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"Either you drink in the dorms and get an alcohol write up or you go to the bar and get arrested. Choose wisely." - Caldwell University
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everybody subtweetin like it's their day job
I'll never get a tattoo on my upper body, but definitely my legs
😂😂 R@EllieOGOG: Only white folk man I swear"
Move in day, one month from now 😆
If you texted me within the last 7 days, I didn't reply cause my phone was messed up
You know what to do with that big fat butt...
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my class schedule is everything, only got class on Monday & Wednesday
I been gone for a minute
If I learnt anything from my mom, it's how to cook, clean and take care of myself.
She got the "I know you've been fucking around" look in her face 😂
My mom always giving me that stinkeye when I go to the doctors
some people don't know what they really want and that's okay
some niggas can't even tell when I'm turnt cause I laugh at everything on the regular
chillin &shit
My girl ain't allowed to follow this nigga or go to his concerts 😐
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