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Toby Turner
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Nevermind. I'm gonna watch Steve Jobs interviews.
Which Rock & Roll documentary should I watch right now?
Pacing is my favorite exercise. Well, second favorite.
Hold your phone in your left hand when you're being creative with it - left hand is controlled by right brain. #tobuscus #yourewelcome
Dear Siri, Stop assuming I want to spell words incorrectly. Cordinator is not a word. Love, Toby #tobyrant
I like that Twitter forces us to be concise. Makes us smarter.
Just saw the @truthorange #ad - Gryphon and I want to end smoking #FinishIT
I'm contagiously passionate and would like to infect you. Is that a good pickup line
I think my IQ goes down when I see dogs. And then I talk to them and love on them instead of their owners so I don't get a restraining order
Holding candles with @tshadsky and Terza who is from Ohio
I am behind a stage with @constantinem - tell him to get an Instagram
If you're in NYC go see Rock of Ages. Best thing that has happened to my senses.
Audience - for optimal happiness you're supposed to have eight hugs a day, did you realize this?…
I think I tip exceptionally well when room service recognizes me
I love New York. But Justin Timberlake keeps telling me it's not a bad thing to fall in love with him. I'm so torn
This expensive hotel needs to upgrade their telecommunications system
I'm flying to New York for a cool thing that I can't talk about but I really want to but I can't but I love you.
Just missed my flight cause my @Uber driver canceled his route and didn't say anything. FYI
Thanks for reminding me to, billboard, but it is quite difficult in this traffic.
What gaming headset should I get? I still use the Turtle Beach X11's but they're sorta old. The others don't have a loud enough VO monitor
One day, Tobuspresso. One day you will be mine. My caffeinated baby child.
I absconded @geekandsundry @jennipowell's Geekie award for phaser selfie
I love stan lee a whole bunch