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happy idiot
i feel like you can't say you simply dislike anything without someone calling you out for some type of "shaming"
spotify music is too on point right now
day 19: black and white
phantogram is perfect
coffee, oatmeal, pumpkin cake & feta cheese for breakfast :*
wish people saw wearing makeup as a strength & a skill instead of automatically assuming everyone that wears it is fake or insecure
it's definitely a hard skill to master but lining your brows with concealer makes all the difference in the world!!!!
the bubbling sound of coffee brewing is music to my ears
i miss my long hair so fucking much girls that chop their hair off & say they don't miss it are LIARS
β€œ@sabrina_nellie_: About to go get some snacks and wine. Here's a photo from last week πŸ’œ” wish i looked like this
showering alone is peaceful yet v boring u know what i'm saying
"eat my ass like its the last donut in the box and you're starving"
when u come home from a party and ur parents are still awake
body hair on women is so taboo that in fucking razor commercials they shave an already bald ass leg like lmao
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excited/nervous to start my first commission-based job
Waking up next to you never gets old
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i'm 100% cool with vegans/vegetarians just respect that i don't want to follow your life choices pls
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idiot boyfriend forgot he had to pick me up so i'm standing outside target freezing my ass off. i hate boys
day 18: pumpkin πŸŽƒ
everyone here is so proud to be from wisconsin and it's kind of sad because literally every other state makes fun of us
are the cappuccino lays worth trying or are they hella gross
i don't have anything to tweet about anymore
why do guys think girls wear makeup for them do u honestly think i spent $20 on a blush to make ur dick hard calm down
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Guys at parties be screaming "these hoes ain't loyal" but they drunk & cheating on they gf with a girl who look like Rafiki from lion king
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dont skinny shame!! dont fat shame!! dont slut shame!! if u really feel the need to shame, shame people for being ignorant and rude!!
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[struggling to get the plastic off the cheese slices] "sorry kids, I should've taken these off beforehand. great costumes by the way"
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i've never straight up quit a job before & i'm nervous to do it pls help
TV show idea: twin teenage girls, both named Blair. Each episode focuses on one & you never know which. It's my Which Blair Project
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newest sales associate at macys! and i make commission! πŸ’‹
sorry for all the posts today i'm just starting to love my new hair (and these leggings)
"I can't fall asleep without my hand on my boyfriend's dick." - Penn State University
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pumpkin spice milano cookies are the shit
"Artist collaborates with 2-year-old daughter to create works of art"
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no joke i pay more attention to girls with hella good makeup than i do to shirtless guys
i want chipotle and forever yogurt and qdoba and sushi express and cheba hut and ian's and potbelly and erberts and yeah i'm hungry
day 16: friendship πŸ‘­ @sam_jars and i stuntin since day 1
boyfriend of 4 years still asks for permission to touch my that kinda comes with the "boyfriend" position
@toridkny seriously she's precious. And loves to brag about all of us. #MakinGrandmaProud
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i'm sorry but it's so irritating when people (especially tourists) randomly stop in the middle of the sidewalk bitch i have 2 get to class