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One more smoke then I think it's gonna be bed time...I hope #maddyssleepy
Putting around but the stream is on check it out.
are you on the twitter?? well so am I...follow me and Ill give you a follow too. @TMHRabbithole
just played around on a track for a bit of the morning..well i say a bit its been since 8am time to do something productive'ish
Star Trek: Into Darkness. Digital Copy was released today so yup u guessed it. Imma watching it. #beammeupscotty #punchit
Hay hoe pippin dandy.
Playin around with a track for a bit..thought I would share. watch if you want.
my internet is being super shite right now...will have to stream later when i figure out what the fuck is going on.
tried to work on some tracks while the gurlie is playing guitar hero on my wii...she loves her classic rock!
need to change some settings...ill be back on soon. (Broadcasting live at
Doin a live stream. Not doing much, cleaning and such...Check it
Catching up on @GordonRamsay 's #hotelhell love this show n season 2 is coming.
new tracks on sound cloud check them out all you hatters out there.
I put up a few more tracks including a new one today on soundcloud. I am hoping to have them up on TMHLIVE soon....
Why do peeps post food pick that they didn't even make. I get the 1 u do but not the shares of others.
have you checked out the album yet.… #BestPlaceToListenToBestSongEver its now on itunes did ja know.
have you picked up the new #music from me yet. My album is called Put Ur Hat On. you can get it now on Itunes here…
Hey tweeters... #Ottawa 's newest producer has a album out called put ur hat on...get it on ITUNES… #dancemusic
have you picked up (i mean download lol) a copy of my new album called put ur hat on. get it while it's cheap!!!...
testing out some stuff and working on a track. (Broadcasting live at
Wanna hear some tracks from the album. You can stream them soon on TMHLIVE but for now...Here......
just posted this. Its a work in progress but ya enjoy.…