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TJ Allard
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Why is the light under under the escalator green?
Sometimes I like to rant. All these paid "no cable" He who controls the pipeline controls the world.
This is written from my phone. Typos will be fixed later. I should be a fortune teller, this is…
I should be a fortune teller, TV will be ala cart & cable companies will add a fee per station. #netneutrality…
Does anyone actually know if #ebola is something to worry about. The news is very unnerving. Id love to hear ur thoughts.
.@TjAllard & we were about 15 years too early😏MT@dailydott: The 'moment' competitive gaming has been waiting for?
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This is what I keep saying! #ebola is distracting us #NetNeutrality… Isps control your internet @HalHalpin
Another day like the movie #groundhog. Sigh
How do I tell the difference between the flu and #ebola ? I might not goto the office, this is crazyness.
I knew that they would be 1st. #Tesla Model S P85D AWD and auto-pilot demo: #ineed1
Marvel teases Fantastic Four and X-men comic series ending - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek Mind.
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Anyone else see the cops with machine guns in #grandcentral . I got a couple blurry pics. #nyc #wtf
Brilliant! "@sapna: HOW IS THIS REAL: Google hires camel for desert Street View…"
It begins... "@BuzzFeed: This is what happens if ur on a plane and u joke about having Ebola"
Knight Rider Season 2 is now on @COZITV Tuesday nights! Find the channel in your area:" #knightrider
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That's cool. "@FactHive: The names of the main characters in Inception are: (D)om, (R)obert, (E)ames, (A)rthur, (M)al and (S)aito = DREAMS."
Had anyone integrated #GoogleHangOut with #GoogleVoice on a #sprint device yet? Outs out working 4 u?
Anyone have the #GalaxyS5 sport? How has your experience been? Any problems with the home button?
On a shoot in #AtlanticCity 1st time here, knew their were beaches like this? #DOAC
Someone at work said since my twitter acct isn't #verified I don't count. That hurts. 2 Emmy's and I'm still irrelevant. : /
What the hell is this #E3Session all about? Can someone fill me in please.
Hurry and enter our #NYCC ticket giveaway! Only a few hours left to enter! Winner announced next episode!
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By the way... the answer to your little calculation is i
I'm looking for an #seo / #sem expert. If you know anyone please send them my way.
SHOCKER! "@voxdotcom: India's mission to Mars cost less than the movie Gravity:…"
Thanks @devonott I totally missed this. "@neiltyson: A news headline you hardly ever see: "Psychic Wins the Lottery Again""
Wtf? #FeelBetterJustin Are you kidding? If the # of kids posting that stood up for real world issues it would change the world
Who gave in and installed #facebookmessenger ? I still haven't done it.
Cool. I didn't get them this year. I'll ask at the office tomorrow and see if I can get 1. What's 765?
Ok @mofathelbab any idea of who can help her out? "@maureenelsberry: I entered to win tickets to the Nerdist Comics Panel at #NYCC"
Google knows what you know. Spreading the word for a friend, if u like it share it! #secretmusicvideo
I keep hearing about #modafinil what's the deal? Is #provigil supposed to make you superhuman or what? If so, I need it.
In about 1 hour, @MAVEN2Mars orbital insertion starts. Watch NASA TV coverage at 9:30pm ET:
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He needs to reevaluate his relationship "@CNET: Man says he stood 44 hours in iPhone 6 line to win back wife"
Here's the #iphone password breaker software. I'm sure it will be outlawed soon. #EPPB
What’s the North Pole? Curl the fingers of your right hand in the direction of rotation. Stick out your thumb. That’s North.
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If you're gonna watch any of the videos I post today, this is the 1. He's a friend, check it out.
NP the! "@sprint: @TjAllard Our ears are ringing and your data is soaring! Thanks for spreading the word. #ItsANewDayForData"
I'll be posting a few videos today. Stating with this. A response to haters online. :) funny.…
Mind = blown. "@ILLUMlNATI: Before you give up.. Think about why you held on for so long."
News! Since folks have asked for one, we're preparing an audio version of my videogame narrative history, All Your Base Are Belong to Us.
Retweeted by TJ Allard… Next up, only pay for websites you use. ISP says.."Btw u can't goto any other websites" #NetNeutrality
Its about time!"@moovitapp: NYC's new transportation app gives you real-time line info, directions, maps & more...…"