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Andrea Chiu
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Brock Sandwich, always charming & delicious @ Brock Sandwich
Based on the name, my new favourite hot sauce @ Squirly's Bar & Grill
My favourite part is the nubbin, too!
What's with apples over the past week? Nothing but mealy, bland Red Princes. Stark contrast to 2 wks ago when they were like candy.
All I can think about is chocolate or peanut butter pretzels.
Oh man: grilled peaches, crumble, vanilla ice cream & salted caramel bourbon sauce
Ashamed to admit, I've never made a salsa that I've liked much. What's the trick @lorimastronardi? Aside from Leamington tomatoes...
That peach? Totally worth the wait. Mmmore!
Waiting for the workday to end so I can go home and eat that ripe peach I left on the counter.
It's Aug. 21st & I've already switched from iced coffees to hot Americanos.
Tried a neighbourhood dive bar & watched the owner pull a pint covered in plastic wrap from the mini fridge & serve it to a patron.
Every thing in this image cost $3.70 tax in
I don't have kids but love the idea of creating community & getting to know ppl beyond just being FB friends.
I love this idea so much I'm going to do it:
What's the best new dish you've cooked recently? Looking for inspiration ahead of this weekend's dinner party.
Mackie's Orangeaid w/ a side of fried. @ Mackie's
So excited about these 2 finds at the Summerhill LCBO: Schofferhofer grapefruit radler & Innis and…
"Cotton candy beard"!!! RT @torontolife: La Carnita's new ice-cream spin-off debuts today on @la_carnita
Recreated Fresh's almond date smoothie but holy crap, it's 550 calories. 550 calories of deliciousness.
NYT's Fried Calamari Index measures food trends by the # of times it's mentioned in articles
Best thing I ate this weekend: white chocolate, coconut & hazelnut gelato bar by @Bar_Ape @ Red Sauce
I prefer cooking for others but there's something nice about cooking for me & only me.