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Conal Francis ♛
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Liecster square tonight!
Simon is deeeeeep 
If Kumit the frog would be sick it would look like guacamole!!
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Lol sorry you aint getting through haway.
"@AyoBalogun23: I regret my arguments on here looool" #NOREGRETS
Wonder how @CherylOfficial likes her eggs in the morning?
"@MissJSamuels: White twitter... Come get your mum off my fucking screen..." no let me ma have her fun.
Love this part of the show #xfactor
But Cheryl? You get enough sleep and you still can't sing..#XFactor
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Simon wink is too creepy #xfactor
shes good that drunk confidance #xfactor
Lmao yes ten #xfactor you still drunk?
"@FoxCalvin90: X factor won't feel the same without a take away 😢" or with icecream
"@Imogen_Thomas: I'm looking for a good art designer! Anyone recommend?" @oliverproudlock or @LarnyArt
Why has seeing @MrPeterAndre on the iceland advert made me want to shop their? Dam.
This is sooo tight of #XFactor -FACTOR to be fair - poor girl - shes only young>she wasnt that bad to be fair :O(…
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Round 2 tonight? or is it a Xfactor & Match of the day night? well i can record both, bring on round 2 #Lethal
Some of you boys need to man the fuck up.
Make each day count, be true to yourself & dont get sucked into things that will knock you off your path of life.
"@MissJSamuels: I need a new TV series to watch." Orphan black 100% suggest you watch it.
Had a good old irish party last night was great, now im hungover but still drinking #PaddyProblems
I can't sleep! Why do I feel like this days before I go ibiza I better be fine tomorrow FFS 😤
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Just caught up on #Xfactor how good are @BlondeElectric had some good energy
@Se_rene_UK @Helen_Wood86 @ConalFrancis @Jale_ why you tagging jale? It's a joke no need to be so serious 😂😂
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@Se_rene_UK @ConalFrancis @Helen_Wood86 bad upbringing?😹 we both know Helen from bigbrother so you judging her is the same as me 😊
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@ConalFrancis @Helen_Wood86 @Se_rene_UK Ere we av sum1 wantin 2 mak a name 4 themself by attackin Helen! Do Us a fav pakup Ur crayons & G2F!
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@ConalFrancis Redneck hair: dead thick, dead straight. Reproduces at an accelerated rate.
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@ConalFrancis @Helen_Wood86 @Se_rene_UK Direct hit scored I see!! #wannabe #nevergonnabe <--HINT!! Lol..... on that note I'm out babe's! xXx
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@ConalFrancis @Helen_Wood86 @Se_rene_UK ur just making yourself look jealous love!! Give up u look a twat!! Lol
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@Helen_Wood86 @ConalFrancis @JamieLaing_UK Are from made in chelsea have you heard about the show?
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: #Gym time! Pre workout boost from Best Life Amplify! this ones for the guys and girls . Try
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@ConalFrancis 20 chicken nuggets & chips 👌 and maybe a burger 😹
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Breakfast is here wikd, @McDonalds take note from @bluebirdchelsea breakfast menu
"@TaraMorgs: @ConalFrancis @Helen_Wood86 didnt think you would of watched big brother or known who helen wass" i love big brother.
Ok i took a look at the mcdonalds breakfast menu i died, none for me time to go @bluebirdchelsea for my breaky have a good day all.
@ConalFrancis @Helen_Wood86 isn't slug worth off Charlie and the chocolate factory?😂
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"@TaraMorgs: @ConalFrancis baccon and egg mcmuffin" sounds like a heart attack waiting to happen.
"@boysie26: @ConalFrancis a subway" to be honest sounds more appealing.
@ConalFrancis @ColeSalthouse 😂😂😂 slightly harsh for this hour & that's coming from me haha!
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