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Thomas L. Friedman
الإشتراك بقسم الرأي في النيويورك تايمز يمكّنك من قراءة مقالات لِ @AlaaAswany و كتّاب آخرين
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Ultimately @LinkedIn would like to represent every member of the global workforce, all 3 billion - @jeffweiner #economicgraph #NYTnnw
Busteed @GallupEducation: Kids are not low on goals or agency, they're low on pathways. We need to build excitement for the future #NYTnnw
Advice to recent college grads from @HireArt: Figure out what you actually bring to the table - know what you're good at #NYTnnw
If the world wants something, says @benkaufman @Quirky, why should there be any barriers preventing that from happening? #NYTnnw
James Manyika @McKinsey, says a "job" is part of an income entrepreneur's portfolio -it's no longer an end, but part of the means #NYTnnw
Besides when hiring its engineers, Google doesn't look for expertise; the ability to learn and curiosity is paramount #NYTnnw
GE's @bethcomstock says we're at an "interesting nexus of hardware and software", you need to "wield a welding gun and write code" #NYTnnw
CEO's used to be in the answer business... today they're not giving answers, they're creating corporate cultures- @DovSeidman #NYTnnw
Going forward @SebastianThrun believes we will see professional credentials outside of the university system that carry weight #NYTnnw
There's one thing Obama would still like to see us to do address climate change. New column by @tomfriedman
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Thrilled to announce NYT Opinion - the first standalone subscription to our opinion section, and our new iPhone app:
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The Next New World: a New York Times Conference with Thomas L. Friedman, June 12 in San Fran - agenda & register:
Hiking w @tomfriedman in highlands of Kurdistan discussing environment protection as binding,unifying interest for ME
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Could Yemen run out of water? Find out on the next @YEARSofLIVING, Monday 6/2 @ 8pm ET/PT. Info:
Climate change as a “threat multiplier” and "stressor". See what's next on @YEARSofLIVING, airing 6/2
Watch for free thru Sun., the 1st 4 parts of Years of Living Dangerously, where I & others report on climate change:
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How to Get a Job at Google, Part 2
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Parallel Parking in the Arctic Circle
MJ Rosenberg gets the anti-Israel BDS movement right.…
From Putin, a Blessing in Disguise