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Tony Kelly
Big shoutout to the "This ice cream is gone to the dogs boy" young fella from earlier on.
Opel Fruits are still my favourite sweets. Just ate loads in bed.
In the cinema tonight phone wouldn't stop....home on my own now absolutely nobody messaging me #murphyslaw
4.34am still awake, no sign of sleep, Munster Junior Cup game tomorrow afternoon. #LifeUpdates
Heads are down and the creative juices are flowing!
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Hooray, same-sex weddings in Scotland will take place from Hogmanay: #equalmarriage
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Growing my Gar Campion beard is annoying as fuck #TheHurler
My mother's inability to use the sky remote just breaks my fucking heart
Montel Vontavious Porter "Official" - Like me. Please. I'm so alone.
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Happiness is a warm gun #unreal
Forgot Bono is in Across the Universe. Massive cunt.
It would take a Waterford man to save Ireland. Go on John O Shea you fucking legend.
Is the Monday Night War series on @WWENetwork finished then or what? #RAW @WWE
Finding it increasingly hard to not just go and buy Fifa 15
I would say I wish I grew up in the 70s but I love the internet too much.
Almost Famous warms my soul.
Hahaha I completely forgot Will Ferrell was in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
Brendan and Frank hugging on top of the cage after Brendan taps Koba = Emotional Wreck Tony #Warrior
Haha I bet you never thought you'd be in my bedroom in Ireland @FrankGrillo ;-)
My God that scene in Swingers where @Jon_Favreau keeps calling that girl gets more painful every time I see it. Squirming here.
I just got emotional over Eastenders, things are hitting an all time low.
Now I know what it feels like to be gay #TheRock @WWE #RAW
Somehow @TheRock reading his travel itinerary is more interesting than anything we've done to build Hell in a Cell. #RAWTonight
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God Damn it The Rock spoilered himself on Twitter!! I don't even care this is UNREAL #RAW @WWE
Remember when Vince would gauge the territory on what the New York fans thought? Yeah....#RAW @WWE
And I know 25 years sounds like a long time. I'm not old like I just started watching when I was about 4....Shut up.
Hahahahahaha....That Damien Sandow performance is the best thing I've seen in 25 years of watching wrestling @WWE #RAW
Time to rebrand this whole show and call it "Monday Night Rematch" #RAW
Only @WWE could make me hate a charity #RAW
We lived in a room together in NYC when I first moved.He kept me semi sane dunno what I did to him @markuscopeland
That look the hostess just gave me when I said "table for one, I'm here alone". Harsh.
Right so I'm in the country of England. The city of London to be exact. How do I go about seeing the Liverpool game later? #LFC
London I will be inside you soon....
Foot tattoos, just as unattractive as bare feet.
Looking forward to seeing every single thing that happens in Love/Hate this Sunday.....on my Facebook timeline
BBM and Bebo = 1000 > iMessage and Facebook #simplemaths
If someone dies during a flight, British Airways puts the body in first class.
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I get pregnant woman cravings at this hour of the night every night. Small pizza and a can of lucozade please.
Bulgarians hate it when you disrespect the Russian flag #RAW @WWE
"I'd love a go of something like that" - My father 5 seconds later
"I don't mind a bit of action but when it's impossible it's fuckin stupid" - My Father while he watches the Expendables
Just for today I will stay in the here and now. Today - this moment - I am free #mantra
This! Yes! RT @The305MVP: Proudly. I wasn't supposed to be alive this long. @DylanCadeW: @The305MVP starting to show your age 😁#imcominn