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Tomo Milicevic
musicmusicians 306,654 followers
Well Paraguay! That was fun thank you all so much for having us and I can't wait to see you all again!
Paraguay estoy aquí!!! Estamos emocionados de estar aquí por primera vez es hombre!!!
Onde está todos meu lado do palco dançando e cantando amigos acaso ONDE R U!!!
BRAAAAAAAZIL!!! Obrigado tanto para um passeio inesquecível! Tenho a sensação de que vai voltar mais cedo do que você pensa!!!
Well Rio, once again you've proven that you really the most amazing crowd on earth. Until we meet again!!!
I really want the MARS CREW to sweep this!!! They deserve it don't you think?!?!?
Vote for the MARS CREW and for LLFD Tour for the TPI awards! Let's sweep this thing!…
"Didn't get a chance to go Behind the Curtain with @tomofromearth today? Don't miss your last chance - visit...
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To my backstage peeps sorry I couldn't do it today but I'm sure Shannon did a great tour! I hope tomorrow my back doesn't hurt so bad!
I have to say thank you to all the Brazilians. You guys really show me a lot of love and I appreciate it! Y'all make a boy so happy. 😭
That suck man! Hope you feel better. Stay home and don't get anyone else sick!!! @VestigeOfMARS
Vocês brasileiros são loucos! Eu adoro!!! Ouvi dizer que agora deixa-me comer em paz! hahaha
Anyone want to come to sound check or get the backstage tour at today's show?? #RioDeJaneiro #MARSinBrazil
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The Brazilians would like to say hello. Haha
Hang Forever was awesome, no doubt about it. You have NO IDEA the storm that's brewin!!! @broken6277 @ivylevan
Guess what everyone! @ivylevan has something she wants to say so y'all best be listening! RETWEET this like mad!
You guys are insane out there! Haha, I'll come out and at hello when I'm done eating dinner... Calma!!!
Hello Rio!!! Just landed. I'm tired. :-)
Oh Rio!!! I'm on the plane and headed your way!!! Are you all ready for the show tomorrow?!?!? São Paulo set the bar pretty high!!!
Well São Paulo it's been real! Headed to airport, I'll see ya next time!!! Até a próxima!!!
Ouvi dizer que caras gritando lá em baixo! hahaha
I see you guys down there. ;-)
Damn São Paulo. I just woke up and wow, you guys were so goddamn insane last night I just can't believe it. Dare I say it, best crowd?!?!
Brazil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You all have some serious competition ahead of you for best crowd in the universe! Are you up to the challenge?
Chilé I am still buzzing from that incredible show last night!!! It is gonna be very hard to top that crowd! Love you all!
.@ivylevan hahahahahAhha!!!!!! I CHALLENGE @lucasbanker and @vckbee Flail away mofos... Flail away.
Hey you crazy Chilean mofos!!! I can see you down there!!! Hahaha
Well Argentina, you said you would be and you were. The greatest crowd I've ever seen in my life!!! I f'ing love you all so much!!!
I see you crazy Argentinians! You guys are hysterical!
I can tell tomorrow is gonna be a great f'ing show!!! Such a nice greeting from everyone outside!
If you all haven't yet been exposed to this brilliance courtesy of @PaulHughescomic yet, you're welcome.
Argentina!!!!!! We are here!!! Are you all ready for a few shows?!?!?!?!? I know I am!
If you all haven't yet been exposed to this brilliance courtesy of @PaulHughescomic yet, you're welcome.
Peru you all were amazing! Thank you for an incredible first time!!! I'll never forget my first time! Haha 😜
Hey Peru!!! Are you all ready for tonight?!?!? I am so happy to finally be here for the first time! Fiorella! Thank you for the letter!
Ecuador you guys were insane!!! The shows just keep getting better and the crowds are nuts!!! I LOVE LATIN AMERICA!!! 😘😍😁
ECUADORRRRRRRRRR!!!! Are you F'ING ready for tonight?!?!? I have a feeling this is going to be insane!!!
.What a powerful painting. I love it. @ksyusha_dreamer
Oh they were loud, but this was some next level shit. I couldn't even hear my guitar or Jared tonight ha! @iamCoCoMartinez @EchelonSoldier
You guys were loud for sure, but not even close to this. This was the loudest crowd ever. @jaredluvpierogi @replay3030 @Brigita_Echelon
Costa Rica, holy shit. That was the loudest craziest audience I've ever seen!!! Hey Ecuador, you guys are next. Are you ready?!?!?