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i am literally so flattered whenever somebody asks me where i shop because i think i look like a boy most of the time
i need a rich sugar daddy that will buy my love in coffee & expensive clothes
trying to look interesting
i want to buy new summer clothes so badly but what's the point if its still 30 degrees & snowing
american apparel & express are making me broke 😩
the thing that sucks about not being skinny but not being fat is always deciding between a small or a medium
express is such an underrated store
cant decide if i should get a ton of cheap shit from forever 21 or a few expensive things from urban
@toridkny we peed together that's serious bonding you can't go back from that
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wish anybody cared about me HALF as much as i care about them
the thought of never hearing someone's voice again scares me
Here's a tip if you're trying to slim down for ~bikini season~: you look great already.
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gonna stop tweeting about high school because i graduated 4 months ago so it is irrelevant to my life & future happiness 😊
everyone at my old school will tell you im a huge bitch but will conveniently forget to mention how much shit they talked about me first
gonna eat a whole box of poptarts & try to finish season 3 of breaking bad aka leave me alone
Why do some cute ass guys like u basic hoes like that flower crown stopped being cute in like 2011 I just don't understand
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dont know why ppl say they love to cuddle after sex... wouldnt that be a little... uh... sticky
Don't put your own happiness into someone else's hands
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feel so bad for ppl that spend more time talking about things they hate than the things they love...dont waste ur energy on negative things
kc james is my dream boy and it deeply depresses me that he will never know who i am while i continue to obsess over him
@toridkny together 5ever as all the cool cats say
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i tried on all my shorts & for once i felt happy when i looked in the mirror
the sooner you realize that you can't be liked by everyone, the easier things become
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