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Tony Kelly
I have no idea how #TheUndateables is allowed on television but I don't care it's the funniest thing I've ever seen.
I tweet this tweet quite often but, I fucking HATE John Cena #RAW @WWE
I didn't watch the Emmys after Tweeting about doing so earlier. I'm such a tease.
Given the amount of wrestlers you've died prematurely over the years on or off WWE's books...this segment is probably in poor taste #RAW
John Mulaney trending world wide? Fucking awesome.
If @WWESheamus was on commentary every week he'd be my favourite wrestler #RAW #Gruige #MickCole
HD is really not kind to the whole Rusev has a Bulgarian flag tattoo while waving a Russian flag thing #RAW
That can't be real hair hanging out of Hulk Hogan's bandana? What is that made of, silk? #RAW
Anyone know if the Emmy's are on any channel in the UK/Ireland tonight? #Emmys2014
Monday Night Football #LFC
I don't necesserily miss America right now, but I sure as fuck miss American junk food #feedme
The world is fucked
I absolutely adore It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I absolutely HATE the McPoyle's. Am I alone here? #Sunny
Just shaved my beard. I forgot how handsome I am.
The phrase “Don’t take this the wrong way.” has a zero percent success rate.
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Lab tests on a man found dead in Donegal yesterday have proven negative for the Ebola virus
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The fact that a man on my fb just had to ask how to donate to Motor Neuron after just doing #IceBucketChallenge says it all. Christ almighty
Today 10 years ago,I met this guy.Who had told. Liverpool new signs 2004. Time flies.@XabiAlonso #legend
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Dear EVERYONE 1.I did the #IceBucketChallenge already 2. YOU NEED TO DONATE to #ALS not just pour ice water on your head. 3. THANK YOU
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Oh and how far behind the US are we over here programme wise? #TNA