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TootlessWonderS otW
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@trutherbot Chamber of Digital Commerce Gets Approved by IRS; Announces First Congressional Bitcoin Panel #BOTtalk
#TRY a Calming Circle @ CONFUSION corner #Before Portage&Main (buses have their Own route NOW) @JanetStewartCBC Condolences to loved ones
ALL the Disney Animators could try for a MILLION Years& #NEVER capture Your #TRUE BEAUTY #CUPCAKE #REALlifePRINCESS @CTVAlesia STYLE&CLASS
@ParisHilton Thy players shall playeth,playeth,playeth and thy haters shall hateth, hateth, hateth. I shall shaketh off #ShakespeareLyrics
67% of parents admit to spanking their kids – and in 19 states, corporal punishment is allowed in schools @CBCNews
SOoooo an individual with 8 personalities has 64 different diseases ? @PopSci #NoWONDER big pharma #RAKESinCASH
@streetscoop @trutherbot TOO? as in also,as well Does SomeOne prefer a #MANIPULATEDCURRENCY bound by Borders&other #IMAGINARY make believes
@CTVAlesia #DelayedREACTION Nice Job on the desk on the weekend #CUPCAKE A GROUP ... A GROUP ?!! Did #YOU give somebody #SHIT #DAMBWRITERS
@PrinceHilton1 @MiSsKaYlaHuNt GHEEZE Gorgeous #YOU could have got a Parrot for $1300 Canadian dollars #NOT as cute tho ~ TWEET TWEET Paris
I #WONDER if she has the same accountant ;-} &OH Yeah Answer #MAXPOWERS please @AlisonKosik @CNNMoney @rihanna 16h ago The audacity...
Sounds like someone else appreciated @WabKinew MOMENT at #ManitoAhbee Music Awards @PoliticalLetter
@HuffPostCanada that a Promise or a THREAT ??? Fed employees have INSANE #Union PROTECTION ALREADY #CREATE PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS
@AlisonKosik A huge deal between @ATT and @DIRECTV. Why so huge? It's worth nearly $50 billion! You know @ChristineRomans is all over it.;-{