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Tom Fletcher
"Hi my name's Dougie, I like hats"
My bass players.
…what do you mean there’s more to that rhyme?!
I just ate a whole tub of beans. Good for your heart if the rhyme is to be believed.
My lid has been flipped. 📵
The first time we played with each other looked something like this. #McBustedTOURPLAY
A year ago today we celebrated 10 years of McFly and introduced the world to McBusted at the Royal Albert Hall!
If my iPhone 6 doesn’t arrive before I leave for the studio I’ll flip my lid.
Flash. Bang. Baby cry. Tonight’s soundtrack
@alovelikePUDD: some people suit brightly coloured hair. some people do not. u are one of these people @tommcfly” which one?!
@tommcfly @Dannymcfly technically a year to the day just not the date cause the first day was a Thursday night x
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If you've not got #McBustedTOURPLAY tickets yet your teeth might fall out. They probably won't...but they might.
You know when you've been running around all morning like crazy yet your FuelBand says you've burnt the calories of a single Oreo? Yeah that
Wanna be in my vlog? Pics with glasses asap. Go!
The weirdest thing just happened... I farted and my wife winked at me. ?
So far my day has been meetings about pooping dinosaurs, toy shopping and lunch with @CarrieHFletcher. Fun times.
Why is Christmas trending? Actually, why isn't Christmas ALWAYS trending?!
Mrs F has vlogged again. Coffee With Gi - TMI TAG (minus coffee!):
Too. Much. Granola.
Stolen from Wolfcub_GD on twitter #McBusted
Amazing drone-selfi of climbers on the summit of the Matterhorn
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Riding on my UFO in Hyde Park at sunset. That's just how I roll.
Check out this video by @wheezywaiter. I don’t know him but I watch his vids and this one is particularly amazegood!
Keep sending in your awesome #MyTOURPLAY pics, we're going to pick our 3 favourites tomorrow :)
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Life hack: Out of deodorant? Use someone else’s.
(Ok, it’s not better than Star Wars but you should definitely still come and see it) #McBustedTOURPLAY
Due to tickets going so fast & because our movie is better than Star Wars we’ve added screenings #McBustedTOURPLAY…
Acton, Fulham, North Finchley, Croydon Grants & Edinburgh Ocean Terminal. Tickets: #McBustedAtVue
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.@mcbusted fans! Due to AMAZING demand we've added even more screens to see #McBustedAtVue at the following cinemas. #McBustedTOURPLAY
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I may have accidentally dyed my hair purple. Oooops.
Ha! Lols! Dinosawesome! Good one me!
I totally made that up myself today.
What do you call an awesome dinosaur? Dinosawesome
In fact I’d go as far as to say it’s potentially my fave ever episode. Espesh Doc casually chillin on top of the Tardis at the beginning.
Just watched the “Listen” episode of Doctor Who…that was bloomin awesome!!!!
Life hack: feeling hungry? Eat things. You’re welcome.