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Tomo Milicevic
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.We are BEYOND excited to come back to Brazil!!! @jay_shannon2
EXCITED!!! PINE KNOB!!! “@MI_Echelon: 7 DAYS until @30SECONDSTOMARS #CarnivoresTour comes to Michigan 🔜🔜🔜”
Tell your friends family + loved ones about the #CarnivoresTour w/@30SECONDSTOMARS + @linkinpark on Sept 15!
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@tomofromearth I just want to thank you for the sad truth about PETA, it's disgusting but let's fight ourselves!
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.I'll say this just once ok? So spread it around. If you spit negativity on my timeline you're blocked, period. Capito???
.Peta is the enemy and has no love for animals. Only money... @Bou_xox @peta2
.This is amazing everyone thank you!!! @SilkeSpangl @30STMARMY
GET A JOB HIPPIE! JK... Practice really hard. “@MycaellaCastro: what would you say to someone who wants to be a great guitarist like you?”
.It reminds me of a style of my favorite graphic novel "The Preacher" so cool. @Tanya_Paperniuk @30SECONDSTOMARS
.Vitamin water is on many of the "10 worst foods you can eat" lists FYI. @bostonstrongg_ @MelanieMaynard1
.That pretty much describes it. I have fountains of boogers flowing from my face holes. @MelanieMaynard1
Watch a special evening on the #CarnivoresTour, LIVE, no matter where in the world you are. —
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.That was just the other night when we called the winner on @VyRT! @kelly_kalman @jaredsoso
.If ur at the show today in Darien Lake please reply with #And?
In other news, Hey Darien Lake are ya ready?!?!? I have a bad nasty fucking cold but I will do my best to not suck for ya tonight. #And?
To those that get it I thank you for understanding. To those that really don't get it, I only apologize that you don't see why ur wrong...
.If anyone actually thinks that they are ENTITLED to know what's going on in our personal lives, I'm sorry but you are wrong. @OhAstronaut
.Whos gonna join us for the Hollywood Bowl VyRT?!?!? Get ur tix below!!!
.Thank you. That other letter was pretty F'd up... @EchelonGabriela
.How was the performance tonight everyone? Everyone @FallonTonight was so kind and accommodating! Can't wait to come back and do it again!