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sara burns
the moon is held by the gravity of the earth who is held by the sun who is held by some other massive star who orbits Wherever You Came From
Sometimes it feels like my only goal in life is just to wake up once a day.
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don't talk to me unless yr amazed that staying alive is the consequence of dead things untangling each other inside of you
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first date questions such as: don't you ever wonder where every ladybug corpse ends up?
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just marry me under the blood moon why don't you
marry a man with a tree trunk backbone that sprouts branching ribs, some leading to forts & others to fires & others that do not ever end
marry a woman who walks down the street & makes you wonder if she might be casually controlling the wind
there is a very silhouetted fine line btwn poetry and quantum physics
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I was a small town and you were a traveling fair
I Found Religion In The Laugh Lines Forming Under Your Eyes & Now I Am An Atheist Again
she was only shocked when he told her where he was leaving to because to her he was the very definition of Destination
the truth is that I was never running from anything except my house to yours
I hope that some things still stagger you
I can't tell if I'm listening to birds singing or someone screaming and that's what loving you was like
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epithelial cells are replaced every twenty-eight days & it's not too long now until you've not touched a single inch of my skin
begin your next relationship by drawing an elaborate map of yourself for her & don't leave out the abandoned cities
A solar eclipse the day she was born because the sun could not stand the competition
Do you want to get lost in a museum or do you want to be the museum?
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