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sara burns
just remember i would've flipped the entire world upside down for you
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tbh give me @chrissyteigen or give me death
@fightforfood @tomatosurprises thank you, Christopher. Generally I only wanna see jokes here, but damn, Sara, you barf beautiful words.
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One of the most beautiful and original accounts I've come across recently is @tomatosurprises and I think that everyone should follow her
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a man's just told me "I bet you're hard to date" so I unhinged my jaw and a murder of crows flew out and they all cawed "you've got no idea"
We sat shoulder to shoulder looking out over the roads and it could've been minutes or days when you quietly said to me We Are Not Like Them
y👏 dont👏 all 👏my 👏selfies👏 have 👏a million 👏favs👏
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I'm sorry I set fire to the letters you wrote me but I was very cold
a quaint little glimmer in her eye that upon very close inspection reads RUN BOY RUN
meanwhile I am wearing what could only be described as soccer ma chic & a man just nodded at me on the street & yelled "ayy party hardy huh"
learn that the erosions cast by familiarity are far more beautiful & provoking than the glossy exterior of newness could ever possibly be
I do not wish it were me anymore but I do often wonder what guides you home at night
I thought I needed you to be more and you thought you needed me to be less but what we needed was to forget what we thought we needed
we kiss and laugh and drink and die take it all very seriously and bone marrow blooms maggots, heaven isn't above us it's right here
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dick deep in this 20th century short story anthology & thereby living the literal good life
#wcw @tomatosurprises beyond gorgeous girl with a beautiful mind.
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guys do I have to drop this hint every fucking week or
ok you're playin skyrim & realize you gotta start over with a cuter better character w cooler stats but it is me & it is my real actual life
yo come over n let me smith some words for u
I refuse to slow down I refuse to pair off I refuse to hush or to quiet or to calm or to settle and my god do I refuse to stop questioning
*shoos you from tweets* these weren't meant for you
I think I will write about you until the day I die and maybe in old age someone will ask me who those pieces were about and maybe I will lie
if someone does not deserve the words you have got for them are you meant to write them anyway
this too shall pass *in very tiny, unreadable print* but not before completely destroying you first
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