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Tony Kelly
Following on from today's weather, I'm never spending the summer in Ireland again #Schoolboy
Corey Graves must be the best looking cock eyed dude of all time #RAW #RAWPreShow
Just saw the reporting of a Kardashian n her fella breaking up being sold as "HUGE BREAKING NEWS" on a credible news site.What have we done?
To be fair we shouldn't be too shocked that Bill Cosby admitted anything after THIRTY SEVEN people have already accused the prick.
Of course Bill Cosby wanted to play a Doctor on television. What a world where you could write your own prescriptions, eh Bill?!
I was always a "Sunny" man / pre pubescent boy #WWE #OldSchoolRaw #RAW
I've been watching old Attitude Era #RAW shows the last few days. Turns out my 13 yr old self was right, Sable was always a butter face.
Just saw a young fella take a shit at the side of the motorway. Drove past n looked just at the moment the shit fell out of his arse
When people give me shit about grey hair I'm reminded of all the people that said I would be dead before I was 21. ;-) Still here shining!
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Does anyone know what time the live WWE special from Japan is on tomorrow GMT?
As if I hadn't already planned this! ha…
George: “I want to be the one person who doesn’t die with dignity. I live my whole life in shame. Why should I die with dignity?”
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Glad I'm watching #Raw for the first time in a long time @JohnCena & @WWECesaro just tore the house down. Byron Saxton is a dickhead @WWE
I would LOVE if i could get Extreme Warfare Revenge for Mac. Fucking loved that game. #AdamRyland
The awkward moment when you're not the talented one in the relationship
VIDEO: Black man in Philly arrested WHILE HOLDING INFANT DAUGHTER for not paying her fare.…
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The closure of the 24 hour Tesco in Waterford is still affecting my life to this day.
"It's my day off today I'll get loads done" *Gets back into bed at 5pm after getting up at 12 and visiting grandparents for 5 hours* -Me
Also I will be in Orlando for two nights what's the story with me going to full sail to watch NXT? Is this possible?
Anyone any advice on Disney/Universal studios tickets? Im in Orlando the end of September for 3 days n wanna go...
Anyone else heartbroken that #LARRYISCOMINGBACK trending worldwide isn't because they've announced a new series of Curb You Enthusiasm?
You need to be a special kind of prick to be working out at the gym wearing sunglasses.
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Where the fuck do women find this endless supply of passive aggressive memes they seem to have?
UFC news on RTE Radio 1 news hahaha #Bandwagon
@tonykellycomedy lesson 1: 25 ways to pass off others' work as your own
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Do they just have a "list writing" class in Journalism school nowadays?
I mean I have it on DVD and I can watch it any time I want, but that's not the point
Nothing has made me as angry today as just founding out that the Godfather Part 2 has been on since half 7 and I didnt know
Typing a text and eating an ice cream snickers is way more difficult than I thought
It's as if I'm more tired than I was when I went to sleep. I did have a dream about flying a spaceship so that's prob where my energy went.
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One of the punches Sonny throws at the brother in law in the Godfather misses by a country mile and they still have the sound effect.
Happy Mother Fucker’s Day!
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While I'm on this rant, it's extremely disturbing to hear a girl/woman over the age of 12 refer to their Father as "Daddy"
Don't even get me started on people writing to "celebs" wishing them a happy Father's Day
Just a quick social media tip: if your Dad isn't on Facebook or Twitter he won't see your message about how he's "the best Dad on earth"
Donald Trump is running for President ! His campaign symbol will be a Red Squirrel - in memory of the dead one he keeps on top of his head
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I'm the worst at FIFA ever. My gfs 7yr old bro just beating me 2-0 scored 2 to gimme a chance n send it to pens and bet me anyway #ouch
This Saturday night in Mississippi @ImpactDOC gets the beating of a lifetime @GFWWrestling ! Witness the ass whoopin
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I actually left out a proper cheer. That's fucking writing #OrangeIsTheNewBlack
OK so I just finished Orange is the New Black Season 2. That is the best ending to a series I think I've ever seen.
Pope Francis is churning out Tweets like a motherfucker today
The dude from the 70s Show ruins every episode of Orange is the New Black she's in for me.
@machinegunkelly: @FightOwensFight did you take the belt for ‘best cheap shot’ home tonite?” *Title
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Jack Wilshere fined £40,000 for singing 'offensive songs', yet Ed Sheeran continues to get away scot-free? No bloody justice, lads.
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