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sara burns
the day i am no longer the horse ebooks of your friends is the day i die, @snitty
~christmas list~ space camp plant life miniature elephants who dress me every morning one quick flash mob i meant six quick flash mobs
still followed by @tomatosurprises, so i obviously must be doing something right
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if she doesn't incessantly think of the way your nerve cells fire what are you even doing
i'll be the fragile spaces between your bones i'll be the heavy incongruities that give you pause i'll be uncomfortable and you will like it
the things he did with you and for you and to you and in spite of you
don't think I haven't noticed the winter behind your eyes
dudes consistently get so mad that I'm conventionally attractive & still smarter than them; calm down Chad
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january covergirl for lesbians who look like justin bieber 2015 calendar
if you can occasionally cause trouble with someone you adore and if you can every so often notice the trees i think you are doing just fine
everybody callin at her as she walks by like hey gurl ur sunflowers are showin
cut into your cheeks and drain the blush out
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don't forget that it was chicken salad the worst of all the sandwiches that you just left my side for -a true to life poem i just wrote
and as an aside he said, "if i can't give you a good laugh, what the fuck can i give you"
got that natural "i don't sleep at night" look going
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we built this fire for the things you wish you were more of
"You can say no if you want to," you start to say as a whole choir lines up behind me and we're already clapping and singing "NO NO NO NO"
Retweeted by sara burns
I love you but I'm taking all the blankets.
Retweeted by sara burns
let me explain to you that i am softest steel-forged thing you've ever known
so true to you light bends toward me when i say your name
think of the years ahead of you like they have no say
i just met a stranger and we talked about winter and quiet and how cupboards look nicer with their doors open (we are not strangers now)
if you like my tweets you will surely fall in love with @SomeChrisTweets and no he will not offer you his hand on your messy way down
Thank you for inviting me to your thing, but I am the protagonist.
Retweeted by sara burns
You were alive inside fountains, dim corners of parties, the faulty memory of strangers, everywhere in-between, and you won't budge an inch.
Retweeted by sara burns
You are the only person affected by gravity and everyone else is just being polite when you are around, even the moon.
Retweeted by sara burns
time is tricky and unforgiving and relentless and give yours consciously to the best among them
important facts running through my mind like why is there no hot dog emoji please
i have memories of things you have never done but the truth is that i trust them
what artifacts did i find in my coat pockets this morning, you ask?oh i'll tell u just 16 dinner mints 9 bobby pins and 1 (one) argyle sock
so we drink bourbon and watch the moon grow and make up stories for every stranger we pass on the train
live vicariously through a lush foliage
Retweeted by sara burns
he said "but when did it start" & though i couldn't say exactly i did once watch him cradle a story in his hands till it had life of its own
still an immortal babe w an illegal waist to hip ratio
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i'm not on my way to kiss someone that's my fucking problem
Retweeted by sara burns
remember that you only found this strength by first acknowledging yr total fragility
Retweeted by sara burns
a woman is not a soft bed you can lie down on until you feel stronger
Retweeted by sara burns
alternate bio: "difficult but so beautiful"
Retweeted by sara burns
love is asking another to make room in their chest for a whole other set of joys and pains
Retweeted by sara burns
*steps close and puts arms round yr neck* tell me why these moments are so achingly yrs and only yrs
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