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prison mike
when people have "I probably hate you" in their bio
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can i wear a sign on my forehead at work that says "i don't give a fuck about your kid"
i think apple bread pudding is my new favorite food
"hitler was just misunderstood"
the homeless people in Madison have no chill
who's stars who is stars answer me
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me: goodnight moon :) moon: night<3 me: goodnight stars :) moon: wtf me: sry wrongnumber moon: whos stars moon: who is stars moon: answer me
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i wish it was possible for me to take an afternoon nap without waking up feeling like absolute death
When they say "either change your attitude or leave"
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i'm feeling this look
some positivity on your feed this morning! hope everyone has a great weekend 🌻
happy first day of halloween
I'm so cold I want to curl up in my warm bed and then maybe die
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i hate when people try super hard to be yourself yo people will probably think you're just as cool
Mars: Come over NASA: You're 33.9 million miles away Mars: I'm wet NASA: I'm coming over
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it feels SO GOOD when you see or hear someone's name that fucked you up emotionally and you don't feel anything
you can edit instagram captions now?! how long have i not known about this
can I become twitter famous by retweeting cat videos all day
why I need to buy a garbage can with a lid.
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i feel cute today! (i took the second picture on accident but it turned out cute)
I was looking at tweets & saw that i really hurt someones feelings ! Im sorry. It was light blue background with white egg shape . Bye
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went over to my boyfriends to watch the walking dead, he's been talking to his friends for the past hour about video game theory. nice
things that don't end well: 1. everything
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why the fuck are my neighbors turning up on a god damn tuesday in the middle of mid term week
proof that no matter how much you demean yourself for men they will still put you down
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theres more to this story & it would take like a year 2 explain but basically don't go after guys in serious relationships bc u look dumb AF
anyway...i found the cutest rebecca minkoff phone case who has $40 to help a girl out
i should probably protect my tweets because i tweet about personal shit sometimes but honestly i dont care enough
i'm just laughing because the dumb bitch probably realized she didn't have a snowballs chance in hell w him & is bitter about it
and said she was super bitchy and awkward towards him and he realized they were never rly friends
this girl my bf used to be kinda friends w & who had a creepy thing for him, well he saw her today
They replaced Fergie??? RT @chocoiatetwink: black eyed peas w rice ❤️❤️❤️
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*holds it together on the streets, has an existential crisis in the sheets*
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I thought she rlly was a sock monkey😰😤this y u cant trust females these day😰💯👌🏾👏🏾 take her💯swimming💯for a 1sco/GMWRVuUeVO
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Ben wyatt crying in a batman suit
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