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sara burns
i procured a miniature maple tree for my boyfriend yesterday if you're wondering how hot & heavy things are
i hope one day you know what it's like to be so happy that it's repulsive
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He saw you. He saw how independent and strong you are and he was attracted to that. But when it scared him, he decided to crush it.
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nothin subtle about how i feel about you
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don't let us fool you we are only galaxies colliding before your eyes
well i'd say my favorite part of working at a bar is that i am not often the biggest train wreck
insufferable sure but twitter oprah really hit her stride with this one i think
p good q, twitter oprah, p good q
i guess just let me be ur twitter oprah pls
just reminding you about some important things this afternoon, whatever
you throw your arms out in wide assent because something had already pushed you backwards and blinded the moment he asked you who you were
you've forgone any semblance of your usual vices because her sidelong glance leaves no room
you know because there is magic and honey in the sound your laughter makes with his
please forgive me my revolting poet's heart
the only place she's running is thick through your veins
let me unpack your bags let me take off your shoes let me make some coffee let me convince you to stay let me undo her mistakes please let m
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okie doke speaking of utter felicity my boyfriend just wordlessly set this down in front of me
so indescribable that anything we say from this point forward is an accidental lie
there is a certain sort of human who gives us a sense of being home even when we are not & they are rare & very important so love them well
listen for the way she looks at you
I wrote this a very long time ago; and since it is poetry day; and since I have found the deepest body of water;
but let's say for example you are RUDE to a cute lady but surprise she has a small twitter following that will MURDER YOU HM HOW ABOUT THAT
push me into traffic for national poetry day
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he reaches for your hand like a Sunday morning and holds it like a Saturday night
I think maybe the reason ambiguity in poetry can be so important and beautiful is that our experiences are sometimes so painfully specific
the way he sees you & the way he seas you
with a small bit of time and by its very nature, an ocean will turn a wall into a harbor
they write novels about the sort of pedestal she's built, let alone what she's got on it
Thank you for the gift of many blank pages. Watch how I fill them.
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I leaned into you despite gravity, I leaned into you because of it, I leaned into you with all of the gravity in the world
he was speaking to the part of you that you'd doubted still had breath
some people just have those campfire vibes
she set her things down next to yours and weather patterns changed
cool how i am incredibly beautiful & yet it is the least important, interesting or valuable thing about me
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what have you been disguising your relentless solitude as?