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sara burns
if it has to be a choice, promise to save yourself over trying to save what you have with someone else
O, how I love thee! how I dote on thee! [They sleep]
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the scariest thing in the world is that tiny part of her that doesn't remember she's the life force of the universe
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your heart shatters & the pieces fall through your body, settle where they land, turn into things like a sharper tongue & clearer hindsight
hope you are leaning, little tomatillos
use my tweets to tell her you've never stopped loving her
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by @brianandreas who i think must be very lovely to know
if there's no fav beside you when your tweet embarks
in the thick of my "wish i'd been named Wednesday" phase
*abruptly turns compliment into conversation about unearthed tree roots*
if you find your deepest struggles stem from basic interaction with other humans, congratulations, we are simpatico
off rekindling an old flame
halfway finish something & decide it's finished, say no anytime you want to, dip into your melancholy and tell us how it is
someone so bright light incredible that your direction inadvertently changes, time now and then reverses, the game is never fair
midsummer heat wave, plant life thrives
the fifth thing you do when you die is get ten thousand hours for every too busy to learn, had to give it up, wide-eyed wish i could do that
got that smiling by yourself, seeing things with softer eyes, shouting I'M IN LOVE from the sunroof kinda vibe
if it's not strange or serene or fearsome or fantastic i am not interested
how are other people grappling with nature being ruined/your lover's been in love before/the golden girls have been off the air for 23 years
I do but beg a little changeling boy
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I want people in my life but sort of off to the side a bit, waiting for their cue
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we could all just be kind to each other and see how shit suddenly gets magical
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hardwired to protect precious things
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be the lower case i in an ALL CAPS world
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string together words in just the right way & suddenly you've got cages & keys & motors & storms and maybe something that might wake you up
whatever it is we're all looking for, you are mine
@tomatosurprises sorry for all the fav's & retwts, you're just the reason i first joined twitter and i am reacquainting myself with yr words
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bf too old fashioned for twitter so i'm just gonna have to spend the afternoon texting him @tomatosurprises entire feed
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kid brother aesthete
she liked trees because they were patient & had secrets & because they didn't notice her much
the trick to motivating yourself to clean is simply placing over here snacks and over there snacks
do not litter unless its a love note to me and youre sure ill find it
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how deep is your love
Today is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins
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all those times we threw our arms up in frustration we'd actually been wildly reaching for each other, we just didn't understand it yet
burn all the reasons you keep those unsaid things under your tongue & then say the words aloud to burn them too
do you even know how many alternate realities we had to sidestep to get to each other
though you do not need it, here is permission to fall in deep and unwavering love with yourself
WHY aren't we all talking about the sex scene between angelina jolie and elizabeth mitchell in hbo's gia. please and thank u.
Whoa just realized F.ross R.achel I.oey E.obe N.onica D.andler S.ome friends
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didn't your mama ever tell you not to antagonize girls with bows in their hair
idk i'm having a great time why u ask well i'll tell u it's because my plants have grown to make out with each other
people ask me "does she speak like she tweets?" and i say "sometimes. but other times she says things like 'bring me skittles'"-my boyfriend
we'll laugh at our tragedies and cry at our jokes and revel in knowing that's the way it should be

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