln
12 Features The iPhone 6 Would Have If Sorority Girls Took Over Apple:
Bragging about your new pledges to anyone who will listen. #TSM
27 Things Only Someone With An Awful Gag Reflex Knows: by @StefonTSM
The Truth About Being In A Bottom-Tier Sorority:
How To Look Perfect In Photos In 6 Easy Ways:
Jack is Back. Johnny Politics tees, tanks, and posters are back in stock. Get the poster:
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Treating every week like syllabus week. #TSTC
83 Thoughts You Have At Your Ex's Frat Party:
Asking yourself to his formal. #TSM
Bragging about your new pledges to anyone who will listen. #TSM