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Thomas Peace
Genuine silence, though necessary, integral, and important... is not enlightenment, not nirvana. #meditation #zen #Taoism
Most minds are overwrought with excessive, learned mental images & learned symbols. They look at life through these, which isn't looking!
A trillion times more important than understanding the instrument of your camera... is understanding the instrument of one's mind. #cameras
A narrow mind easily tapers to selfish confinement. Be open and loving, not closed and indifferent! #spirituality #love
The learner is the learned. The reader is the read. #mindfulness #meditation
Lions are not aphrodisiacs! Call @SAPresident Zuma to ban the trade of lion bones for sex remedies now! #poaching…
Few of us actually live between the past and the future because... #meditation #Taoism #zen
Genuine wisdom is not a mere acquisition obtained by self-effort; it comes when grasping and the self are absent and innocent. #mindfulness
Face life and truth as it actually is... not merely as what you want it to be or as what you were taught. #meditation #mindfulness
i am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together. -- John Lennon #quotes #lyrics #meditation
Can one ever remain truly happy if one is constantly looking at the world through the labels that others instilled in one? #mindfulness
Cleanliness is not next to godliness... but genuine, heartfelt compassion is. #wisdom #spirituality #religion
The smallest, weak creature, even though it may soon fall, contains and harbors the power of the entire multiverse. #wisdom #spirituality
You don't have to believe in anything to enjoy & love nature; you don't have to swallow dead doctrines to love the birds. #spirituality
If one often is wisely psychologically dying to the clamor of excess thoughts, then one isn't afraid of the mystery of dying. #
True and lasting felicity, as intense happiness, is an inner phenomenon; it is not merely the result of outer stimuli. #mindfulness #wisdom
Animals are the children of the universe. (Treat them kindly.) #meditation #vegearianism
Many are prejudiced against animals... and look at them as inferior. #mindfulness #vegetarianism #vegan #vegetarian
The divisive notion of "us" and "them" causes wars. #peace #wisdom
Live wiser than mediocre; exist warmer than unalive indifference. #mindfulness #meditation
A complete, whole mind shines its own light such that it doesn't need constant forms and patterns of stimulus to stay aware.
The leathery beast of hardened orthodoxy wants to devour all unhardened children. Don't let it! #education #mindfulness
Watch thought as it is taking place... (without the separation of thought and thinker). That is true intelligence. #mindfulness #meditation
Wars are essentially stupid... just like one's left hand attacking one's right hand is essentially stupid. #peace #wisdom
Always running from fear into entertainment creates more conflict & duality... hence it is a waste of energy & actually brings sorrow.
Don't compare yourself with others... be what and who you are (in wise harmony with the whole). #mindfulness #spirituality
What motivates you? Is what motivates you rather ordinary, limited, and superficial... or is it something with tremendous depth? #wisdom
Save our bees! Sign the @SierraRise petition to stop Bayer from making even more toxic bee poison:
Be careful with your competency; don't use it as a tool to dominate and win over others! #mindfulness #wisdom
A poor quarter: flies, fleas, mosquitoes live forever. -- Issa (1763-1827) #meditation #philosophy
Give a flower to a rainy day and watch the sun begin shining happily. That rainy day is not separate from what many people are. #mindfulness
Take a reprieve from words and symbols; go out to nature and joyfully observe without labels and preconceptions. #mindfulness #meditation
Though we are in a so-called modern age, most of us continue to look, to perceive just as we have for millions of years. We haven't changed.
Few of us actually live between the past and the future because we are obtrusions of the past reacting to (and "as") past learned images.
To look through the screen of learned, old patterns (that they instilled) is to gaze at them (i.e., at their images)...not at the actuality.
Looking deep into nature is only part of the answer. Nature, besides harmony, has much conflict. Look beyond nature and mundane experience.
A distorted mind easily mistreats others because it projects its ungainly, dull stance outwardly. If you mistreat others... change! #wisdom
To be cultivated is to be discerning; one can't be discerning if one is full of the crumbs of an indifferent society's brittle cookie.
Love all beings and creatures in life... not just your little self and family, race, and nation. #wisdom #mindfulness
Kindhearted, magnanimous behavior is generous... not petty in feelings or conduct. #philosophy #spirituality
Are you living in the broken ties -- the severed bonds -- that "they decided"? #philosophy #mindfulness #meditation
The subject thought that it was separate from the object; that's what it was taught. But without all the objects, what would the subject be?
Ten minutes of gentle care and awareness is worth more than a lifetime of indifference. #mindfulness #meditation