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Thomas Peace
Don't see people as draft horses to pull heavy loads for you; see them as thoroughbreds that are splendid companions. #quotes #Tao #zen
One oftentimes has to unlearn the erroneous conditioning that was hammered into one's core and foundation. #wisdom #psychology
Many are bamboozled by the big shots both religiously, politically, and socially; go beyond that! #quotes #spirituality
Don't remain as a mind that is disorganized and disheveled; change for the better! #wisdom #mindfulness
Carry too many thoughts about "how things are" with you... and you won't ever actually see where you are going. #mindfulness #meditation
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Everything you need to know about why it's time to #RaiseTheWage. In less than 2 minutes. Watch →
A small ego and a Big Heart is better than a Big Ego and a small heart. via @wordpressdotcom
To be sane in an insane world isn't easy; when others take shadows to be reality & you don't, you may be taken as odd & strange. #wisdom
Limited space and an isolated center are requisite components for selfishness; perceive without callous separation and a false point! #Tao
To go beyond all the stagnant and uncaring drivel and apathy, you have to metamorphosize psychologically. #mindfulness #meditation
The intensity of wisdom is in the insightful (compassionate) moment of now! #meditation #mindfulness
Many wallow in restricted little mud holes of psychological indifference. Do you wish to merely be like that?! #philosophy #spirituality
A mind of chaos projects chaos. Be of order on the inside! #mindfulness #meditation
Most people, even rather cold, indifferent ones, struggle & suffer so much in life that they should be admired greatly, with deep respect.
Love the truth more than man-made fabrications and constructions. Look effortlessly without separation and learned rubbish. #mindfulness
A true wise man can understand the structure of the universe, as a whole, far better & sooner than scientists with their expensive gadgets.
The little contains the large. The large contains the little. via @wordpressdotcom #wordpress
The instant you want something... innate happiness is gone! #wisdom #meditation