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$CPRX catalyst set & running, bullish breakout looking to test $3.00 soon into the 3rd quarter. $JD also ripping & making new 52-week highs
$ISR next technical leg brewing???
Citron says $PLUG is worth $.50 LOL spot on with this huge sell off, marketcap reaching $1billion kind of crazy $PLUG sell off now
$PLUG can't go higher. new disruptive and $ saving technologies partnering with multinational corporations and few competitors go nowhere
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Does anyone really think $PLUG is worth this marketcap? And GUESS WHAT? Next week EARNINGS! We SMELL BLOOD next week…
Small-cap energy companies surging $FCEL & $ZBB OTC biotech companies that have been red hot $ONCS and $ELTP
$TPIVD releases news this morning:… right now this biotech has a super low floater after r/s $TPIVD
Keeping an eye on $TPIVD here is the corporate update… looks like fresh new company now but SUPER LOW FLOATER!
$TPIVD use to be a cheap stock at $.03 or $TPIV, but now reversed from $.03 to $3.00 super low floater with ambitions to uplist to NASDAQ
$JCP ripping in after hours, 2014 looks real strong for $JCP. $10.00 coming by end of year? LOL $JCP better than expected outlook!
$CIIX the next big one can go viral but way low float compared to diluted $HEMP $PLPL and $PHOT $CIIX breakout on famous Man in Denver!
$CIIX just announced new venture with which is medicial marijuana or cannabis, looks like a low floater! $CIIX
Yet another OTC announcing MJ dealings, news one is $IDST announces some weird MJ news and looks to be flying, next resistance is $.04
There goes out BOUNCE $HEMP happy!
Wow there you go! Blood on $HEMP so obvious it was a short! Now hopefully we get a huge bounce coming!
$HEMP shorting time for many, might see a huge dip here then hopefully a huge rebound!
$HEMP like we said short squeeze!!!
$HEMP talking about crazy MOMO this one has legs crazy volume too! $HEMP looks to be the next string of big movers $MJNA $PLPL $SING
NASDAQ Biotech Big Board $GEVA selling off hard, but on no news? Just profit taking?
$SING has both the mega business models in it right now that are driving companies nuts BITCOIN and MEDICAL MJ! $SING breakout crazy
Tiny stock $SING today is singing first time we have seen BITCOIN and Medical MJ together looks like $.02s coming? Huge volume right now
$2.80s coming for $PVCT
$PVCT bouncing back to over $3.00?????????????? Crazy sell off reminds us of $FNMA and $FMCC sell off then huge bounce! $PVCT bouncing
$PVCT bouncing lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
$PVCT bouncing here crazy! After Adam F bashed it today, crazy!!!! $PVCT bouncing back to $3.00+??????
NASDAQ $WPCS such a diluted company, they recently did a split, trading 33 million volume in a day is sickening and just been heading south
$WPCS seems like the bitcoin hype is over on this, not enough support keeps on falling.
NASDAQ $WPCS releases news about new software program with bitcoin and this low floater is going nuts still, rebound coming to over $3.00?
Thoughts on NYSE: $JCP? Anyone long here and think it can go back over $10.00 into next earnings? Please share $JCP rebound? JCPENNY
Biotechs $ARIA flat after over 100% bounce from $2.15 to well over $5.00+ big boys accumulating? $UNIS has also been on fire $PSDV bounce?
$VNDA surging up like 80% FDA likes, but $SRPT FDA ISSUES down over -50% in Pre-market actions Crazyyyyy biotech world
$JCP ripping, the bulls are all over this beat down technical chart. Looks like $10.00s coming in the near future in our opinion
$KGJI announces release of earnings next week… anyone smell a rally coming?
$NQ can we really get a bounce here? back to $10.00 wow crazy pull back, the panic is relaxing
$NQ finally bouncing after huge dip right now, $NQ to $11? lol
$NQ blood keeps dumping, looks like the big boys are unloading with no regard. Crazy move today $12.73 now $9.60s! $NQ where is the bottom?
$NQ just nice bounce today, can we get to $13? $NQ was just at the 52-week high $25.90. $NQ looking to break into the $13.00s today!
$NQ drama, nice rebound today… good video, CEO defends $NQ looking good today. Hopefully we can rebound to $15
$KGJI Nov. 18th Catalyst has this at new 52-week highs! Meeting institutional investors & the media in the United States. $DHRM $BORN $RCON
$KGJI drops news this morning seems like a catalyst for events coming Nov.18th check it out… $DHRM up $ARIA bounce
$BORN turn now in the Chinese small-cap craze, $RCON $VISN $FU are recent examples but $KGJI might be the BIGGEST thing with a bullish chart
$KGJI about to break the 52-week high soon at $1.93. The next $FU $RCON and Chinese small-cap to rise with a book value of $2.99 a share!
Is $KGJI the next $RCON $KNDI or $FU? The technical chart is screaming right now. Book value of $2.99 as per last Q!…
$KGJI next $RCON? Next $SINO? This looks like another undervalued Chinese small-cap ready to break out even more ALL EYES on NASDAQ: $KGJI
We said the Chinese Small-Caps are making a reversal. $RCON has been on fire this week and more to follow $KGJI $SINO etcc
$RCON low floater ready to take its next technical leg up, break out coming this morning. $RCON can we break $4.00 today?
$RCON - Recon Announces Recently Developed Shale Gas Automation System…
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i noticed yesterday that $RCON didnt dump it could have if it wanted to i think we go higher could go parabolic today $5+? once over 4
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