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it's sad how lost i feel without my phone
@toridkny I have the biggest fucking girl crush on you
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i have the biggest fucking girl crush on jaclyn hill dear lord
brittany murphy would have celebrated her 37th birthday today rip beautiful
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"come & get your hair & makeup done!" i'd rather just do it myself and have it actually look good :*
the girls that were mean to me in high school didnt go to college & are in cosmetology school & i do makeup better than all of them lmao
@toridkny can we just imagine grandpa Jake doing this?? 😂
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@jennaturner_: my grandpa is 87 years old...” THIS IS SO CUTE OMG
dusty makeup & dirty brushes make me cringe!!!!!
i get so paranoid when i can see a girls makeup in their mirror selfies & it's fucking dirty like i wanna hop in that pic & clean it
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i try so hard to be nice to everyone & i'm still treated like shit it sucks
@aleeeeeee_x3: every girls weakness” is that a chicken foot helllll no
@BlackPplVines: When your parents come into your room and stare at you for no reason
i spent $15 on soup today so theres that
i'm bad at responding to texts, worse at responding to emails, but really good at eating submarine sandwiches alone
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This is still my favourite song by bastille i love their album AM
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@toridkny i hope things start to get better :( ❤
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got bitched out by 3 different customers, someone stole my phone charger, & found out my grandpa is dying. today is the best!!!!!
at least my lunch was yummy
I AM 1000000% OVER TODAY
dumpling haus for lunch 😋
If that was my son I'd probably cry because he's beautiful and I want him to teach me how to do makeup well
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people are so fucking contradicting one minute theyre "hot people rule the world" the next "looks dont matter, im attracted to personality"
"alex from target is the best thing to happen to the internet"
i need to get the fuck out of customer service/retail. i am going crazy
Things I don't want to do: go to work Things I do wanna do: stay in bed
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*thinks its raining outside* *checks phone instead of looking out the window*
ill use slang like "ur" and "bc" WHILE using words like "sanctimonious" and "circumlocution" bc i am not only brilliant, but dwn w/ the kids
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i get to see @sam_jars on tuesday & im so excited i havent seen her since august & its weird cause we used 2 see each other every day
*venting early in the morning so nobody reads my tweets*
"why do you work so much?" umm the makeup i buy isn't free lmao
agreed to pick up an extra shift on friday, and yesterday i agreed to come in today for a 10-hour day #workaholic
the only thing more annoying than people who don't drink coffee are coffee elitists
i ate 4 corn dogs today it's fine
sooo who wants 2 buy me the nars virtual domination cheek palette for christmas? please & thank u
when basic girls want their size in sperrys & ask me for my opinion & i stand there like
my bf is so sexy i cry
PLEASE bitch at me some more about things that are COMPLETELY out of my control #retailproblems
today is just one of those days where i want to yell at everyone
Would-Be School Shooter Drinks Too Much Whiskey, Forgets Bombs at Home
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To the guy who punched me tonight for kissing my boyfriend
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me: *spends $30 on food* me: *hesitates buying $5 shirt*
my favorite hobby is pretending to be asleep around my boyfriend so he leaves me alone