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Tom Felton EU ❤
Hello to all new followers! ❤ ❤ @t22felton #t22felton #tomfelton #tfeu #murderinthefirst #pics #handsome #harrypotter #dracomalfoy #erichblunt 💜 💜
The Tom Felton EU Daily is out! Stories via @CamillaTFM
Even if all Potterheads out there may disagree, I think from now on @TomFelton's best role is Erich Blunt! Such an amazing acting job! 👍
Had a weird dream last night: @Erich_Blunt killed @TomFelton for impersonating him on Twitter! Too much watching @MurderFirstTNT 😝
Good morning! We wish everyone a wonderful day! ❤ @t22felton #t22felton #tomfelton #tfeu #murderinthefirst #pics #handsome #harrypotter #dracomalfoy #erichblunt 💜 💜
@EmmaCDFelton: @TomFeltonEU best episode so far. I feel like there is more drama coming for the last episodes. So excited though!😁😊” dito!
@TomFeltonEU favorite episode so far. Told my husband Erich was going to walk out & admit it now that he was acquitted. Great writing/acting
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Was Erich Blunt involved in the death of Kevin Nyers? Watch #MurderintheFirst Mondays at 10/9c on @tntdrama.
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I wonder how a smart guy like @Erich_Blunt can be so dumb to forget using a condom?! @TomFelton @ericlodal any thoughts on that? 😜
I'm so proud of @TomFelton's job in @MurderFirstTNT! Can't wait to tell all friends & family to turn on their TVs on 30/9 in Germany!!! 😍
What did you think of last nights episode? #murderinthefirst
The Tom Felton EU Daily is out! Stories via @TomFelton_NET
I'm still not over last nights @MurderFirstTNT episode. Erich really left me speechless. Brilliant acting, @TomFelton! 💜
Neither us nor @TomFelton_NET is connected to the @Erich_Blunt Twitter! Just saying. Don't know for the other fan accs tho -.-
Note: This account is in no way related to any fan account of @TomFelton neither to Tom or @MurderFirstTNT! Just a drama fan role playing!
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Haha Erich Blunt is on Twitter! 😂 And I'm not talking about@TomFeltonn!@Erich_Bluntt <--- 😝
What do you think? Did I kill that dumb bitch? Or did I not?
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Hey @MurderFirstTNT RT if you think @TomFelton broke one off tonight. How awesome was he? #missyou
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Wow that was a blast of an episode! But it wasn't the end! Something must still happen! 😱 Excited!@MurderFirstTNTT@ericlodall@TomFeltonn
I sooo hoped it wasn't him! 😳 But I somehow knew he was. And@TomFeltonn knew it all the time! Teasing little bugger! 😜
Don't gloat a woman is dead"..Erich "I know..I killed the Dumb Bitch" omg ha ha I flipping Knew he Killed her !! I said it
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And the Verdict Is.........NOT GUILTY!!!!!....😨😨😨😨
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"My foreperson, will you hand the verdict to the bailiff. Would you read the verdict?" "We the jury find Eric Blunt...."#MurderInTheFirst
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