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michael scarn
Stop smoking, partying, drinking and watch how many "friends" you really have.
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*takes 6 hour nap until bf gets home*
relationships are bizarre. I could choose to not care about what u do with your penis and ur time, or I could choose to worry incessantly
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winter beauty tip: wear dark lipstick and show barely any facial expression in public to give the impression that yr as cold as the weather
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kind of want to go shopping today, but i don't want to be the asshole that shops on holidays ya feel
taking a year off school if youre unsure of your career path is fine but if you think a college education is 'useless'...good luck in life
i think my boyfriend is the only straight male that hasnt seen the anaconda music video
@AthIeteFession: When someone who graduated 3 years ago still shows up to every high school event..
People judging these women for the private things on their phone made public due to hacking: let's see what's on your phone.
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@lazytbh_: @toridkny there's chicken fries?😐” yes like at burger king...theyre just like chicken strips except fry-shaped
french fries, chicken fries, curly fries, give me all the fries in the world
"If you consider a woman less pure after you've touched her, maybe you should take a look at your hands"
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cookie dough oreos give me life
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be nice to your animals because they love you more than you deserve and more than any human ever will
*listens to one old xx song* 14 year old girl: my taste in music is so different like no one can relate I listen to such weird music
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not sure as to why people still make a big deal when nudes get leaked... im pretty sure youre old enough to understand what humans look like
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we live in a world that sexualizes women but does not allow them to be sexual. we beg for nudity and then act disgusted at the sight of it
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Right eyebrow: on fleek Left eyebrow: da fuq
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all women do things to enhance their natural beauty & feel better about themselves so its time we stop ridiculing each other so harshly
the same girl that makes fun of a girl for drawing on her eyebrows has hair extensions or is wearing a push-up bra
you know its true love when he trusts you with his credit card on your amazon account
bubble tea w my fav
"@toridkny: bottom line: introduce your friends to your significant other"!!!!
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You being anti feminism is so cooooool and edgy
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and here i thought andy bernard was overly obsessed with college but then i moved to madison
"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion"
do you ever hear the name of someone you miss then get really sad hahahaahah
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i have never laughed harder in my life
this watermelon juice is no bueno
1.) this doesn't make you a slut 2.) was this supposed to be funny
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"A drunk girl came to my room for sex. I took her to my bed, tucked her in, and slept on the couch. #DontTakeAdvantage"-Stephen F. Austin SU
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everything is amazing & nobody is happy
*makes up for ugly face with semi-okay personality*
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its hella annoying how many random people park in our apartment lot & then i dont have a place to park. the fuck outta here
"I have no social life!" - people who are very social and constantly post pictures of themselves hanging out with other people.
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