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sara burns
the very realest photo of me, by one of the very greatest humans, .@BrainPornNinja
pay attention to who holds their ear close to your story and for god's sake let them hear it
i will write five poems for any person who finds a way to get me in the audience of Hamilton the musical. five.
they sicken of the calm, who knew the storm. - dorothy parker
*wrangles u in a warm blanket, pulls u closer, gives u butterfly kisses on ur nose, superglues ur palm to mine* could i have some space
the funny thing about trust is that i don't
no offense but i just met my soulmate
of all the times i opened my hands to let some vital thing go, i seldom noticed my empty palms and the vast power they suddenly held
i kept having this dream that you were always enough, that i was never too much, that nothing we did was an attempt to fill in all the space
i swear from the beginning you looked at me like i was built of things you were afraid to ruin
if it's all too much prob just pop something else in besides this album
just trying to find the people who look at the world with eyes as wide as mine
i wanna have like three boyfriends who are always nice to me and a beautiful wife
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long live your big bad broken heart
elderly woman sitting next to me on the train reading Story Of O in 38pt font on her kindle is quite certainly every goal i have
i am a tornado human being but i will never remind you what time it is and i will always look you in the eye while you're telling me secrets
and now, a haiku it takes two seconds, literally two, to tell your girl you love her
hot child in the city
smirk at me in a forest so i know it's real
DATING TIP: Flop into the unforgiving sea.
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live days that are seven lives long, be nice to your body, learn daily, remember what it was like to feel less than, kiss like you mean it
twitter, please untangle me
my grandpa was a birdwatcher & my grandma grew gardens & my mother's laugh was the fullest sound you ever heard (a brief autobiography)
fuck dating girls who are “naturally pretty.” date girls who are supernaturally pretty. date a hot ass ghost. date a fucking alien
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did you ever want to sit down next to someone & look right into their eyes & air the general concern that they are missing the entire point
Just heard a woman scream at her dog, "Nicolletta, make better decisions!"
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no one is responding to my tweet is something wrong with my beloved twitter ar this moment ir have you all forsaken me?
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from the lightness of it all or some small thing that i recognized as a part of me, liking you was manifest and loving you was instant
last 3 google searches: do elephants cry fall orchid care what is john goodman up to
you knew i ate words for breakfast & you knew i loved a good adventure & you knew i whistled appreciatively at trees SO DON'T ACT SURPRISED
There isn't one single thing I don't adore about @tomatosurprises
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"I'm gonna airplane the fuck out of my Friday night." is my new mantra in LIFE. h/t @tomatosurprises @improvboston
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@tomatosurprises As it should when compliment falls short. A mind that can bleed a heart in splendour is praiseworthy.
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ladies, here is some top A+ best advice i got long ago that i would now like to impart: you gotta put your ovaries right on his forehead
good evening hope u are keepin it as real as i am
an excerpt from my first novel
"what's the best thing about him?" "he does voices for all of our plants."
Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great.
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i did & guess what, everything was only the beginning
i am warmed by the thought of her, she continues to be the coldest woman in the world
sunday morning got me like

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