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Toby Turner
youtube social media gaming 1,116,684 followers
Audience! I need interns who love video games and would like to help me play them :) Email iloveyou
Bored? Photoshop me onto something Moby Dick related and tweet it to me with #twansition for potential useification in video of todayness
My dog thinks I’m an idiot
If you find a bit in a TobyGames ep/LazyVlog that should be highlighted, tweet me link & timecode w/ #TobyHighlight! If I post it? shirt.
How can I tell my computer to never ever update again
Is there a way that I can set the top right corner of my monitor to be quarantined so Mac can display their update box without me seeing it?
If Apple and Microsoft ever make a baby together, I hope the baby resembles an iPowerGlove. Or any sort of medieval armor. Even pelvic.
If one can be a ‘Straight Up G,’ it is assumed one can also be a G of a more slanted, Italicized, font - which may have ties to the mafia.
I rather like this whole @LemonadeLA dealie
Songs are breadcrumbs that pull my soul back home. Thanks for enjoying them, you nuggets
toby do u wana confirm yr txt toby? to bad toby #tobuscus #askgryphon
I feel like I need outlets that have USB ports in them, but is that tacky? Would it be best to just super glue my chargers into the outlets?
I want you to be mine, @oneplus. Please come into my life.
Almost all of my ex girlfriends sent me heart emojis today. Love you too, ladies
you have beautiful eyes @alanritchson
Tobuscus spinny sign for side of the road usage
Whoops, just accidentally destroyed a huge folder from my Google drive by clicking the remove button. No undo! Jokes on me!
I wanna watch The Strain due to the awesome eye catching eye worm thumbnail they made for the billboards, but I’m a sissy baby child #holdme
Anyone know of any freelance symphonies I could practice conducting on?
Oh cute, Gerber Baby makes quality hook knives now!