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Total Film
And THEN we received these snazzily crafted #Killers cakes. #MORENOM
Just received a rather impressively sculpted white chocolate skull to celebrate the release of #AsAboveSoBelow. #NOM
Ricky Gervais says the David Brent film is “almost a musical”:
This Doctor Who / Guardians Of The Galaxy fan poster is the best thing I'll ever see in my life / today.
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Our @louisebrock82 was interrogated by these #LetsBeCops 'police', before being let off with, erm, doughnuts. #NOM
Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen star in the new trailer for #Trash:
We sent @spliggle to the world's fastest zipline to become #AmazingSpiderMan2. Idiocy abounded
25 Baffling Foreign Movie Posters, courtesy of @Gem_Seddon:
Watch the first trailer for horror The Pyramid, starring one of the #Inbetweeners:
Ron Howard will shoot #Inferno in April 2015, WITH Tom Hanks still on board to star:
Apparently that's Michael Rooker dancing like a flower in that last video RT. Oops. Still, you know, amazing. (via @MarieMJS)
Vin Diesel dancing in a bucket to The Jackson 5 (it'll make more sense if you've seen Guardians):… (via @The_Shiznit)
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Please don't stop the music... the 20 Coolest Fake Movie Bands, courtesy of @SarahDobbs:
Watch an extended red-band trailer for underground supernatural horror As Above So Below:
Jeremy Renner says Hawkeye could appear in Captain America 3:
Boardwalk Empire/Kill Your Darlings star Jack Huston is rumoured to be up for Doctor Strange:
Ben Affleck stars in the first Gone Girl TV spot: #GoneGirl
Reports suggest Warner Bros want Matthew McConaughey to star in a new adaptation of The Stand:
Discover The Making Of As Above So Below, with the cast & crew telling @spliggle all from the actual Paris catacombs:
Rumours suggest that #Bond 24's henchman is set to be a physical adversary for Daniel Craig:
In other Hamm news, he chats us through the Making Of Million Dollar Arm, and why it's not *just* a baseball movie:
Proof that Jon Hamm is one of the good ones. @spliggle asked him to play Guess the Movie Ham and he did. With aplomb.
The 30 Most Dangerous Movie Cities, as picked by @Gem_Seddon:
Very sad news about Richard Attenborough passing away last night. RIP.
Nice to know I'm leaving @totalfilm on a video interview high. Here I am playing Guess the Movie Ham with Jon Hamm:
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Someone's photoshopped the baby wombat's face onto Dobby and my life will never be the same. #harrypotter #myeyes
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Weirdest delivery of the day, courtesy of cannibal grind house movie #evilfeed @solomediafilms:
Jake Gyllenhaal goes off the rails in a new #Nightcrawler trailer:
Watch the creepy new trailer for The Conjuring prequel #Annabelle:
#Potter veteran David Yates could direct spin-off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them:
Jennifer Lawrence is in talks to join Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight:
Frank Miller “can’t watch” #Batman films, saying “I always hate them”:
This is top of @reddit and rightly so. Tom Hardy waves at a bridal shower on the set of The Dark Knight Rises. COOEE!
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Watch an exclusive clip going behind-the-scenes of The #AmazingSpiderMan2's amazing VFX web-slinging scenes:
Watch an exclusive deleted scene from The #AmazingSpiderMan 2, with @danedehaan getting his evil on:
WIN a pair of tickets to Made in Dagenham the musical, starring Gemma Arterton!
That'll go nicely with our @WhatIfFilm USB beer fridge:
Well this #IntoTheStorm self-stirring teacup is pretty amazing: (via @kathryntwyford)
Our review of #SinCity: A Dame to Kill For is here - and it's all Miller, no filler:
It's only 9am & we're fairly sure we've already had the delivery of the day thanks to @WhatfIfFilm's USB beer fridge:
Ms @SarahDobbs runs through the 20 Hottest Horror Movies, complete with Sweatiness Rating:
Benedict #Cumberbatch will voice Shere Khan in Andy Serkis' Jungle Book: Origins:
The latest rumour suggests Scoot McNairy could be playing The Flash in #Batman vs #Superman:
The first image from Ant-Man is here, and Paul Rudd's looking, well... he's just looking.
Seen our Movie Star Chain Letter yet? @prattprattpratt @JamesGunn, Anne Hathaway and more ask each other questions:
Googling 'Tim Burton Child Cosplay' is my new jam (via @La_5u).
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