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Twistan Marc Jones
The Finesse Motorsports Report! is out!…
I'm in the middle of the #F1 summer break blues and apparently Williams F1 Team are as well! This one of the best...
The Finesse Motorsports Report! is out!… Stories via @thepitstopradio
I'd love to own one of these again. I had an '87 in red w/white decals back in the day. I won more $ and broke...
The Finesse Motorsports Report! is out!… Stories via @auto_racing_fan @SPEED
The secret to the Ganassi winning sauce! #Motorama
After damn near breaking my hand last week, I'm back in it. #TheNakedPlace
There are 6 different ways to hack a Tesla Model S (TSLA)… via @SFGate #Motorama #Security #OpenSource
The Finesse Motorsports Report! is out!…
Nice Subaru! Note the approach angle! #Motorama
Did you miss out on being part of the discussion on #Motorama LIVE tonight? Don't get left behind! Get caught up...
We thank ALL who joined our #Motorama LIVE discussion tonight! Join us every Wed @ 9PM ET as we discuss all things automotive & motorsport!
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Next Wed @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE, a representative from @IIHS_autosafety is scheduled to join us to talk about automotive safety testing!
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I found 1296 people do not follow me back (via
@Caddyinfo I don't disagree. However, if you put an auto trans in an OEM production track day car, people are going to race it. #Motorama
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@BerryLowman do you think the overheating is due to the DI aspect oft he LS4 motors? #Motorama
@BerryLowman in terms of engine overheating, does - say - a proper racing radiator help things? #Motorama
@Caddyinfo So true! HVAC is simply another radiator! I use it to battle overheating on track! #Motorama
@BerryLowman How is the #Corvette community addressing the heat issues? #motorama
#Motorama @BerryLowman LT4 got a smaller blower for packaging purposes; release the dimensions, add more fuel, and let the power flow?
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Many owners & a few testers have reported LT4 Z06 C7s going into "limp mode" for overheating after a few laps or passes on tracks. #Motorama
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#Motorama @BerryLowman didn't recalibration fix this issue? Tell me more...
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One of the challenges with superchargers is the heat aspect. One of the reasons you don't see many in top level motorsport. #Motorama
@TMarcJones LS motors (LS1/2/3/6/9 LSA & LSX) do well with forced induction. It's only the LS7 that doesn't like it quite as much. #Motorama
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@BerryLowman Ok so it looks like we're about to get into the weeds on block casings, and internals. Yay! #Motorama
@BerryLowman @Caddyinfo thanks. I was thinking about the LS3 and was picturing the LMPC cars in my mind. #BecauseRacecar #Motorama
@MNMjournalist Thanks & welcome back! We've still been here every week on Wed @ 9PM ET doing #Motorama LIVE! :)
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@BerryLowman Isnt the LS family -- particularly the LS3 not well suited to forced induction? I'm just asking. #Motorama
@Caddyinfo @BerryLowman You and me both but I think the OEM marketing teams would not like it much. #Motorama
@BerryLowman I think for most the flywheel ratings are good enough...unless you run the car in comp. TT, Flying Mile, AutoX. etc #Motorama
More from Callaway: Callaway Corvette Z06 Package, 2015 Includes Supercharged LT4 Engine Package #Motorama
@Caddyinfo and the 918 with 985 HP, the new 488 with 661hp too name a few. But in terms of dom. OEMs @Dodge is king! #HPWars #Motorama
@BerryLowman @chevrolet Now are we talking the Big3 OEMs or are we talking global OEMs? #Motorama #Lamborghini #Ferrari #Porsche
How goes it this evening on #Motorama
Be sure to follow the #DustballRally hashtag on Twitter Facebook & Instagram for a glimpse of the madness along the 2015 Dallas to NY route!
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