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Tony Kelly
And a side of the finest jelly beans.…
The Undertaker has perfect teeth for a Zombie who's been dead since at least 1990 #RAW @WWE
About to mute Goodfellas to listen to @OfficialTAZ's react to #WWEBattleground - the ultimate compliment
Goodfellas has to be in with a shout for best comedy of all time.
The one big takeaway from Battleground is that The Undertaker was able to stay awake past 9 pm #RAWTonight
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Taker returning doing the Matt Bloom "hairy back" gimmick #WWEBattleground
The match hasn't started yet and Ric Flair is already crying #WWEBattleground
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not every1 can nor should sing, it pains me 2 hear 'singers' on-line that take themselves seriously. I blame u fuckers who encouraged them!
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Me and @WWEMoonChild out in Cork last night after the @CCWrestling1 show.
Watching Boogie Nights. Where the pedophile character actually goes to jail, fuck Dirty Dancing.
So according to Facebook Dirty Dancing is on TV3. Don't forget all you romantics out there that she's only 16, it's technically rape.
Ah Gordon Street, I once knew a girl who lived on Gordon Street.
The B Sharps episode of the Simpson's is my favourite episode and it's on Sky One now. All can be ok for a while. Episode.
Oh yeah and @CCWrestling1's Aftershock event tonight (which Im colour commentating) is being headline by ex @WWENXT wrestler @WWEMoonChild!
Buzzing to be asked to do colour commentary for @CCWrestling1 again tonight down in Cork. If you're in cork and like wrestling - go!
Ah that's great man I'm delighted to hear it!…
Watch me fuck all my shit up now before I turn 30 for getting twitter cocky.
Winning awards (which Im sleeping with), New Orleans for work next month, Miami the next month. Nice to Tweet some gratitude once a year.
I turn 30 next month. But I'm finally getting my shit together.
Red fluff on my belly button made me think my belly button was bleeding. That almost ruined my good day...Christ that was close!
My Statuette from the Indiefest Film Festival finally arrived. I'm in love with this inanimate object x
Dude if you think I don't already have the clap you're dreaming 👍🏻…cMl
Shout out to all the Irish guys pretending they've been a fan of the UFC for over 15 years 😂😩😭
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Raheem Sterling losing his head in front of goal there. Again. #LFC
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"Kane, your super secret plan better work," - Seth Rollins...on camera. #RAWTonight
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Why is @FightOwensFight fighting 2 guys to fight someone he's already fighting in 6 days?!?! #raw @WWE
The coolest female moment in @WWE history since @MickieJames licked her fingers after rubbing @trishstratuscom fanny at Wrestlemania 22 #RAW
Can they just start telling us what seg John Cena and Kevin Owens will be in so I don't have to sit thru this recycled shit every week? #RAW
"Haters can hate" is not a valid excuse for acting the cunt every day of your life.
Rather interesting Skype meeting to LA. New projects on the way!
Make no mistake about it this video is the only good thing to come out of Las Vegas this weekend! #UFC189
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Snapchatting pictures of your TV with UFC on it is the new snapchatting pictures on your TV with hurling on it....until tomorrow
In all seriousness what an advertisement for the sport that is for all the 1st or 2nd time viewers tonight. A fuckin war #UFC189
CLASS: Fabian Delph on Aston Villa.
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Fuck of ruining my childhood Hollywood.…
🎶Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful🎶 RanDumb looking glorious in Book SouJj
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I LOVE the ART of pro wrestling. The craft. The "business"? Not so much.
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Why linger? Run to your desire...
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Brock Lasnar is awesome at the Street Fighter mini game. #RAW #RawChicago @WWE
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