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A Friday smile for you! Look at this adorable drummer at his very first class! Hooray!! <3 #ToddleTunes...
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A 5 star review by D.C. about our customer service, admin system, policies & teachers. Props for the Admin...
A 5 star review by D.C. about our customer service, admin system, policies & teachers. All systems developed,...
It's Teacher Matthew's birthday today! He teaches 7 days a week & does birthday parties! Post some birthday...
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Rated Five Stars By A Mom In Pacific Palisades, CA Toddle Tunes is the BEST! Real instruments, real...
Iko Iko! This week at Toddle Tunes! Thanks Jaime for the beautiful picture! Xo #ToddleTunes #Musicisthebest...
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@Ravendabakerr I'm sorry for the delay. I'd like to see if I can help. Please email me att: Oscar to
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@JohnBTinsley Our apologies, I'd like to see if I can help. Please email me att: Oscar to
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@Chick_17 Hello did you need assistance? If assistance is needed, Please email me details to attn:Oscar at
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Everybody should follow Susan. She's an amazing woman. @KSumsion
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Great news! With new move, Obama protects more than 1 million more acres of public lands
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Special moments of learning captured in action! We love the black and white too! Nice shots mom and thank you...
We do fantastic parties & are already getting pretty booked up this summer - so please don't hesitate if you're...
Our love and condolences to Nick Cave and family.
I really love Kaiser Permanente and their poor communication on the appointment line w members. It's frustrating...
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For the past 20 years KP has refused to diagnose or evaluate my several disabilities. @mattpaulriley @KPMemberService @ToddleTunes
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@Peaceandreaa @KPMemberService @ToddleTunes KP ER nurse didn't bother to tell doctor I was going 1/4 blind from part of brain lacking blood.
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A 2 yr old doesn't get her required meds!! What!??!! #KaiserHasLostTouch RT @bee_flowers: @KPMemberService I emailed back.
@KPMemberService won't experience ever. 4 hours In Er. Saw Dr once nurse twice and the place is a pigs sty
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RT @AaronTru: every month..same thing. @KPMemberService worst customer service and uneducated employees ever. #KaiserHasLostTouch
@KPMemberService I will email Wednesday this entire ordeal has me very upset and not feeling well once again. Complaints fall on deaf ears.
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@KPMemberService I've already been through that and received "We can't help you unfortunately" more times than I can count. Thanks though.
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@KPMemberService Now told only way to pay is to mail check in. And if that doesn't get applied in time, I lose coverage. #nothappy
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@KPMemberService Disappointed in ur payment systems - went online to pay, was told had to call. Called yday was told call back 2day.
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@KPMemberService What makes you think you can do anything to halp except during those first few hours after a stroke has started??
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@KPMemberService Why don't you do some investigation on the matter instead of just sending some useless tweet.
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@KPMemberService email you for what? you're clearly not going to do anything about it. you just want me to not talk about it publicly
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@KPMemberService it was terrible. The doctor left a message telling me I was going to die just to get me to come back & the nurses were so
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ATTN Parents. Do NOT TRUST KAISER W/ur baby's health! They cannot even keep track of paperwork! #KaiserHasLostTouch @KPMemberService
Singing and playing.... continuing our 4th of July celebration! One of our little stars shows us how it's done!...
We will be closed tomorrow in honor of Independence Day. Have a safe & wonderful holiday tomorrow everyone! 󾭚✨󾓬
Me too! RT @korrawaterbends: @JimCarrey Oh look, there goes the last of my respect towards you.
@agirland3boys @JimCarrey You don't know me. Also, neurological challenges are not a death sentence. For sick kids, measles are.
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RT @LoriBlaney: @nbc 'You're a disgrace': What @JimCarrey did to push his anti-vaxxer crap is truly 'disgusting'…
@JimCarrey Please remove this photo of my son. You do not have permission to use his image.
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Agreed. I've read it 3 times now. RT @slayralph: @Corey_Feldman I love your book coreyography! It was so good😊
Exactly! 😂😉🍼👶🏻@TheEllenShowlenShow: So that’s how it pXHJ3Vv
Hello, Mr. Mayor. Let's have a conversation about a statue of my father in Times Square for his centennial year. #SinatraStatue @deBlasioNYC
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Here's your Monday smile!! Sweetest little girl! <3
You have to check out this little one. It will make you smile! ❤️
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White House lights up rainbow colors to celebrate SCOTUS ruling
"Music is an art and a science, and it's one of the best ways kids can learn creativity and those mythical...
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Have an unruly toddler? Bring them to Toddle Tunes for KISS week! ;)
When cats rule the world! RT if you like this style! Have fun:
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