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I look like the queen of the emos omfg
My hair is a tinted purple and blonde now. Dear lord help me
Is Eurovision actually on tonight?!? Why aren't I drunk
Going to spend most of the night trying to write essays for media #topstudent
You actually make me want to cut out my eyes
Really want to do something fun tonight
Mum just called me by my whole name. Shit is about to hit the fan
Teens smoking weed outside the school #thisiswhyweareaband5school #classy
Teachers tell us to revise more but they don't seem to understand that we still have coursework to finish as well as homework they set us
Really want green in my hair
Did I fucking stutter?
Go put your mouth on the curb I'll be out in a moment 💁
Finally got an overall B in English. Might actually get into uni now 👍👍👍👍
Just saw a math teacher picking his nose #classy #golddigger
Pepsi doesn't taste the same without rum
In the mood for blueberry vodka. I need to get drunk soon
Debating whether to go to school today
When I needed you, you weren't there
Need sleep but coursework
Pretty sure you hate me so I'm just going to lay under a rock and die 💁👍