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Tom Felton EU ❤
Ha ha what Draco would do if he met @TomFelton lol credit to Ren in our Tom Felton Fan Club on FB 󾌲
@Canovas90: Buenas noches a todos, el mejor día de mi vida, thanks @TomFelton
I finally found THE perfekt new pair of @TOMS!!!!! #happy
AFM: Goldcrest Picks Up 'Against the Sun,' Starring 'Harry Potter's' Tom Felton (EXCLUSIVE)
Sexy! 😍 ❤ @t22felton #t22felton #tomfelton #tfeu #FeltonDay #clavius #movie #actor #pics #handsome #harrypotter #dracomalfoy @jadeolivia_g 💜 💜
So now I will have all my items from eBay UK sent to UK and forwarded to me. It's even my official address cause I need it anyways soon 😜
Have a great week everyone! ❤ @t22felton #t22felton #tomfelton #tfeu #FeltonDay #clavius #movie #actor #pics #handsome #harrypotter #dracomalfoy @jadeolivia_g 💜 💜
If you are willing to help, please email me to for more details :)
I have an off topic request. Would someone from England accept items from eBay UK and forward them together to me? Would save much postage.
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I'm still not fully healed and I might never be, but even the smallest steps mean a huge new world to me 😃
At the moment I feel like I finally started to live. Never expected speech therapy to do such a wonder to me ❤ #selectivemutism
Yeah 3 am and I am preparing stuff for a shortly planned BBQ with friends tomorrow lol #insomnia #forgotmypills #latesummer
Woah. My brother in law is playing guitar for his wife. He's sooo good! 😍
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I think the best gift I could have is @TomFelton wishing me a Happy 17th Birthday :') @TomFeltonEU
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Wanted to go to bed early tonight. Now I found Lord of the Rings on TV. Won't be able to stop watching until the end lol
Tom & Ed 😍 ❤ @t22felton #t22felton #tomfelton #tfeu #FeltonDay #clavius #movie #actor #pics #handsome #harrypotter #dracomalfoy #essheeran @jadeolivia_g 💜 💜 thanks so much! Can't wait to hear from you... T #Tulsa #Oklahoma #Wizardworld
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If you're from Tulsa or going to be in Tulsa the weekend 7th Nov and your a Superfan of someone or going to #wizardworld please email us at
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Super special #FF to @TomFelton and @feltonsfanatics ❤ Have a wonderful weekend! 💜💙💚
Jade - It's a tea and biscuits day.
Lol! My cats love porridge as much as I do. 😍#breakfasttogetherr
watched hbp for the nth time. I had this scene on repeat 'coz I can't get enough of @TomFelton @TomFeltonEU Happy #FF
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Two round birthdays this month. One tomorrow and one next Saturday. Have to get my party dresses out again 😍
Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of tweets. I'm very busy with life and work 😜
t22felton's photo OMG!!!!! 😍 Now I'm jealous@TomFeltonn!!!
@Medivet_UK Plz help @FindTobyTerrier BT who was stolen Friday. We are trying to flood Twitter. Plz RT #findtoby x
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We wish a wonderful 10th birthday to @MimiKirkland 💐🌷
The Tom Felton EU Daily is out! Stories via @MuggleNet
I love my new camera!!!!! ❤
Yeah, getting a cold again. Sneezing all 10 minutes with a running nose and a sore throat -.-
@DAMAN_Magazine: “It's better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.” – @MattDamon #quote
His hair 😂😂😂 ❤ @t22felton #t22felton #tomfelton #tfeu #FeltonDay #clavius #movie #actor #pics #handsome #harrypotter #dracomalfoy @jadeolivia_g 💜 💜