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sara burns
do not litter unless its a love note to me and youre sure ill find it
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Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins
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all those times we threw our arms up in frustration we'd actually been wildly reaching for each other, we just didn't understand it yet
burn all the reasons you keep those unsaid things under your tongue & then say the words aloud to burn them too
do you even know how many alternate realities we had to sidestep to get to each other
though you do not need it, here is permission to fall in deep and unwavering love with yourself
WHY aren't we all talking about the sex scene between angelina jolie and elizabeth mitchell in hbo's gia. please and thank u.
Whoa just realized F.ross R.achel I.oey E.obe N.onica D.andler S.ome friends
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didn't your mama ever tell you not to antagonize girls with bows in their hair
idk i'm having a great time why u ask well i'll tell u it's because my plants have grown to make out with each other
people ask me "does she speak like she tweets?" and i say "sometimes. but other times she says things like 'bring me skittles'"-my boyfriend
we'll laugh at our tragedies and cry at our jokes and revel in knowing that's the way it should be
get em freaked out real fast with honest to goodness sincerity
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I don't know who's in charge here but I don't think it's me.
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i hope you find something you can't stop thinking of & i hope you're still figuring it out & i hope you are full of What Is This I Want More
Whoops, something went wrong... yes, Netflix. More than u could ever know
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just trying to be more tire swing chaos, more laughter so hard there's no sound, more still before the train comes
So, @tomatosurprises tweets are definitely my heart in words.
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make things that move you and do things that change you and soon enough you are moving and changing all of us
step 1: take great care to slowly & intricately put the pieces of you back in place step 2: lol. go ahead & destroy that shit step 3: repeat
"they'll fix it in post," i whispered after every important conversation i have ever had
hey it's travis ur AIM boyfriend where u been guurl
I Must Have Been Frightened By Punctuation As a Child‼️I NEED 2GET 4TH GRADER 2LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER,AS I CLOSE MY EYES & THROW&!.,?AT PHONE
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someday someone is going to utterly destroy you & maybe they already have but trust me the indifference will come & trust me it is beautiful
newsflash: you are important and necessary and please be careful with your force of gravity
My coworker is pregnant and they passed a card around and I didn't know what to write so I just put HAVE A GOOD BABY TANYA
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who is your god & more importantly who have you said your prayers to on the days she wasn't listening
I've Cut My Hands On Many An Ending But Beginnings Have Sharp Edges Too
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whatever is getting u down has literally nothing on these pepper sproutlings
I'm so happy I could just ruin it
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I have "Live Laugh Love" painted in blood above the door of my house
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#ff no chaos but your own, imo
i don't believe in ghosts but i do believe in words & i plan on haunting you with mine for a very long time
the terrible thing about beginning to know someone utterly luminous is that everything else begins to seem utterly lackluster
terrified and wondrous, hbu

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