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Tony Kelly
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"I'm more dynamic than this Liverpool team, and I haven't moved since punk." When Stephen Hawking zings in a text, that cunt zings hard.
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Johnson at left full again??? Will this man never learn? #LFC
2 things about Vince McMahon. His hair is FINALLY growing back right after Wrestlemania 23....And he always wears that tie #RAW @WWE
What the fuck? A music video just came on MTV?
You know you've made it when prostitutes are liking your Instagram posts. #pimp
Rickie Lambert!! Unreal #LFC
Due to some technical iTune/Bandwidth difficulties this week's Tony Kelly Podcast w @The305MVP is delayed don't worry tho it's awesome! ;-)
Worm lives in British man’s brain for 4 years — RT UK…
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what movie better Pitch Perfect 2 or Punch Justin Bieber in the balls 600 times till he shit his pants 4?
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NEW YORK! Come see me read Pied Piper and Revolution - then sign at Barnes & Noble UNION SQUARE at 7pm
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I just wrote the last words on the script for the Hurler Pilot. The hard(er) work starts now! #TheHurler
It's been so long since I've offended anyone that I'm actually offended #MindFuck
I love that it's just "in doubt" RT @MirrorNFL Buffalo Bills' clash with New York Jets in doubt as stadium covered in 220,000 tonnes of snow
An old quote from Rodgers from when he arrived at Anfield. Which of his three groups are you in?
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The best of part of tonight's game will be the fact that both teams just walked out to Ric Flair's music #IrlUSA
In fairness one of the kids just came out with a classic to another one: "Are u something beginning with a G??? Gaaaayyyyyy" - Stealing it
Starbucks before the match. It's full of children. I hate children.
@tonykellycomedy 😂 never seen anyone eating a cornetto at one if our shows!
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Me and Spud last night with the man @EddieHearn! "Who goes to the fackin #boxing eating a ice cream?!" #Cornetto
Meself and Brian enjoying the bit of boxing 😛😂�
Great seats for the Macklin fight in the O2...I mean the 3 Arena...ah the Point Depot!
Failure is not an option
@tonykellycomedy just listened to last week's podcast, great stuff my friend.
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When will women learn that this while 1920s thing they're trying to make happen is the complete opposite of sexy?
Looking forward to @tonykellycomedy talking to @The305MVP on Tony Kelly's podcast should be a great one
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Delighted to announce next weeks guest on Tony Kelly Podcast is TNA Superstar and all round awesome dude @The305MVP!!
Would Fran from #LoveHate beat me at pool? He would in his arse.
Even with the spoiler I've NEVER seen an hour of TV like that in my life #lovehate #rtelovehate
Just had Love/Hate SPOILED on me on fucking SNAPCHAT by someone I barely even know. Un FUCKING believable
Thought Ed Sheeran's new song was sung by Paulo Nutini last night, young people laughed at me #officiallyold #stillfreshthough
Note to self: don't ever stay in a hotel with a nightclub underneath it again that closes at 5am when you have to be up at 7am
Spanish people love smoking
"Yep" is not the correct response to "thank you", Irish woman working in Starbucks in Dublin putting on fake American accent.
#ff and a big congrats to @tonykellycomedy Give him a follow and be sure to check out his brand new podcast.
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Wanna listen to the 1st episode of my Podcast but don't have iTunes? Easy! Listen direct from Podbean!…
Everytime I watch Point Break I want to learn to surf, sky dive and be friends with Gary Busey.
After 14 years, 100's of friends & countless memories, I'm here in @WWENXT .This is just the beginning of #FinnBálor
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So I'm older now than Keanu Reeve' character in Point Break. My life is officially over.
On the podcast me n Kirk talk about his experience in Reservoir Dogs, Dances With Wolves #EPL football and MUCH more…
Lads n lassies of my Twitter page.The Tony Kelly Podcast Ep1 w guest Kirk Baltz is out NOW!Download/Subscribe/Listen…
Recent Added on Netflix.....Point Break!? I'll be up all fuckin night.
Brand new Facebook page for the brand new "The Tony Kelly Podcast" come LIKE it for all the latest (It's out FRIDAY)…