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sara burns
I stare at bad art until it becomes beautiful, people too
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did i ever feel as famous as i did reading this lil message from @theblowout? no nup i never did
living my whole life looking for reckless abandon that prudently stays
More ladies should leave internet comments on men's accomplishments like "he sucks as an astronaut but i'd sit on his face"
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if you can't handle me at my worst then we've probably dated
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for the record, just so we're clear, lest you forget, it is the easiest thing in the world to love you
-is it all too much? -do you feel it sharpest when you inhale? -does it send a charge through your slow dull heart? then you're in luck ,
my feet are tired but i would walk you anywhere
Damn'd as thou art, thou hast enchanted her,
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she said "i want to take the best parts of me & do important things with them" & you realized you'd been waiting on her for a very long time
@tomatosurprises how old are you? I'm guessing thousands of years,
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i flipped ahead & watched you build the furniture while i sang your songs and when i got to the chorus you always sang with me
i hope i taught you things & i hope one was how to be at ease with words like home & i don't mind if you forget it was me who taught you
that feeling when u spot the ham in supermarket sweep
they are going to find your name in all the things i wrote, the books i kept, every house i ever lived in, every nerve that fired through me
friend: she broke my heart me: was it premeditated
make no apologies for your quiet, for your gradual diminish, for the echo coming from the rooms you've just left
the truth is that i do not think of you much anymore but when i do i think of you laughing hard late at night in some city that is not mine
*hands you folded-up map* "these are my life plans" *u open it to find cute pizza doodles on a headshot of bette midler*
no matter how many times you soften her heart in your hands, frost and heatwave in relentless succession will turn it to steel
past the vinyl records & third-place trophies she is there at the back of your skull, cross-legged with your favorite book opened to page 1
the thing you love only loves you back if it urges you to shine extra bright without it
@tomatosurprises How'd you get ahold of my inner thoughts and feelings
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likes: aggressive haiku, library kissing, overalls, the metric system, lounging, plant life, handwriting, campfire smell, voices with husk,
voted most likely to scream I NEED YOU as i am pushing you out of a window
sometimes it goes that things built from fragile parts can be the soundest of places to step
hate to see you leave but love to watch you walk away --these sunflowers to me just now
pssst you're so badass and today is a marvelous day for badassery
watch us in reverse and it's two lights shifting out of focus until there's only one
if it has to be a choice, promise to save yourself over trying to save what you have with someone else
O, how I love thee! how I dote on thee! [They sleep]
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the scariest thing in the world is that tiny part of her that doesn't remember she's the life force of the universe
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your heart shatters & the pieces fall through your body, settle where they land, turn into things like a sharper tongue & clearer hindsight
hope you are leaning, little tomatillos
use my tweets to tell her you've never stopped loving her
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by @brianandreas who i think must be very lovely to know
if there's no fav beside you when your tweet embarks
in the thick of my "wish i'd been named Wednesday" phase
*abruptly turns compliment into conversation about unearthed tree roots*
if you find your deepest struggles stem from basic interaction with other humans, congratulations, we are simpatico
off rekindling an old flame

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