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Tony Bellew
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I'll do it again tomorrow guys. The prizes are headphones, iPad covers, iPhone holders an many more vibe bits. @vibeaudio #VibeGiveaway πŸ‘
236 got it wrong guys. I defeated Mick O'Connell who was reigning champion. 25 of you got it right.. Congratulations to @stizzer77 #Vibe
Which former ABA Champion did I defeat to lift my first ABA Heavyweight title RT - Mick O'Connell FAV - John Lewis Dickinson #VibeGiveaway
The only people who never fail are those who never try... #believeinyourself
β€œ@smiggrr62: @TonyBellew @LIMFestival after yesterdays game tony who would you add to the swuad” Im 100% confident in the squad we have. πŸ‘
β€œ@LeonKnight_5: #FilthyFellas πŸ˜­β€ Oi this#FilthyFellass stuff has had me in tears! Your too much! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Had a nice day today with my family at the @LIMFestival great day all round... #Scousers #SeftonPark
β€œ@EvertonOptimum: Thanks to @lecarso & @TonyBellew for joining us today, good to see you both as always.” Pleasure as always πŸ‘ #COYBB
You don't always get what you deserve in football an today's game is the biggest example of that! The lads will bounce back I'm 100% sure! πŸ’™
Oi it's on today @LeonKnight_5 we ain't playin no games for 90 mins today... #EFC4LIFE
β€œ@EFCBlueFamily: Any chance of a RT @TonyBellew let's do this in memory of Rhys Jones” I think this is a great idea.
β€œ@niallnobiobrien: @TonyBellew you going to the footie today big fella ?” Does a bear shit in the woods?
From Monday next week I'm going to be doing give aways from @vibeaudio It'll be a FAV or RT to answer for the prize
β€œ@DazzerFury: @TonyBellew why do boxers take so long to get back in the ring?Why do they only fight 1-2 times a year.” I'd prefer 5 times
Wanna wish my little mate Anthony Dodson a very happy 12th birthday.. Have a good day mate #LittleChamp
Can't believe it's 7 years since Rhys Jones was taken! My thoughts are with his mother an father today. R.I.P Rhys X #KeepGunsOffOurStreets
If you believe I'd read that piece of shit for a paper then your more deluded than that old bat Thatcher! #S*n=Lies #JFT96
I can't believe this is Gazza, I just can't! This is just so so sad. Addictions are horrible things! #Gazza
Finally on the couch. Long day. Liked what I saw today. Cannot wait to fight for the WBO title in that arena. Gonna be amazing.πŸ‘Œ#AndtheNEWW
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Don't use your phone while filling up your car with petrol! The consequences can be fatal!
I accept the challenge from @RBarkley20 an @CraigGards8 I now nominate @dannzy1 @Carl_Froch an @SpecialKBrook
Ross an Craig I accept your ice bucket water challenge and I nominate Carl Froch, Kell Brook and Neil…
Ok so I get voted to do the ice bucket challenge by not one person but two! πŸ˜‚@RBarkley200 an@CraigGards88 πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜«β„#IceBucketChallengeenge
Back training with Billows today! I can honestly say I have not missed him an his methods! He just loves to push me to my limits! #OhWell 😊
.@TonyBellew is our special guest on Merseyside Sport tonight. Tweet us your questions and we'll put the best to him.
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My mate is putting on this event for you ravers out there... He knows how to put on events does @DjLeeButler #Party
About to go live on @bbcmerseysport in the next 5 mins talking about myself and the greatest football club ever.. πŸ˜‰
🎀 I take my case to trial hire the dream team, Robbie Kardashian Johnny Cocoran I seen things! I dream big..🎀#AliBomayeye
It's nothing special, but here is my status about Glyn for non-FB users, as I've been asked to post
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I met @BoxingMonthlyED with James Toney in Tulsa in 1993. We had fun. But, month after month, Glyn worked so hard on his mag. We'll miss him
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Truly devastated! We spoke regularly an I just can't believe it! R.I.P my friend @BoxingMonthlyED truly gutted... 😒 #GreatManSoVerySadd
Had a nice day today at Chester zoo with mine an me brothers family, finished off with a little Nandos. #QueensSq
β€œ@woodhousecurtis: @TonyBellew I might need back up for this one champ, you ready???” I got your back ma man. You think we can take him?
This is the fella who's gonna get ya? Am I right in believing this? @woodhousecurtis thing is are you ready?
I'm crying here! Stop it you pair of jokers @woodhousecurtis an @LeonKnight_5 tell him to leave it eh😭
Two things that define you: Your patience when you have nothing, an your attitude when you have everything. Both should always remain same
So happy for @SpecialKBrook he's done it! Gone to the champions backyard and ground out the win! Kell Brook champion of the WORLD! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
Lads were unlucky today! Didn't deserve to concede that last goal! Tough on us I thought, we were by far the better team IMO.. #COYB
So happy to hear the lads back on city talk @RadioCity967 especially saint! On route the match.. #CityTalk
Buzzing with tyson watching my spar today, pleasure to meet one of the greatest ever πŸ‘οΏ½
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Gutted for Ross, he's a very strong lad an seeing him yesterday I know he'll be back as strong as ever! Very mentally tough individual. COYB
β€œ@JMcEntrepreneur: @TonyBellew do you think Kell will do it Bomber?” I'm really hoping so! It's a tough one.. Kell is in a big fight here.
Boxing Trivia: Which former world champion shadow boxes at a lightning pace with no top on in crowded Cardiff nightclubs?
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Good luck to everyone receiving there A level results today! I hope you all get the grades you wanted.. Education is the right way to go πŸ‘
Finally home. Like I said the break was really nice but I just wanna get back to work an start punching people again!