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sara burns
please send help I've fallen in love with a dead poet
future biologists study your migration patterns toward and away from her
one of these guys has just said "I can't remember the last time I felt a sun so perfect" I'm six feet under and about to teach them to tweet
they're still at it and they're chain smoking cigars and I'd just like to make this a weekly date, the three of us
this duo beside me is discussing brokenheartedness at length and I'm honestly nothing short of pleased
and on this page there will be a tiny footnote that reads (we are liars when we say we do not know what we were doing to each other then)
life's to do list: 1. sit around and notice how beautiful everything is
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if your heart doesn't terrify you, you haven't actually met it yet
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when you get sad, remember that cyanometers exist
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PSA: .@paroxysmatic is important to follow
hello have you met my best friend Trouble
every object has gravity it's just that yours was the loveliest
weird that every online quiz I've ever taken gives me this as an outcome
woah cool engagement photo, omg pics of your incredible child and home, please enjoy my 1:45am snapchats of me pouting and eating snacks
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm k I hate you
catch me jaywalkin and thinkin of you
pros: unattainable cons: ????
I would kiss the base of every tree in reverence to the fact that we are on this planet at the same time
a stranger sent this to me, mama I've made it
i'm sure it surprises you to know that someone with collarbones like mine can even define the word "unlovable" but we all struggle so much
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he tears his beating heart from his bleeding chest and as he offers it up to her she wonders why there is no gift wrap
did you ever meet a cute babe and forget to warn them to never ever never never ever look at your weird twitter feed ever
she's here to remind you that you will spend the rest of your life comparing them to her
I wrote you a thank you letter and it goes You Ruined What I Was But I Am Better Now For It
just wondering which parts of my stupid heart you still carry with you
his words refused to surface unless they were for you
she is the spot on a lottery ticket you ominously leave until last that's chanting what if what if what if but it's not it's not she's not
I would like to cut down the tree that grows outside the house you grew up in
the tests were conclusive: you are boring
curious that I am the most romantic lady u know
maybe once I believed we were mending each other whole but now I think perhaps all along we'd just been trading which pieces we were missing
pretty basic that all you have to say is -OH
plant ideas in my head but shift them closer to the sun & water them, talk to them, watch them thrive & grow and reverently take what blooms
scrolled through my bud's snapstory only to find a curious photo of my waifish body circled Where's Waldo style, A++
sinewed patience as an act of love
her light is too bright and her ideas are exhaustive and the start of her smile is wind tunnel chaos but without her things are very quiet
it's just v v interesting that you've chosen to read all of my tweets and fall trulymadlydeeply in luv with me, .@samsmithworld
you've got your words and you've got your reason and may I suggest doing powerful, lovely things with both of them
a fly man tryna flirt with ur gurl just asked "how'd you get that scar?" and my coy reply was "that is chocolate"
love me I pretend to be someone else for a living
discussing our favorite sort of leaves (cc: .@wluera)
I like to think I chose to fall
the tree called to the sun "thank you for everything" and the sun answered soft "thank you for needing me so"
I just feel that the TSA passes judgement on lifestyle choices by permitting infant trinkets through checkin & not this outstanding lipgloss
good luck loving anything more than I loved Carol King in the 5th grade