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Hey it's your fav line of all time from your man @akaWorf !
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Want a new track from my coming album. I'm giving away samples to random new followers. you #edm #dance #music peeps. U know what to do
Giving away a track from the new coming album to random #EDM #dance #music followers. Gave a few already so follow and maybe u!
Brought me back to the old rave'n days. Just coloured the gurly's hair. Not Hope you like the shite job I did @LJLarose jk.
Just sent out a track. You gotta follow to have a chance to win a sample track from the new album you crazy #edm #music people.
sent out 4 notifications. You gotta follow to have a chance to win a free sample of the next album you crazy #edm #dance #music people
Giving away a free sample track from my new album to random #EDM #dance #music people. Need to follow to win!
Giving away a sample track from my new album coming out this summer to random #EDM #dance #music lovers who follow me.
Going to the store is stupid daily task. Who needs to eat anyways...I do.
I think fart sounds in a track would be interesting. But bad if you wanna capture real samples. #dance #fart #music not #edm
Went to a public bathroom yesterday. Big issues coming from stall 2 when I walked in so I didn't stay. #nasty #dooky #fart #explosion
Mastering tracks is like a fine game of chess. You move then something happens and you need to fix it or move on. #edm #music #dance
. @mau5mom take her on a run @deadmau5 I think she wants a coffee.
@LJLarose: Had myself a fantastic breakfast thanks to @TMHLIV3” mmmmmm it was yummy :)
how about a follow for me and the girlfriend. well more the girlfriend. @LJLarose loves good tea and a nice house.
can you make my GF's day. Shes at work, gets off soon and a follow would be super cool. her handle is @LJLarose
Let's take a poll. Doesn't @steve_duda look like a young jerry cantrell. What do you guys think? @deadmau5 @LJLarose @steveaoki
@LJLarose: Everyone!!! Wish @TMHLIV3 a Happy Birthday!!!!”---THANKS gurly!!!
The other cop busts out at the end. Can't take the reaction of the first cop cause he's like wtf just happened?!!!
I'm fucking 30 today...bummer. Well not really. Just another day where I watch tv and make that #edm #dance #music you all like.
Giving away to RANDOM NEW FOLLOWERS FREE a track from my coming album that's out this summer! #EDMFamily #EDM #dance #music
Just tested the live show set up with random tracks. It works. Now to set it up #TMH style for you crazy #edm #dance #music peeps!
Day two of the ableton #live show set up. Layout is done. Time 4 the racks n tracks. #EDMFamily it's coming, you can #dance soon!
Loading ableton on the server finally. What's that mean???? Well it means time to plan out the live show that's what! #comingsoon
I am debating on putting out another single before the album. What do you think? #edm #dance #music
Wow, What a track By far the best one on the album. Sounds So killer!!!. I can't wait for you all to hear it #strangeandabnormal
Rocked out to ultra 2014...not bad. Not great. ;)
Just rocked out to some #ULTRALIVE I didn't think @deadmau5 would play another one but I must say day 2 of #Ultra2014 was killer!
Final master time. Gotta hit deadline and get everything in place. Crunch time warp factor 9. Got one done today...I think.
Watching #theconjuring with @LJLarose on @TheMovieNetwork let's see if that is any good. And let see if she jumps!
Wow. Way better then most. And kinda unexpected to!
Some might have seen TMHLIVE being in maintenance mode. That's cause new things are on the rise due to a...
I am very sad to announce that due to technical issues TMHLIVE is now shut down including all email addresses....
I posted 9 photos on Facebook in the album ""
Gonna be posting pictures from Saturday night. I got all artsy and shit. Most turned out alright but still needs...