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Tony Lobl
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Unusually popular in Scandinavia: our discussion on the #God-shaped hole Is it larger there than in the UK?
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As #bigdata gains momentum... what if the type of care we need can't be measured with tracking devices? @tonylobl
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V. grateful for this team! MT @ariannahuff: Great meeting w/phenomenal @HuffPostUK team & new EIC @stephenbhull /exec editor @HuffPostPoorna
How spirituality profoundly affects #health by @KeithWommack.
MT @DawnCorleone: To mark the centenary of #WWI ceramic poppies at the Tower of London. One for each fallen soldier.
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Is our pain research asking the wrong questions?…: 'Treating #Pain: A New Ontology is Needed' by @WilliamEdScott
Tx for including my blog! RT FernandoCLeal: @tonylobl thanks for sharing! I've highlighted you on my @Rebemouse
Some @TEDTalks on consciousness got me thinking...& writing! "What Kind Of Consciousness Can We Lean On For Healing?"…
Einstein gets a look in, on my @LinkedIn blog this week!… "What Kind Of Consciousness Can We Lean On For Healing?"
Are we "overcoming the barriers we place in front of ourselves"?…#Glasgow2014 via @KayJStroud /@BuzzFeeders
A spam-inspired blog on spiritual pain relief? That's got to be a first! god-in-a-bottle-claim-invites-further-scrutiny-22582 by @NorCalCS
I love the #hepatitis healing in this @KeithWommack blog. Respect, Keith!… "Respect Transforms and Heals" on @LinkedIn
The Late Show - well it's late here in the UK! - featuring @impeschke interview w/Penelope Chatterton on #capecod TV:
A pill or unchanging Principle for chronic pain relief? @NorCalCS @ComDigiNews #backpain (via @whitewayva)
If my thought so easily welcomed in the idea of a bad shoulder I could as quickly show it the door - @CScomMaryland:…
Are you attentive to what you let influence your thinking? Thinking And Health, Choose Ye by @j_d_clague/@Oregonian
Count them. A whole dozen! Give one today! @GoldsmithBev on 12 Ways to Give the Gift of #forgiveness…#peace
'What Kind Of #Consciousness Can We Lean On For #Healing?'… This question came to me after watching several @TEDTalks!
Heart rate, Calories, Footsteps - is more performance data helpful? @tonylobl, #health #fitness
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Sweet #CommonwealthGames story about Malawi cyclists, well worth the sideways read! - from Glasgow's @TheEveningTimes
Whoops! "About one-third of all health-care spending...goes to things that aren't making us any healthier"…
Does Big Data miss the bigger picture on #health? My latest @HuffPostUKTech blog! #spirituality
Video of the week! For those who use meds, choose wisely & dance to a version of @Pharrell's #Happy while you do so!
@tonylobl I feel a song coming on... "Who you gonna call? LONDON TRANSPORT!"
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London Underground have successfully banned alcohol now they're tackling excess spirits on the Tube! :) #tfl
'I'm not a number, I'm a free man!' - my blog on 'Big Data' vs. 'Who We Truly Are?' on @HuffPostUKTech #spirituality
'None among us should be defined as the sum total of our worst actions' 'Want Peace? Try Forgiveness' by @sfmcelroy
Does ‘big data’ miss the bigger picture of things that can’t be measured?
"I'm not a number, I'm a free man!" Can 'Big Data' Value Who We Truly Are? via @HuffPostUKTech/@tonylobl #health
Does ‘big data’ miss the bigger picture of things that can’t be measured?
Does Big Data miss a bigger picture of things that can't be measured? My @HuffPostUKTech blog!
Can 'Big Data' Value Who We Truly Are? My latest blog is featured on @HuffPostUKTech #spirituality
Great story of a willingness to change by @RutledgeKatie: "I'm a Recovering Perfectionist" #parenting
'Patients require compassion, not just competence, from doctors': #health & #healing from @NorCalCS
Agreed! :) RT @Rev_Xavier: And please stop saying 'the reason why'. The reason IS the why.
Great news! @hscic stats show school kids smoking down by 2/3 to 3% over decade & those doing alcohol/drugs halved (9%,6%) (@SkyNewsThomas)
“For years now, people have been encouraged to look to medical make them healthy. But that’s your job…"…
I honor allopathic medicine but have to smile when researchers "discover" insights mental healers had 150 years ago…
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I am shell shocked! Thank you for an incredible opening ceremony & making the Scottish athletes feel so welcome! Bursting with pride!
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A helpful reminder to #PrayForPeace on another day of bleak news...… … Thanks @reba! #prayer #peace #spirituality
.@lukelewis So, would it be it ethical to take a pill to make you more creative if it is unethical to do so to make you a better athlete?
RT @lukelewis: Just reminiscing about that time Sky News was photobombed by a giant seagull
"The belief in human rationality requires a greater leap of faith than any religion," atheist!… #science
Question of the day! :) RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?!
well this is weird. RT @Mr_Mike_Clarke Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?!
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Is it wrong to eat a Blueberry Muffin that looks just like your dog?! (@m…