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Tony Kelly
That awkward moment when you're trying to dry the tears of your new cell-mate and you slowly realise they're tattoos.
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You can't have it all ladies and gents!
James Dean Bradfield also wins the "front man who most looks like someone who'd come to fix your pumbling" award though
I think James Dean Bradfield from the Manics has my favourite band lead singer voice
Reading this about Finley Quaye is so so sad, please take a minute to read and help if you can or RT
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More people tending to me than my sister the day of her #wedding
#tbt me and @znash16 in a promo shot for the award winning "Victor Crowl's Victory" #movie
Did I miss KENTA? Did they change his name? #NXTTakeover
I feel like I'm in a way more spread out, way shittier version of the East Village except the American accents are all put on
Jesus Christ Dublin City is basically just one giant Hipster haven now
Shouldn't one of the basic requirements of being a Judge be that you be able to read? #OscarPistorius #PistoriusTrial
Crippling anxiety all day keeping me up this late when I have to be up in 6 hours? Oh yes please Life!
Junior cert gimp with the long blonde hair on RTE news. I'll pay some 16 yr old to kick fuck out of him.
I don't wear a watch, haven't for years, but am I gonna get the Apple Watch? Obviously.
My Monday just proved to me that random acts of unrealness can just happen.
It's still weird reading "the late" Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Why do my feet suddenly get itchy when I'm unable to sleep?
Ghost is a fuckin awesome film!
I've decided "The Prestige" is definitely my favourite film.
Today's song that's stuck in my head is: "Freak Me" by Another level.
Watching an old episode of WCW Nitro on @WWENetwork from 1996 and Pat Tanaka just came out to Goldberg's music! #MindBlown @WWE
Anyone else think the Jennifer Lawrence leaked pics have just kinda ruined the "Mystique"?
It really is the small blessings in life. Just got 3 sausage rolls for free and heard a fully grown man with a lisp order some spicy chicken
Ironically, since #RAW continues to be shit for years, I just switched to WCW Nitro thanks to @WWENetwork #nineninetynine @WWE
RAW has succeeded in making people upset & bored at the sight of attractive women. #RAWTonight
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Mike Adamle was a better actor than Brie Bella #RAW @WWE
Cheers @SkySportsNewsHQ for bringing me up to speed on what Olly Murs is doing on #SkyDeadlineDay
Hope we got a double of Borini to QPR and Harry Redknapp being interviewed out of his car window telling us it's "triffic" #DeadlineDay
Speaking of the nude photo leaks, there is some sick bastard out there right now masturbating to the Kirstin Dunst ones. Think about that.
Fair play to the fella who leaked the Jennifer Lawrence pics for waiting until I had a free gaf to do it #GoodTiming
Great win! Wonderful experience to play my first match in Liverpool FC shirt #Honor fans were fantastic👍👍travel safe back hom#LFCF#YNWAWA❤️
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Orgasmic RT @NYDailyNews: Martin Scorsese will direct a movie about The Ramones: report.
They should just name it "The Picnic" that way it wouldn't be as annoying when people called it that #EP2014
Video: 20 years since Robbie Fowler scored the fastest hat-trick in Premier League history. Relive it here #LFC
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Audition tomorrow in Dublin can't sleep yet again of course
Squirrels masturbate to avoid catching STDs.
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I have no idea how #TheUndateables is allowed on television but I don't care it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.
I tweet this tweet quite often but, I fucking HATE John Cena #RAW @WWE