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☽ tori lilly ☾
my boyfriend sewing a pair of my pants that has a hole in them is probably the cutest thing ever 💝
"I guess you can't share your opinion anymore" really means "wow I did not expect people to recognize my opinion for the trash it truly is"
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i literally feel secondhand embarrassment for people that go after someone in a serious relationship
"what's your last name?" "lilly" "no, your last name" "THAT IS MY LAST NAME" #GrowingUpWithMyName
not sure why customers insist on having my opinion. i hope they realize i will always tell them they look great because im tryna make a sale
pretty sure i'm the only person under the age of 65 at this grocery store right now
Hey Evan can I come over Yeah cool if we can have sex Evan I'm ur dad- -Be here at 5 Okay I'll bring condom- Don't. I want to feel u.
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this old lady just bitched at me because the pen wasn't working on the screen but it hadn't asked her to sign yet........
american horror story: old people at the signature pad
it always makes me feel really awkward when english teachers spell things wrong
How do vampire get their dark lipstick to look so good when they can't even look in the mirror
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there's never enough coffee in the morning
open a window for the breeze & listen to drunk people screaming outside or keep it closed and die of heat stroke...the struggle is real
there are a million ppl to meet but you choose to fuck w the same people just because it's convenient and it's just really sad
especially if your high school friends are shitty!!!!!! why hold on to a shitty friendship? i do not get it
tbh i just feel really bad for people in college that cling on to their high school friendships...put urself out there, meet new people
don't fucking complain about things that you aren't actively working to fix that shit is so annoying
carter: *kills someone* carter: I know what I did was wrong I get it. RT for a DM and follow :)
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working a 3 hour shift that starts at 6 pm is such a joke
I don't know how to function unless I have an iced caramel macchiato in me
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it feels weird as fuck to say im 19
raven also thought putting cheese in a hot air vent was a good idea so I won't be listening to her any time soon…
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hmmm im wonderin about bubble bees. why is it like that? so big and friendley. yelow and black beuatiful boys. and yet no honey. why?
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shoutout to my boyfriend for making my birthday one of the best days i've had in awhile 😌💕
i have two credit cards now i have potentially put myself in a very dangerous situation
@toridkny happy birthday!!!! I hope u had a good day and got lots of makeup ❌⭕️❌⭕️
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one day you'll wake up at 11:30 AM on a Sunday with the love of your life and you'll make some coffee and pancakes and it'll all be alright
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Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great day :))) @toridkny
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i love iced coffee but i refuse to drink hot coffee that has been sitting out and gets cold
who loves me enough to buy me the origins dark circle eye cream
i downloaded so many sketchy mods for sims my game is just fucked beyond repair lol
@toridkny TORRIIIII happy birthday beautiful!! have an amazing day 🌷🌼🍒🍍💐🌺🍦❤️
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@toridkny happy birthday beautiful!! 💖 hope ur day is wonderful ☀️
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