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Terri-Lynne Smiles
25% working thru my editor's comments. The chapter I thought would be hard to adjust turned out easy. ONWARD!! #amwriting
Gang-based societies and #immigrant #children: A human crisis & the research for my last sci fic /fantasy novel.
Gratitude: A business perspective on the Amazon-Hachette Negotiations. It's just business.
Just split chapter 4 in half at my editor's suggestion. Now must rewrite the first half from a different POV. #amwriting
My muse came for a visit this weekend. She is so amazing. All my story concerns are solved! #amwriting!
Facts on Fiction from Terri-Lynne Smiles -
Facts on #Fiction: my Summer 2014 newsletter. News about novels, book availability and awesome stuff.
The period after finishing a novel always feels weird. I want to celebrate, but forget how to interact with people! #amwriting
#Rothston Book 3 is FINISHED and off to the editor!!! #amwriting
Corpse falls onto road THIS is a great story prompt. Thriller. Mystery. Farce. I could go anywhere! #amwriting
Sign you've fallen in love. Good ways to show rather than tell for writers - #amwriting
Prologue written. Now heading into the "final" revision of the third novel in the #Rothston Series. #amwriting.
Get Int'l nuclear thriller by @JohnCBrewer. I HIGHLY recommend this #novel. #Freebie now at #Weekend Pls RT!
Friend needs Likes on FB page before #FREE promotion of his 5* Int'l thriller. Help him out. Like & RT @JohnCBrewer
RT Thx @pbeacannon for the #checkout Page turning supernatural SciFi/Fantasy novels & all around geek...
Preston Way Village neighborhood #GarageSale today. Come on over!
Readers Poll: what do you think of music scores for ebooks?
"The universe had become a snow globe and someone was shaking it – hard." Origins, Book 3 of the #Rothston Series. Coming this fall.
The applications for the 2014 Ohio Nonprofit Excellence Awards are now up on! Applications are due July 11th.
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The Beyoncelogues: Irreplaceable: via @YouTube Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!
ARST ARSW: Star Wars sorted alphabetically: via @YouTube #awesome
I got : The Go-Getter ! What Type of Woman Are You Really?… via @play_buzz