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i'm a ruin
*lets my deep emotional crisis seep into every conversation*
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"this is why i have trust issues" except they're both gorgeous either way...fuck outta here…
I rly need to stop comparing myself to other people!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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my eyebrows have always been so wack i think that's why i didn't have a lot of friends in high school
my self-esteem is 💩 lately
i wore eyeliner for the first time in like a month today
wake me up when the cis male dominant society that seeks to overpower cis and trans women ends
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i ❤️ watching everyone on gossip girl go from flip phones to iphones
i miss my boyfriend i'm so lonely & needy
if this isn't the realest thing i have ever said :/
lets play a game called how many people am i gonna unfriend for being ignorant assholes for hating on caitlyn jenner
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your loss of faith in humanity turns me on
i hate awkward situations so much
serious question: how do you tell your friend they need to pay you back asap without looking like a bitch
google search: how to force yourself into a good mood
the most important thing in a relationship is trust. after sex. and hygiene
Hello tech support? Is there a way to turn off the phone part of my phone?
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deleting all of the messages in my phone is such a relieving feeling
white people bring up the military for anything like oh you're gay??? people are fighting for your country and you're just gonna be gay?????
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When a black 12 yr old has toy gun, he's a "young man". When a white 15 yr old molests his own sisters he's "just a child." #DuggarInterview
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is today "bring your baby to the macys shoe department" day or something? so many screaming children
you might have to ask yourself who your true friends are if you have to beg them to hang out with you.....
two things can be important at the same time!! bravery is not a competition!! why is this so hard for some people to understand
lowkey unfollowing everyone that tweets/rts shit like "while you were worried about caitlyn jenner, *insert inspiring story*"
People get so mad at things that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!
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I'd much rather hear from someone, "your makeup looks good af today" than "you look better without makeup"
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chicken & waffles is surprisingly yummy
the only thing i miss about having black hair is not being confused for anybody else
some old ladies just waved out their window to say hi to me and i have no idea who they are......
cop a block if U hatin on Caitlyn Jenner homie we don't fuck wit negativity round here especially towards good people who love themselves
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trying to keep this in mind as i go to work today 🌼
Pls unfollow me what r u people doing with ur lives go outside
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prettiest people on the Internet…
this isn't bravery, THIS is bravery Only one person on earth can be brave at a time Sorry .
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i'll probably feel awkward going back to marion to visit my family because i'll run in to all of the burnouts from high school
dan and blair together make me puke

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