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Conal Francis‏
Tom from Hollyoaks is pharell
16k 😌 thanks for the love guys 💕
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Is my mum really youtubing how to belly dance  #Weirdo
Lets talk about sex baby lets talk about you and me.
Believe it's very hard to annoy me nowadays 💫
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"@_KimAshton: If you ain't 18+ don't hit me up" word
When a girl says she has a babe's I'm backing off and staying content in the friend zone man ain't hone wrecker I can get my own
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"@Sarah_Purn: Wide awake no thanks to jet lag" Unlucky
Not that deep @HollyGShore cheer up kid, charlotte won big brother she dont need you anymore. 
seriously @CashHarrison needs to win #bbuk hes so chilled out and cool , if anyone in house dilikes him there just jealous of him.
"@BiherrrrSays: “@ConalFrancis: my new partner in crime @BiherrrrSays haha” 🚨 I'm batman and your robin😁" no no im phil youre grant 
"@Daisie_Smith: Central line: you're the most rank tube line ever" i always step on gum or spit when i go on central line its horrid.
@DannyRawden98: @GazGShore I reckon you in love with @Marniegshore tbf 💑💑” hahaha wow by the end of the series u won't be thinking that 😂🙈
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