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sara burns
Thank you for the gift of many blank pages. Watch how I fill them.
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I leaned into you despite gravity, I leaned into you because of it, I leaned into you with all of the gravity in the world
he was speaking to the part of you that you'd doubted still had breath
some people just have those campfire vibes
she set her things down next to yours and weather patterns changed
cool how i am incredibly beautiful & yet it is the least important, interesting or valuable thing about me
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what have you been disguising your relentless solitude as?
wasnt even close to being on my game today but my tweets were perfect like always
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the lovely fact about time is that it teaches us & it fixes us & when we can no longer make sense of it we know we have found something real
gentle storms break and murmurs travel through quiet towns and rivers flow higher and faster and you are here so we do not wonder why
kite strings made from all the things we thought but did not say
and the nerves, the ones who'd taken responsibility for knowing happinesses, the ones who once tied your heart to your body, begin to regrow
singlehandedly defining shower naps
there was simply never another choice
are you -haunted? -a lover of language? -trees? us too
a sentence so beautiful that you've got to spend awhile on its flawless melody before you can even begin to comprehend what it might say
and you find rest in the way he wakes you up
remember us in our youth?
wear your hell well, don't abuse your muse, die for the lie in her voice, and hold on so fucking tight god can't tell which of you is who
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hi twitter i am disgustingly happy
@tomatosurprises considering putting your tweets to paper just to immortalize them. Then my skin so they can be alive for a short while.
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when you are not looking someone will quietly step beside you & the air will change & your blood will course redder & time will slowly stop
but if they do not occasionally call what you are doing crazy maybe you are too infrequently living your life with your face toward the sun
Yea. I had ya man buyin me mad snacks. Wuts good?
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it is curious to have had a lifetime love affair with words and then learn someone whose brilliance so effortlessly leaves you without them
east is west and up is down and there is irrelevancy in every gaze but yours
lost my taste for anything that isn't you
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twitter. you are a cool weird part of my cool weird life.
but what if each time you looked back it was I Already Thought It Was As Good As It Could Get
and dear jesus let us please still like each other after we see the other eat soup
there is a human being and I cannot put down thoughts of him and words are getting caught in my throat and I am using exclamation points and
what are you doing? they said & we said, making a new language
i am headed for the ledges where you keep your wild ideas and please do not talk me down from them
did you ever stand hand in hand with someone and see a hundred miles in front of you
permanent tracks wherever we go from the circles we can't stop dancing around each other
a place called Magnificent Muffin exists (blessed) & i live next to it (blessed)
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my mess + your mess = prob good nice mess
i will remember u will u remember me🌱
did you ever not feel anything for a very long time & then meet someone who radiated sunlight & all of the sudden feel everything at once
when i fall in love im making us both delete our twitters like romeo and juliet did
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"911 what is your emergency" i didn't love her with my hands clasped. "excuse m---" she flew away.
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i used to wish that the galaxy's movement was more apparent in the sky but then i saw you stretch next to me
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there are equations for measuring how quickly we are falling and they are irrelevant