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sara burns
they forgot to tell us that missing someone starts to feel a lot like piety
So You Loved Somebody Unlovable
catch me looking up James Blake's relationship status on wikipedia with the gravest importance
cool soul u have (finders keepers)
"yes, twitter will love this." -me always when I have cute/terrible thoughts
Flirtatiously letting something destroy me.
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you had to avoid the nagging misgiving that you were never extraordinary but she loved you like you were
the heart wants what the heart wants without even asking your permission first
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if you do not follow Ariel & Michael I really do not know what you think you're up to; .@TheVulgarVag & .@_MichaelVincent ; heaven sent
we didn't know if she was laughing at us or if she was laughing with us but we knew she was laughing and we knew we never wanted her to stop
you changed my world, you idiot
every so often I properly recall what it was like to have nothing but you coursing through my veins & for just a moment I miss it terribly
let go of something tonight
the sound the ocean makes when you've swam out too far
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i'm not sure how i've kept myself from running to you
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you cried and i cried too and we left only one pool on our pillowcase
did you know that you make it very easy for people to walk in and out of your world when you've made a habit of running fast and far
i love saying hi to myself. its relly friendly of me
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sorry my boyfriend is a literal underwear model
i'll cut you apart but after that no more favors
I guess the point is finding the person you'd just as well love to hear explain something than to live it yourself
anyways I used to date someone who'd explain away my successes as "yeah, you're a pretty girl." & to that I'd like to extend a big Fuck You
thank u heaven for making @Jessica_Regan and I soo funny & beautiful
these are infiltrating my bedroom pls remember this if ever you believe me to be anything less majestic than the sun
Okay, So You Dreamt About Her Again
I loved you in ways I never told you about and I don't know which part of that fact is worse
i can't stop looking at my own butt. mtv true life
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i really have no business weighing in but shouldn't our focus also be on the wellbeing of the woman who was abused and others like her, too?
do you spend each day thinking of everyone you miss and adore while feeling guilty because you've forgotten how to do better
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how far does your empathy go? does it push your organs aside, does it permeate your skin, does it leave your body for a new one altogether?
is it harder to explain what it was like to have known her or to have known her absence
i didn't choose this slug life it chose me
Everything she said was like a secret voice speaking straight out of my own bones.
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you may not understand this yet but there will come a time when it is more important for someone to hear your story than for you to tell it
goodnight twitter wake me up when September ends imo
We get it poets: things are like other things
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you are that way that shadows are cast when there is only one small quiet light on in the room
INQUIRING MINDS: a Tomato Surprise is a story's resolution by reveal of some crucial detail that's been deliberately hidden from the reader
I scratched some verses in your skin and I hid the translation under mine