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Tom Fletcher
I like days that involve time travelling deloreans.
Is anyone else already looking forward to this years John Lewis Christmas advert?
It could mean that these points in time inherently contain some sort of cosmic significance.
Cloudy with a chance of raspberries and cucumber.
Potentially my favourite of Buzz's outfits.
My days are so busy, there’s so much to do. Bum-diddly bum-diddly, bum-diddly do.
Pls can all retweet? Anything to help find this girl, local to me, missing since Thursday. Thank you. #FindAlice
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Buzz, take off your 3D glasses and put your hover board away, Daddy's gonna show you how real games are played.
Cat: ✔️ Friends: ✔️ Soft furry blanket: ✔️ Manliness: ❌
I’m just gonna put this out there…I think Guardians Of The Galaxy might just be the best superhero movie of all time so far.
Anyone in this area please keep your eyes open.…
I just realised that my "shrunk the doctor" tweet yesterday was weirdly appropriate for tonights ep. Totes channeled my inner time lord.
Holy peanuts, X Factor has started already?! Well, I'm not gonna say it but I know you're thinking it...
I thought Doctor Who was wicked again tonight. Capaldi, I'm in!
Guardians Of The Galaxy is THE best movie EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Looking forward to reading this :D
these wonderful characters...especially at such a magical time of year! 🎄🎅
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The novella Christmas with Billy and Me will be available from 6th November. I can't tell you how lovely it's been to be reunited with...
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I've got some exciting news for you this morning... It's time to go back to Rosefont Hill and spend the festive season with Sophie & Billy
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The wife and son are away so I’m watching sharks on National Geographic in bed at 1:55am.
I don't want to go to bed but I really should. Damn you Storage Wars!
Spent all day at the studio making music then came home, got the guitar out and made more music.
Honey I Shrunk The Doctor.
Sister on train.
I just poured a huge bowl of cereal and said to myself "Tom, you've poured too much. Don't eat all that". Then I ate it. Then I regretted it
Ever get the feeling someone is watching you sleep?...
I’ve got absolutely nothing to tweet about. Now what?
Doing overtime at the office.
Check out these dudes @SeafretOfficial. Their song Give Me Something is wicked cool.
Seeing strangers cry is really sad.
It’s down traffic, not my diva-ness.
I’m totes running proper late for the studio like a right professional pop band person.
@Nicky1991: @tommcfly but Tom why?? I mean white hair = old!!! ;(” …and/or chocolate.
@Nicky1991: @tommcfly but Tom why?? I mean white hair = old!!! ;(” Thanks for your opinion. Yours is the colour of poo. 💩
@annatheduck: @tommcfly at least now you know what you’ll look in 50 years 👱👴” yeah, sexy. 😝
Not a big throwback but a little one.. Copenhagen. Amazing show. #tbt
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I wonder if anyone has said “if I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times” a thousand times.
I’d really like an underground lair. Like the batcave but warmer.
Me and @dougiemcfly having a serious discussion and heated debate about current affairs.
I got a new cape.
I'd very much like to play a show again soon. Missing this!
I took my clothes to the charity shop after the tour. Nice to see they went to a good cause.
The best twins playing Star Wars on harps dressed as ewoks video I've seen so far today.…